Alpha Tahira

Alpha Tahira

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Jaunty
  • Chapters: 10
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 16+
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Are you not Tahira? The Alpha Princess?" "You can give me my clothes now,don't you think so?" I said feeling so hot and his eyes strayed on my breasts. Being naked around people is a normal thing for everyone in the pack but this strange guy is making me feel things. "You're feisty!" "It's my middle name you douchebag,can you just fuck off with my clothes or are you going to wear them?" She stared at the Man who dared to intrude into her privacy and wore her clothes back. Tahira was the Ruthless Alpha Princess of Red stone back who never lived by anyone rules. Her world turned to an abrupt halt when her fated mate married her off to become a slave

Chapter 1




"He's not my mate, I reject him." I blurted out staring at my Parents who couldn't believe what I just said.

"That's ridiculous, She's in no position to choose or reject." The prince yelled.

"Well I'm princess Tahira and I go for the best not a weak riff Raff like you!"

"Tahira, he's your chosen mate. The moon goddess prophesied and proclaimed it right before our faces."

"Then it's a lie."

"If you're in a bad mood we can talk about this later." My dad coerced me and I scoffed.

"There's nothing to discuss,he's not my fucking mate." I skimmed at them, making the so-called mate flinch.

"Are you this weird?" He blurted out asking my parents and looking at his parents.

"Are you this stupid,that you don't know when you're rejected for you fuck off from this palace."

I roared at him getting irritated at the fact that he's still here.

"No! You don't get to talk to your Alpha like that young lady. You're my mate and my Future queen,I demand some respect!"

"Calm down Prince Derrick,I believe she's just in a bad mood "My mum said and I rolled my eyes.

"This is so disrespectful My king, I'm tolerating the bullshit because of you. The moon goddess had asked us to meet to prepare the marriage feast and mating ceremony only to receive these useless insults." Derrick's father ranted and I snorted.

"That's true,but you should be taking your leave. Don't you think,the moon goddess bluffs…he can never be my mate."

"Are you rejecting The Alpha of the Red Crystal Pack?" He asked me and I nodded.

"Totally,he's too weak to be mine."

I said, twirling my hair and watching the shock on his face.

"How dare you!!" He slammed.

"No how dare you!" I stood up and walked to him and my parents shivered.

"Are you deaf that you should take your asshole out of this place or do you want me to eat you for breakfast right now?"

"What the actual hell Tahira,do you even know who you're talking to?"

"I'm talking to baseless riff Raff who keeps throwing himself at me,Is your wolf that stupid?"

He raised his hands to hit me but I tackled him first on his stomach making him grunt in pain.

His parents were too shocked to say a thing as they all gasped.

"You're crazy." He said out of pain and I smiled.

"Tell that to the moon goddess when you see her, I get to choose my mate not to live by some barbaric declarations. If she ever steps foot in this palace, I will Kill her."

"Tahira enough!!" My dad yelled glaring at me.

"They came from a very distant land,why are you rejecting him too? This is the seventh one!! Why are you doing this?"

He asked as if in pain.

"Because they are not always mine father,I will bring my mate to you when I find one."

"But the moon goddess is…."

"To hell with the moon goddess!! I don't live by any rules and you know that!"

"Your daughter is crazy King Blaic,I'm seriously disappointed in all of this. The rumors about her are actually true, She's not only a ruthless alpha but a monster."

"What rumors?" I asked, getting excited to be that famous.

"That you're nothing but a viper!! Let's go Derrick"

His father said and he groaned in anger.

"I get to choose who to reject and who to accept father!! I can't go like this."

"Shove your ego aside before she runs wild, You can choose any other powerful mate but not her."

"Never!!" He yelled and flared in anger.

"We are in need of guards here,you can make yourself useful…. rejected mate." I grinned at him and he punched the wall.

"I will get back to you Tahira…I swear…you're going to be mine."

"I would love to see you try, reject Prince,you should work on yourself so your next mate won't reject you. Get the fuck out of my palace"

He fumed, eyes so visible with anger as he stormed out of the room with his parents while my father sighed disappointedly.

"You've failed me again Tahira."

"I know dad, It's my hubby." I tell him, standing up and giving him a light peck.

"I gotta run, I will bring my chosen mate once I find him.. Bye Mum." I winked at my mum whose eyes were already soaked with tears

Too bad I'm a sucker for emotions.

They should cry blood for all I care but the last thing they would do is forcing me to marry someone who isn't mine.

I'm too powerful for that.

I went out and the sun blasted my eyes blindly.

"Princess Tahira,it's done." One of my men came over and bowed to me and I smiled.

"Great,dispose of their bodies. I don't want another drama of 'I am your mate' to come back and stare at me.

I said and he nodded.

"You actually have another suitor tomorrow,should I take care of them too?" I groaned in displeasure, gosh! These people won't just learn.

"Which pack?"

"Red Crystal Pack."

The same pack? How many Alphas are even there?

"Look, don't even let them smell the air of Red stone, Waste them."

I told him and he bowed,fleeing from my presence.

I hissed in displeasure and walked towards the woods.

My wolf needs to run and it's been long since I did that. All in the name of you're going to be a bride rule .

I could sense her excitement as I stripped in the middle of the Woods. I couldn't rip my favorite pink gown for wolfing out.

I unzipped the gown and watched it fall down my body,taking off my underwear and crouching to the ground.

Normally this would have been more refreshing under the full moon but my wolf is just desperate to run.

My bones snapped and cracked transforming into beauty and giving a loud howl.

After running tirelessly for hours and feeling the refreshment of the air I decided to transform back.

I scanned my eyes lazily for my clothes because they weren't there.

What the fuck?

It was right here, in the middle of where I was standing.

I looked around to be sure if anyone was there but I didn't see any.

I would kill anyone who dares try this prank with me.

"Looking for these?"

A deep baritone voice snaps me at one and I while my head looks at the most gorgeous body and captivating eyes.

Gosh!! He was fucking naked too!!

I swallowed hard as my eyes swept around his delicious biceps and his down there was so…damn!!

"It's mine." I said going over to collect but he raised it up preventing me.

"Are you not Tahira? The Alpha Princess?"

"You can give me my clothes now,don't you think so?" I said feeling so hot and his eyes strayed on my breasts.

Being naked around people is a normal thing for everyone in the pack but this strange guy is making me feel things.

"You're feisty!"

"It's my middle name you douchebag,can you just fuck off with my clothes or are you going to wear them?"

"I'm too clean to wear this that might infect me." I gasped In horror.

Many guys would die just staring at my nakedness and taking my clothes but this man wasn't even flinching.

" You're a lot and you go through a lot."

He threw up my clothes so high that it got stuck in a branch tree where it was so impossible to reach.

"Get your clothes and stop wolfing out in my territory."

He said and walked away while I gasped In shock.

His territory?

I bit back my Heavy anger and disappointment as I walked back home naked.

If there is anything lingering in my mind right now is how to get him.

He's mine.

Chapter 2




I couldn't sleep a wink that night,I even missed my evening patrol with the men. They came over to ask me countlessly , knowing how much I love catching Intruders to put them in their place.

The strange guy in the woods was all I could think of until I heard a knock on the door.

"Tahira,your mate is here. Come out please."

Jeez! Is it morning already? I groaned in disappointment and I dragged my lazy self out to witness another drama.

Dad is just being paranoid over nothing. He needs to retain this throne and he's so desperate to marry me off so I would be able to take over the throne through my husband.

Let's say, I'm the one marrying him.

I gasped at the person I saw seated gravely with a crown on his head.

I swallowed hard as soon as our eyes met and I bit my lips.

It was the guy from the Woods,how the heck is he my suitor?"

"This is princ


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