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Big Daddy Alpha

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Smith and Prince Alexander have a complicated relationship. They're like "Mutual friends" with benefits, enjoying hooking up while waiting for their destined mate! Alexander is a playboy prince who loved playing the field and never wanted a mate! Everything gets messed up when he finally finds his true mate and rejects Smith. Filled with rage and jealousy. She attacked Alexander and immediately got kicked out of the pack forever. Forced to start over in the human world, Smith meets a handsome human named Oliver. They start a new relationship, and things get serious. Meanwhile, back in the pack, Alexander is having some complications. He must now decide to stay with his mate or go back to his playboy ways. Smith finds out she's pregnant with Alexander's triplets. Should she go back to Prince Alexander, her former flame, or stick with Oliver and the life they've built? ******* "I stood there, my world crumbling around me. Alexander, the one person I trusted with my heart, had shattered our promises and left me in a sea of anger and disappointment. The weight of his lack of promise made my blood boil, my face contorted with rage."

Chapter 1

"Curse you Alexander and your family. I hope you all burn in hell."

These were the last words I muttered, as the soldiers kicked me out of the Silver Moon pack through the border and onto the hard ground in humiliation.

Dust lingered, mashing with the tears streaming down my face.

Prince Alexander, my narcissistic mutual partner, coldly rejects me for his new mate, causing my life to turn upside down.

"You promised," I murmured, the words heavy with accusation, as the guards sauntered away, their laughter lingering like a cruel echo in the air. "You promised."

As I rose from the ground, my human guise began to slip away, replaced by the sprouting of my grey fur.

The anguish surged within me, an excruciating ache that tore through my heart.

As my human form succumbed to the relentless pull, my body contorted and writhed, the searing agony consuming every fiber of my being. Bones snapped and rearranged, muscles convulsed beneath my skin, reshaping and reforming into a form not my own.

The forest, once a sanctuary, now became a labyrinth of thorns and shadows. The trees blurred into a frenzied mosaic as I dashed through the underbrush, every pounding step an attempt to outrun the anguish that threatened to consume me.

I yearned to escape the searing pain, to flee from this harrowing reality that had shattered my human facade. My mind echoed with futile wishes to reverse time, to rewrite the haunting moments that led to this inexorable nightmare.

"I should have listened," I muttered as the tears cascaded down my fur. "I should've never trusted the naïve fairytale love and rejected him first."

Emerging into an open clearing, I stood amidst nature's canvas, my gaze drawn to the dense thicket of trees veiling the forest floor below.

The moon, a solemn witness, hung suspended in the vast expanse of the sky, casting its glow below.

My breaths came in ragged gasps, hot puffs of air billowing from my nostrils, and a sense of longing seized me. I let out a series of mournful howls, each reverberation echoed through the stillness of the night.

"I just want to go home,"


Warning Note: A haunting reminder that bore the weight of hard-learned lessons.

No matter how sweet, kind, and understanding a narcissist claims to be, wisely rejects them. Even if the moon goddess illuminated the lines that screamed of destiny and its twisted intentions toward an ill-fated union.

This story, my story, speaks to all beings - humans, males, females, werewolves, vampires, hybrids, and other supernatural.


I know it's hard, but just run.

Do not look back for your peace of mind—no lifetime etched with regrets and endless therapy sessions over steaming cups of tea.


I can't express the torment I've lived through, the scars etched deep within my soul.

My warning - never fall in love with a narcissist.

They enjoy treating you like sh*t, toying with your emotions physically, and reducing one's spirit to mere shreds.

They relished wielding control, shattering the soul until worthlessness seeped in, a poison that tainted even the memory of love.

Never give them your virginity.

Despite their kisses, their words of love, and ostentatious gifts. Stick to your values and what you stand for.

Believe me, werewolves shared humanity. The depth of our emotions, and the vulnerability we, too, faced.

And a final, chilling whisper—"Never leave your true mate and have a love affair with his uncle. It's just worse and would make you a target and likely killed!"

Chapter 2

I know this is the most asked question, but have you ever wondered what it’s like being a mutual partner to a narcissistic Playboy prince? And then, just when you thought things were going well, it turns into a complete mess and nightmare?

Like many werewolf romance stories, mine is quite the same, but filled with explicit words. So kids and emotional readers like me just stay away.

*Prologue rolling...*

“S.. smith,” I stammered, struggling to find the perfect voice to introduce myself. Taking a deep breath, I let out a small cough.

Hi, I’m Smith Rose, the fresh face on the block of the great Silver Moon Pack, working as a maid. I am a tall, slender girl with striking brown eyes over my golden-brown hair, neatly pulled back into a ponytail. It stressed my beauty, but that wasn’t enough to carve my path every day in this maze fancy world.

My roots traced back to the rugged expanse of Ricker Pack, a realm likened to the


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