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Bloodline Betrayal: The Beta And I

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Bianca is caught in a web of deceit woven by her mother. Mated to Beta, yet manipulated into believing that power lies in a union with the kingdom's king. As Bianca struggles with her desires and her mother's manipulations, she finds herself torn between staying true to her mate and being tempted by power and status. With every decision she makes, she delves further into a web of deceit and treachery, where the line between right and wrong blurs. Will she embrace her destiny as Daniel's mate, or will she be consumed by the darkness that threatens to engulf her?

Forbidden feelings


My name is Bianca Jones, the only daughter of the famous Beta in our kingdom. With my silky red hair, I was known not only for my beauty but also for my kind heart and sharp wit.

My father adored me, showering me with love and affection. As the Beta’s daughter, I enjoyed many privileges, and life seemed perfect with my father and brother. However, my mother’s love was ambiguous, tainted by her greed and ambition.

My brother, Daniel, was often away from home, but upon his return, my feelings toward him took an unexpected turn. A strange attraction stirred within me, unsettling my thoughts and emotions.

It was a pull that I could not figure out, even after racking my brain, so I decided to confide in my mother. I stood up and put on my dress before heading out to find her. I needed someone to talk to before my emotions consumed me.

“Mother, I don’t know what’s happening to me,” I said as I descended the stairs. Our home was as grand as the main palace, with my room situated far from where my mother rested after work.

With a bright smile, my mother greeted me from the sofa, a glass of wine in hand. “What troubles you, my dear daughter?” Her facade of warmth and affection masked her true intentions. If anyone saw her smiling like that at me, they would think that she truly loved me.

I approached and sat beside her on the sofa. “What is wrong with you?” She asked, while sipping her drink.

“I didn’t know why I was feeling like this. I feel attracted to my brother,” I confessed.

Her expression darkened, revealing a mix of shock and fear. “Huh! What the heck are you talking about, Bianca? Why would you be attracted to your brother?”

Surprised by her reaction, I pressed on, “But Mother, I feel as though he is my mate. Is it possible that the goddess would choose my own brother for me?”

I was frightened by the expression on her face. It was contorted with a mix of shock and fear, with her eyes wide and her mouth slightly open. The furrowed brow and clenched jaw intensified her expression, making it appear intimidating. I wondered what I had done to provoke such a reaction. Would she hit me and punish me?

“Don’t you dare say such things again, Bianca, and never mention it in front of your father,” she cautioned coldly. “Am I clear?”

“No, mother. I didn’t understand what was going on. That’s why I am here,” I uttered. “I am here because I don’t understand what is happening to me.”

“You don’t need to understand anything,” she warned, placing the glass of wine down on the table. She glanced around, making sure no one was eavesdropping on our conversation.

“You, come here,” she waved her hand, asking a maid to come over. The maid approached, and I could see how scared she was. She was trembling like a leaf.

“Did you hear what we are talking about, maid?”

With fear, the innocent maid fell to her knees. “No, ma’am. I dare not eavesdrop on your conversation with the lady.”

“Really?” She stood up, towering over the maid. Her eyes turned red as if she was ready to pounce on her prey. “Are you sure?”

“Yes, ma’am,” she replied, her voice shaking.

“I don’t trust you,” she whispered.

“I didn’t lie, ma’am.”

“I trust only the dead,” she smirked.

I screamed as my mother dug her heart out of her chest, blood gushing from the wound. Staggering backward in shock, I struggled to discern the horror of what I had just witnessed. The maid’s lifeless body crumpled to the ground.

“What’s wrong, child?” she demanded as she licked the tip of her finger. Monster.

“Nothing, Mother,” I responded, swallowing my fear.

“Better,” she voiced, calling the guards in. “I want you to dispose of her body in the dirt. Let the birds feed on her corpse.”

“Yes, ma’am.” I gasped as the guards dragged her body away. After cleaning everywhere, she sat down as if she had done nothing wrong.

“I dare you to eavesdrop on me. You will meet the same fate as hers.” She warned them after they finished cleaning.

“Yes, ma’am.” They left in a hurry. I stood up to go, but I was dragged back.

“Where do you think you are going, Bianca?”

“Nowhere, mum.” I sat back down, not wanting to make her angry.

“Good. I want you to remember what I’m about to say. Daniel can never be your mate,” she began. “He will always be your brother. Imprint that in your skull.”

“But I feel drawn to him,” I mumbled. “I feel like he is my mate, but I don’t understand because he is my brother.”

“He’s not.” My mother insisted. “He can never be your mate, daughter. Take that nonsense from your mind.”

“But mother-“

“No but,” she snapped at me. “Don’t make me mad. Listen to me and trust what I tell you. He can’t be your mate.”

“Okay, mom.”

I couldn’t argue with her because I knew what would happen to me if I refused to listen to her.

“Good girl,” she murmured, her touch gentle as she stroked my hair, a faint smile playing at her lips.

“You will get married when I find someone befitting our nobles’ status,” she uttered firmly.

“What do you mean, Mom? You will get to decide who I marry instead of my mate.” I trembled at her words as I moved back. Why could she do that when I can easily look for my mate?

She moved closer to me, her hand reaching out to touch my face, before she whispered gently, “You will marry someone I choose. You’re noble, the only Beta’s daughter. Do you think I’m going to let you marry someone below our status?”

“Mom,” I snapped, my hand slamming onto the table as I pushed her glass cup away. “You don’t get to decide for me. I will search for my mate, and I don’t care who he is or what his status is. I will marry him, even if he is a guard.”

My mother rose to her feet, her gaze burning with malice as she snarled, “You ungrateful child!” With a howl, she struck me across the face. “How dare you raise your voice at me!”

My face stung with pain as I held it, enduring her piercing gaze. “You will marry anyone I choose for you. With or without your consent. Take it or leave it. I will select someone who befits our standards.”

“I will never!” I yelled, storming up the stairs and into my room.

Mother’s voice followed me as I ran. “I trust you,” she called out. “But remember, you have no choice. I’m your mother, and you won’t dare to disobey me.”

As I slammed the door shut behind me, a shiver ran down my spine. Amidst the agitation of my thoughts, one ominous question lingered: What would happen if I dared to defy her?



“Daniel, we will be heading back to the pack today,” the prince announced with a smile, knowing how much I had missed my little sister.

“I know you must be missing your little sister,” he added, with a hint of empathy in his tone. “Sometimes, I find myself wishing for a sister of my own.”

Everyone thought of him as a cold and arrogant prince, but no one had ever witnessed his sweet side. He was a very sweet young man, and I was blessed to have him as my friend.

“You should ask the king and queen for a sister,” I said with a smirk.

“What!” he exclaimed, hitting me slightly on the chest. “Are you joking?”

“I wouldn’t dare,” I replied, furrowing my brow. “Why would I joke about that, my prince?”

“I am sure you must be joking, Dan. I love to have a baby sister. Someone who is going to miss me while I am out of the kingdom,” he asserted. I could feel the sadness in his tone. “Someone who will be eagerly waiting for my return.”

I gen


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