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Bewitched by me

Bewitched by me

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Their father knew very very well that Roger was like a ticking time bomb. He knew Chris had a great personality and would take the company up to great heights. But now, Roger finds it so hard to understand their father and believes that it is his birthright to inherit the company and he must take out his brother either by hook or by crook. The battle for the inheritance begins with Mina as the love interest between both brothers. Who gets it all and who loses it all. Love plays an important role while strategy also does the same.

Chapter 1

"Come on Roger!" Leave me alone!" Chris screamed and freed himself fro. His brother's iron like grip. He adjusted his rumpled shirt and brushed his hair to the side with his hands.

This was the scene their father walked in on. "What's going on?" He asked calmly in his deep, baritone voice.

"Roger claims you're giving me the company. He says I'm trying to usurp his position as the first son of the house. Dad, is that true?" Chris screamed out horrified.

Will, who had been lost in thought when he heard Chris' first statement was jolted back to reality when he asked his pain filled question.

"Isn't that true, Dad? That's what you're trying to do and you're already showing him the way to go about it. I won't sit still and allow my inheritance go to another person." Roger screamed defiantly and stormed out of the room.


The car moved along the road towards the mansion at the end of the drive. It stopped directly before the door after going around the circular water fountain.

The driver hurriedly stepped out and ran quickly to open the car door. A young man stepped out and held the door open for his wife who was holding their toddler daughter.

Both of them stepped unto the pavement and the butler hurriedly received them and ushered them warmly into the large living room.

They were hardly seated when a happy laughter echoes down the stairs. They both glanced at each other and smiled before focusing on the stairs.

Soon, a man comes down from the stairs and smiles genuinely when he sees the seated couple.

"Oh! You're here. Honey, meet Mr Logan Russell. He's the new man at Crates and he's so hardworking and besides him is his wife and their daughter." Will Park exclaimed and introduced the man to his wife, Nancy.

"'s an honour to meet you. Will has been on and on about you since he interviewed you. I finally got to see the man whom my husband can't help but talk about."

Nancy smiled heartily as she shook Logan's outstretched hand and stretched out her arms for a hug. The hug encompassed both the mother and the little daughter in her arms.

" What an adorable little girl. I like her eyes. She takes after you." Nancy whispered conspiratorially in Tracy Russell's ears and both of them shared a hearty laughter.

Soon, dinner was served on the huge dining table in the room and they all moved to the table. Their guests had just sat down when the sound of a crash was heard.

Two boys came into the room. One look at both of them and one would know they were both sons of Will Park. They had his facial features and hair but their eyes were different.

The first boy was about twelve years old and had grey eyes. He had something like a permanent scowl on his face while the other boy was about four years old.

He had cerulean blue eyes and the moment he got into the room, he headed straight for Nancy, his mother. The older boy merely shook his head and took his seat at the table.

Will noticed the questions on his guests faces and did the introductions.

"Here are my boys. The older is Roger and the younger is Chris."

"Boys, meet Mr Logan and his wife. Their daughter's name is Mina." He exclaimed and chuckled lightly.

Roger was the only one to pay attention. He slightly bent his head in greeting to the man but Chris had his sights on the little girl beside him.

He adorably held her fork while the latter howled to receive it from him. The adults at the table all laughed at what was going on and dinner was filled with hearty conversations and laughter.

Five years later.

"Hi Trisha. Is the Chairman in? I got his message a while ago to see him in his office."

Logan Russell approached the head secretary to the chairman and asked.

Trisha flashed him a seductive smile and nodded with her eyes narrowed into slits. She'd had a crush on him since she started working at Crates for the past four years and now, she was the head secretary to the chairman.

She knew the chairman was out of her reach since he always had his face set in stone but Logan, who was the Vice President always had a smile for everyone he came across.

"Yes, he's in. Let me inform him." She told him and began to dial the connecting land phone. She spoke quietly into it and flashed him a smile to go in.

Logan walked to the door in trepidation. He wasn't sure what was going to happen. He got into the spacious office and noticed with a frown that the chairman had suddenly grown older in the five years he had began working for him.

"Mr Logan, you're here. Have a seat." Will Park welcomed him warmly and gestured towards one of the seats before him. Logan settled into it relieved and folded his hands in his laps like the gentleman he was.

"Gave you had lunch? I was thinking we could have lunch together at the cafeteria?" Will asked with another smile.

Logan was too polite to decline. He felt it would be an insult to the chairman. So, nodding his head to the chairman's request,he stood up while he waited for him to lead the way.

They got to the cafeteria and the chefs on duty all rushed to attend to the chairman's order. Soon, they are comfortably seated in a private corner that allowed them a great view of the cafeteria.

"I called you here because I had something to discuss with you." Will Park started after eating a few bites of food and wiping his mouth.

Logan dropped his cutlery and paid attention to what the chairman wanted to say.

"I take it that your daughter is now six years old, right? He asked as Logan nodded in assent wondering where this discussion was heading.

"If I may ask sir,I hope there's no problem?" He asked a bit reverently.

"Oh! There's nothing to be scared of. I just like her. Would you bring her to the house for a visit on Saturday? I just love her being around my boys, especially Chris."

The chairman said wistfully and sipped from the up 9f tea before him. For some reason, Logan found it weird that the chairman was drinking tea on place of coffee but it wasn't his place to ask why so he kept mum.

He kept ruminating in his mind why he had to bring his daughter to the chairman's house on Saturday but he didn't find any answer.

He simply shrugged his shoulders and felt that it wasn't the first time the chairman was making such request, however,he found it weird this time around.

Chapter 2

It felt good to be home after another gruell day at school. He looked forward to getting home and resting his tired limbs.

He had expended a great deal of energy at school during volleyball practice and waiting behind for the school play.

He was now in his senior year of high school and they would be graduating in a few weeks. It felt good to leave high school and go to college.

What further made him excited was he had received the mail that confirmed that he had been admitted into the prestigious New York University.

He couldn't wait to share the news with his family. No, father and stepmother along with his step brother. He couldn't understand what wrong his mother had done that made his father divorce her.

He felt the divorce had led to his mother's death. Well,all he had to do was to focus on inheriting the company. He sighed to himself as he made his way towards the school's parking lot where his car was parked.

He g


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