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Alpha Tiana: The Unknown Wolf

Alpha Tiana: The Unknown Wolf

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After choosing to exile himself from the werewolf world rather than bow to the traitorous imposter of an Alpha (Derek), Enrique Sean aka Rico came to the human world to find his god-daughter and true alpha. For twenty-one years his search was futile until he met his true and second chance mate. Tiana Mante, the second of two daughters was a different kind of woman; extremely protective and possessive of those she loves and hold dear. Because of her tendency to give in to her anger, her parents rarely let her out. But not even her family can stop her once she sets her mind to something. She knew she was different even before she turned eighteen. What she didn't know was that one interview would change her life forever. With Derek ravaging the human world and his epic plan of the century to destroy the President of Nigeria and Nigeria to get what is heart really desires; the tavala. Will the Guardians be able to protect their world and that of the human world from Derek? Would their alpha come back to protect her clan and the people has been waiting for return? Would she be able to live with the secret behind her existence? Would she be able to face the one man who sought to end her life so he could gain power? Sometimes retreating doesn't mean surrender. Join Tiana Mante on her journey to self-discovery.


Twenty-one years ago…

Sobbing bitterly, she lightened the night, illuminating the darkest of shadows without shielding any, looking down from her throne in all her beauty… she watched her children helplessly. She watched her descendants fight for their lives, their blood spluttered on every nook, pups crying for their parents, mates weeping for their losses, hybrids who didn’t possess the natural qualities and abilities of werewolves beheaded by executioners who showed no remorse. Her pride; Tsauno fell to their very own.

In the ridara (hall) of Tsauno’s chata (clan house), a werewolf clan whose name commanded both fear and respect from far and near, eight persons who obviously had been tortured but remained unfazed and aloof were on their knees trapped inside a large silver ring.

In the silver ring were the Guardians of the clan who had sworn to protect their clan; Avery, Rico, Matin, Newton, Sameer, Axel and Damien ready to die with their loyalty.

One of the many doors in the ridara opened and Derek sauntered in with menacing strides, his jet black hair in disarray, blood dripping from his mouth, weilding a glistening sword in his right hand whose blade could heave a wall into two. Dragging the tip of his sword behind him, he enjoyed the scratchy noise it produced. Speaking with indifference, he circled his preys menacingly, “Rico, you are the Head of the Guardians; the one you swore to protect is dead, surrender and swear your allegiance to me.”

Rico lifted his head from his fingers, smiled at him, waited until Derek’s face turned into a smirk. Rico’s throat was dry but he had gotten the traitor where he wanted so he gathered all the saliva in his mouth that he could and spat at Derek’s feet.

“Never!” He growled, a dark aura emitting from him.

He was still an Alpha; the Head of Guardians and his loyalty was with someone else that wasn’t this traitorous rogue who had the Alpha of Tsauno executed. Derek, Demitrey’s younger brother had ambushed the clan at a time when the Alpha’s vulnerability was naked to all and forced himself on the kalala (people) as the Alpha of the Clan. This was unacceptable. It was treason!

Derek slowly lifted his sword above Rico’s head for a strike then thought against it. With a lopsided smile he brought the tip of the sword to Rico’s chest and pushed the tip of the sword in.

Despite the pain searing through his system as his blood dripped out slowly, Rico didn’t flinch; rather he maintained his usual calm exterior while holding Derek’s gaze. He would never give Derek that satisfaction to see him broken…not after his best friend’s death.

Derek smiled with a dark satisfaction as his wolf rose to the surface, he had two choices; either break Rico or have him executed tonight. He growled knowing the impossibility of the second one; the kalala would revolt at Rico’s death. He growled and snapped his head at once to see the intruder when one of the many doors creaked loudly.

“I am sorry, Alpha.” The intruder responded by bowing his head.

“Olanz, I made it clear not to be interrupted, did I not?”

“You did.” Olanz affirmed cautiously, still bowing his head, knowing he had to stay on his brother’s good side if he was to remain alive.

Derek gave Olanz an intimidating glare; this younger brother of his was wise enough to swear loyalty to him unlike the good for nothing Demitrey and that was the only reason he kept him alive. They were four siblings; all males, Demitrey was the eldest yet naive and weak, leaving him to ponder why the Alpha’s position was hereditary, succession by the first son even when that son was weak. Demitrey was a pathetic dreamer, he always wanted an armistice with the humans, punished rogues and other packs and clans who attacked humans and Derek hated his elder brother for it. Demitrey was awfully commiserative which itself was a sign of weakness in a leader, especially one who’s seen as the leader of one of the strongest werewolf Clan, Tsauno. He also hated Demitrey for one other thing, his mate.

She was beautiful, every male’s dream. Though she was human, she was stronger than Demitrey and he hated that fact. While he was cursed with a pathetic excuse of a female, his pathetic elder brother was blessed with a strong one.

Derek couldn’t help lusting after her and many-a-nights, he had fantasized about her. He was doing this so he could be with her.

“Brother, Luna Tamara is in labour.” Olanz announced, breaking his train of thought.

“I want that pup dead!” He roared at his younger brother.

There was no doubt if that pup lived, it would be his undoing when it turned twenty-one. That wouldn’t happen not under his watch! He would wipe out anything that survives from Demitrey’s loins.

“Then bring her and the Tavala here, I know she has it with her and it is time I showed her some of my charity.” He finished bitterly, this would surely break Rico knowing how he cared about Tamara and the pup, he was sure Rico lusted after her just as he did.

“You can not do that Derek, they are your brother’s mate and pup.” Rico growled in consternation, his head shooting up at Derek.

“You think I do not know? I can…” Derek replied with a loud, sinister guffaw, he had Rico exactly where he wanted. “Because I am the Alpha of this clan now and the pup is a hybrid and you know how I hate that!”

Behind one of the many doors, the echoes of a female’s painful screams reverberated in the room as waves after waves of contractions hit her. Lying on her back, she grunted as her uterus contracted for the umpteenth time, her child was on its way to a world that was chaotic. She knew her husband’s clan…no her clan’s fate lied heavily on her shoulders now. She had endured all the tortures meted on her by Derek both directly and indirectly. Derek, her husband’s immediate sibling, had him murdered before her eyes. She had always known him to be a wild card especially when he made advances at her but going as far as killing humans and their own people was unacceptable. He broke the armistice her husband brokered with both humans and attune races over the years.

Whether or not he forced himself on her people, she remained the Luna of Tsauno Clan as long as she had the emblem despite her degraded state except on one condition. She prayed and hoped the Guardians of the Clan wouldn’t betray her mate too. If they did then she had truly lost it all.

The death of her husband made her unwaver in her resolve not to tell the murderous Derek where the emblem was. Unlike her husband who was a werewolf she was human, a soldier, she’d received drills on endurance. She had trained herself to endure the worst of pains but this…this pain, this one she couldn’t endure, she screamed as the contractions intensified.

Tamara turned to look at the woman bustling around, she was the only familiar thing in her world. She was Rico’s mate and wife, Gloria; her midwife. Gloria wasn’t qualified but it was their best shot. Tamara gave an ear splitting cry, the tiny life in her struggling to make an imprint in the world. She smiled hearing the cry she’s been waiting for seven months, now it's time to plan.

Gloria quickly wrapped the pup, her new Alpha in the woolen shawl she had prepared smiling, there was hope for Tsauno,“You are beautiful.” She cooed softly at the pup.

Taking a defensive stance, she clutched the pup tightly to her chest when the door opened and Olanz waltzed in heaving a sword,“You will kill me before you get the pup.” She informed him with determination.

“Male or female?” He questioned with an unreadable expression.

“Female.” Gloria replied, still clutching the baby to her bosom.

His face beamed as he took another step towards them.

Forcing herself to sit up, the new mother demanded,“Have you come to complete his wish?”

She wanted to fight for her daughter but she was too weak to do so, she swore on her husband’s blood that she’d kill Derek with her hands if he harmed her daughter.

Olanz ignored his sister-in-law, instead he approached Gloria who held his niece, his new Alpha. He was grieved in his heart, Demitrey had always wanted pups of his own from his true mate and that was why he searched the ends of the world to find Tamara…he wasn’t alive to see his own daughter being born. He didn’t miss the warning growls Gloria sent him as he approached them. He knew Rico’s mate, Gloria, as a strong warrior, one of the greatest in the clan, one whose loyalty to the truth was as strong as her mate’s. His heart fluttered when he heard his niece cry, wiggling her tiny body searching frantically for food. He let out a small chuckle,“Can I hold her?” He asked huskily.

He had sincerely hoped from the day Derek started this madness that he’d allow their brother’s pup to be born before executing it. Now that his hope was a reality, he’d protect it from Derek because he never had the chance to protect her father. He saw the hesitation in Gloria’s eyes despite her posture relaxing, he wouldn’t blame her though, he caused it by publicly transferring his loyalty to Derek but that was to buy him time.

The pup grabbed his fingers when Gloria handed her to him and he kissed her head. Her little brown eyes gaze into his like she was memorizing his face and it mesmerized him…just then her eyes flashed gold. He knew what she was…a Lune Starlight Alpha, a rare breed of her lycans, one sought-after by power greedy lycans for their potentials and his resolve to protect her from Derek deepened.

He gently returned his niece back to Gloria, held her right foot in his right hand and placed it on his head squatting at the same time signifying his allegiance and loyalty to her position as an Alpha…as his Alpha. He heard Tamara’s pleading voice in his head,“Don’t harm my baby, please.”

He turned his attention to her, his eyes glistening with unshed tears, crossing his right hand over his chest, he gave her a bow. Human or Werewolf, she was still his Luna and he had to acknowledge her position especially now that his heart was at peace for the birth of his little niece.

“Never…I will never hurt a hair on my Alpha rather I have to take her away.” He replied calmly, determination lacing his every word as he knelt beside her. “Derek wants her dead…Gloria and I will take her to your world, the human world where she would be safe then we will come back and figure this out–”

“Then leave.” Tamara interrupted him gently, unable to hold back her tears. If he really wanted her daughter safe as he just said then it was best they left now.

“Luna, I am sorry about Trey.” He said, rising to his feet.

Tamara nodded silently, there were unshed tears in his eyes and she didn’t want to spike his vulnerability right now,“Go now Olanz, else it becomes late.”

“Do you want to hold her?” Gloria asked her.

“No…If I do I will bond with her and we do not need that now.” She explained though her heart broke in a thousand pieces because she might never be opportune to carry her child.

Olanz nodded and motioned with his head to Gloria who moved back to give him the needed space. He inhaled deeply, his bones snapping in place and he was on all fours in a flash,“Ready?” He asked Gloria through the mind-link.

She nodded and got on his back still carrying the pup. Tamara retrieved the Tavala; the very emblem that had caused her pain from under the bed. Handing it to Gloria, she said,“This belongs to her.”

Gloria nodded and collected it from her. Watching Olanz walk to the window, their only route out of the heavily guarded chata, Tamara tears flowed because neither she nor her husband had the chance to hold their daughter. Olanz gave one final bow to his Luna and leapt out of the window. He had fooled Derek long enough that he knew all the spots that weren’t guarded by Derek’s army of rogues. Once out of the chata’s radar, he took a turn that led straight into the forest. The full moon meant they could be spotted easily if they took the open fields, barrelling through the forests hidden by the tall trees and bushes as he sped through the clan’s lands.

He let out a victorious howl as he leapt out of the borders and was a bit overwhelmed by the response he got. Now that they left Tsauno, he had to think of a plan…a plan he forgot to draft in advance of this moment.

“What is it?” Gloria demanded, with a nervous edge as he slowed down.

“Where do we take her?” He demanded panting.

“Maybe to the north.” She replied.“You have no plan?" She asked him both confused and surprised.

“Yes…knowing my brother I am not sure going to the north is safe for our Alpha. The only option is the human world.” He answered.

“Then let us use it!”

“The portal—”

“Tonight is a full moon so it would remain open by the way you are from an Alpha bloodline.”

He found himself smiling at his foolishness, Gloria was right, tonight the portal was unguarded by whatever force he didn’t know.

Even before Derek heard the victorious howl, he felt three unpermitted exit from Tsauno through the sharp pains in his chest that confirmed the breaking. He recognized the howler’s voice.

Olanz had betrayed him!

The other two persons should be Gloria and either Tamara or Demitrey’s hybrid pup. He stormed into Tamara’s room and roared angrily when he saw Tamara glaring at him with a satisfied smirk.

Tamara’s heart fluttered with joy when she heard the victory howl and the accompanying howls, her daughter was safe from Derek’s reach. She smiled smugly when the fool stormed into her room.

“Where are they?” Derek thundered at her. He knew that smile, she had him outsmarted.

“Make a lengthy research on that.” She replied in disdain.

Derek growled, covering the distance between them in a flash, she screamed as he yanked her hair. Dragging her behind him to the ridara.

Tamara closed her eyes and screamed in fright when she was hurled by Derek and thrown as he dragged her into the ridara of the chatta. She grunted when her body hit another body, she opened her eyes slowly and smiled when she saw Avery grinning at her.

“I will ask you again Tamara,” Derek growled. “where are they?”

“This time I’ll give you the answer you seek.” She replied sitting up with an effort, her entire body was still sore from pushing her baby. She locked her gaze with him,“They left with my daughter, far away from your reach.”

“Did you give them the Tavala?” He demanded with a low growl.

“What did you think Derek? The emblem of authority rightfully belongs to her and—”


“No Mister!” Tamara countered fiercely,“You keep quiet! You think murdering my husband would make me give it to you?”

“I am—”

“My daughter is the new Alpha of Tsauno! And she would come back to claim her birthright, you son of a bitch!”

“His mother was an angel.” Newton corrected calmly.

“Then my apologies to her but seriously Derek you failed—” She screamed as his palm stung her face,“You hit like a woman.” She told him grunting.

“GET THEM ALIVE!” Derek roared to his warriors. “By the time I am done, you will beg to be turned because none of them can save you from me.” He told her coldly.

She was right, the escape of her pup meant he had a contender and he would never truly be the Alpha of Tsauno without the Tavala. He’d failed but not for long because he’d make sure she watched the agonizing death of her hybrid pup.

Once they crossed the tiny shield, Olanz closed the portal that separated the human world from all werewolves behind him. He was now at another crossroad, he knew no one here and now wasn’t the time to search for Tamara’s family as that was the initial aim. Speeding off to the only direction he knew, he sensed they were followed even before he was ordered by his pursuers through the mind-link to stop which he didn’t rather he doubled his speed.

He was a wolf with an alpha blood, that made him an alpha by right and alphas never submitted to wolves of lesser ranks. He mind-linked Goria urgently,“We have guests, confuse them.”

“I can not now, just go faster.” She replied.

“Why?” He asked surprised. A scent masker was the only thing that would enable them escape, especially for the life of their future Alpha.

“I already used the last one I had on our Alpha, in case we do not make it in time.” Gloria replied, fear lacing her every word.

For the first time in her life she was afraid, Rico’s calm and the confidence from their bond was the only thing keeping her sane.

Olanz growled in response and sped on, he had to think fast, going to Tamara’s hometown was already out of question as it would ensnare the pup and their efforts would be wasted. He paused for a second to observe the standstill of all vehicular movement when he saw the familiar signpost, the major landmark he had come to know too well hanging over the bridge.


Rogues were having a field day, those of his kind who delighted in the taste of blood, human blood were busy ripping humans off their fragile hearts and his heart broke at how surreal werewolves could be when turned feral. He scanned his surroundings frantically and stopped running when his gaze fell on ROUTE SIX. With renewed vigour, he ran towards the route.

Halting by the last car on the queue, he banged on the door impatiently with his paw and sighed in relief when it was opened by the occupants who were shivering in fear. He glanced inside the car; male and female, “They must be mates.” He mind-linked Goria.

“Now is not the time to find out.” She snapped at him, pushing the pup into the female’s shaking hands.

“Please, protect her. We will come for her when the time is right and also this is hers.” Gloria finished, handing her the Tavala. Olanz turned round immediately the male collected the Tavala from Gloria, weaving through the route they took in a zigzag pattern before anyone could spot them.

The couple watched astonished at what they just saw, the wolf-shifters didn’t hurt them despite the ongoing attack rather they wanted the baby protected. The lady muffled a scream as a large net was thrown over the duo and they heard the wolf howl very loudly probably in defeat and pain while his companion fell to the ground. The couple shared a knowing look, putting the car in reverse gear, the couple did the next sensible thing…run!

Chapter 1: Proving Her Worth.

The reflection in the mirror bounced back at her and her hand traveled on its own to her neck. She loved the feel of the necklace that adorned her neck and she admired the pendant lovingly. Its intricate design was rare and special but she was never allowed to show it off. She was brought to reality when the ever nagging voice in her head hummed softly.

Bella?”  She called out of herself.

“As always, I’m right here.”  Luna Bella replied cheerfully.

“Keep quiet!” She ordered, slightly irritated at Bella's cheerfulness.

“I can’t, I’m just so happy this morning.” Luna Bella's voice rang in her head once more.

“Keep quiet or get out of my head!”  She yelled.

“We both know I can’t get out and technically you’re arguing with yourself, because there’s no one around.”  Luna Bella pointed out, chuckling happily.

“Please tell me, how can I get rid of you?” Tiana demanded with an air


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