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Jayden Evers is the Alpha of the Red moon pack who lost both his parents at the age of six. They were killed by the vampires before him. He got adopted by the black family that loved and cared for him unconditionally. At the age of twenty years old, he haunted the vampires that killed his parents one by one and killed them all. He rescued all the werewolves that were held captive by the vampires and built his own werewolf empire. When he returned back to his adoptive family, he found them dead, killed by the rogues. From that moment onwardly, he became rude, strong and intimidating. He searched for the rogues and killed them as well. After being disappointed and failing in his previous relationships, he decided to hire a surrogate mother to give him a son but as it says that life is full of surprises, the ordinary human girl he hired as his surrogate turned out to be his true mate. Cariona Havers has no other choice but to become a surrogate mother for her to earn enough money for her brother's treatment. Despite everything she went through with her life growing up, she never dreamed of becoming part of the supernatural world and becoming the most powerful and feared Alpha's Mate.

Chapter 1


I just received a call informing me that I have been accepted and qualified to be a surrogate mother. I am thrilled and, at the same time, nervous. My name is Catriona Havers, and I am twenty-five years old. I have a younger brother named Edirne. Unfortunately, our mother passed away while giving birth to him, leaving me with a newborn baby. At that time, I had no knowledge about caring for infants. However, with the grace of God and the assistance of our kind neighbour, Miss Olivier, I was able to raise him. Recently, the doctors discovered that my brother has a heart problem and needs surgery as soon as possible to prevent his condition from worsening. To gather the necessary funds for his surgery, I had to quit school and take on various jobs. Despite my efforts, l struggled to raise the required amount.

In order to earn enough money, I made the decision to become a surrogate mother. However, I did not anticipate being accepted so easily based on my appearance. I am grateful that I will at least be able to earn half of the money needed for my brother's surgery. The doctors have informed me that my brother will need to stay in the hospital until the day of his surgery. To cover for my absence, I had to lie to Miss Olivier and tell her that I found a job in another state that will provide me with enough money. Surprisingly, she did not inquire about the specific job. I was about to ask Miss Olivier for a favour when she interrupted me and reassured me that she would take care of my brother. She urged me to go and gather the money for his surgery. She said, "Okay, Miss Oliver." Thank you so much for always being there for us, I said. "I love you both too,dearly, like my own grandchildren." She replied, "We love you too.”


I said my goodbyes to my brother and Miss Olivier, then took a cab to the given address. The cab drove through thick woods, with no other cars in- sight. It was peaceful, I thought to myself. Upon arrival, I paid the cab fare and got out. As I stepped out, my eyes were captivated by a beautiful, grand house in front of me. It looked like a mansion that could accommodate thousands of people. Lost in admiration for the house, I was interrupted by someone calling my name. I shifted my gaze from the house to the person who knew me. She was a woman in her early 40s.

"Catriona Havers... is that you?" she asked. "Yes, Miss, that's me." Please follow me," she said. She led me into the house, and we walked through a long hallway. I paused in awe as I looked at the grand staircase that seemed to go on forever. clearing her throat, she gestured for me to continue following her. We entered the elevator to go upstairs. Curiously, I asked, "Wow... the house has its own elevator? Why didn't we use the stairs?" She looked me up and down before replying,

"Why are you asking?"

I explained, "I find the stairs beautifully dazzling. I wouldn't mind using them." She gave me a perplexed look, and her expression was hard to decipher. We arrived on the 6th floor and exited the elevator. We passed two closed doors before stopping at the third one, which had double doors. She nodded slightly and gestured for me to enter. “Should I go in without knocking?” I asked. “Please, Alpha is waiting for you inside,” she replied.

"Okay, why does she seem tense?" I wondered aloud. I opened the double doors and stepped into what appeared to be an office. It was a spacious room with bookshelves on both sides, two large black leather couches, a massive black solid wood desk, and a comfortable leather chair. The room smelled amazing.

“Are you done with your inspections?” a deep male voice came from behind. I turned around and saw a tall, handsome man standing in the doorway, leaning against the frame with his hands in his pockets. He had blue eyes, dark brown hair, and a muscular body. He was incredibly imposing, towering over me.

"Hello, my name is..." I started, but he interrupted me.

I know who you are and why you're here," he said.

I couldn't help but wonder about the people in this house. He walked past me and took a seat behind his desk. “Please, have a seat," he gestured, and I complied. "So, Miss Catriona," he began. "Yes?" I replied.

Why do you want to be a surrogate mother?" he asked.

I want to earn money for my brother's surgery," I answered. “What's wrong with your brother?” he inquired.

I briefly explained the whole story and the reasons behind my decision. He remained silent for a moment, seemingly contemplating his response. "How much do you need for your brother's surgery?" He asked. "It's two hundred and fifty thousand dollars," I answered. "But in the contract, you'll only be paid eighty thousand dollars," he pointed out. How are you going to pay with such a small amount of money?" I didn't have a response, so I remained silent.

I'll give you three hundred and seventy thousand dollars if you agree to have sex with me," he proposed. "You'll what?" I asked, pretending not to have heard him. "I want you to get pregnant with my child naturally," he clarified. "Not through insemination?" I inquired. "No, only if you agree, he replied. After careful consideration, I reluctantly accepted his offer. "Yes, I'll do it. For the sake of my brother's health," I said to myself.

"Alright then," he responded. "You'll have your own bedroom and a credit card for necessary purchases, but it cannot be withdrawn. You will be sleeping in my bedroom and having sex every day for two weeks. You cannot go out without protection or without my permission. And lastly, once you get pregnant, you are not allowed to have boyfriends. After signing the contract, you will belong to me." He handed me the contract and a pen to sign. My hands trembled with nervousness. He noticed and reassured me to take my time. Reluctant to test my luck, I carefully read the contract and signed my name. The amount is substantial and sufficient to cover the hospital expenses as well as save for myself. After signing the contract, I handed it back to him, thinking, "It's now or never.”

Chapter 2

He gave me a smile, and I blushed. He's too gorgeous to look at. I'm going to call you someone to show you your room. He said. I just nodded, and within two seconds, someone knocked at the door. He told the person at the door to enter. She was a woman who was the same age as me. "How did he call her without a phone? I wondered in my mind. Ms. Catriona, she's called Sandra, she'll be the one to show you your room and the rest of the house. In case you want something, feel free to tell her. He said. I nodded my head in agreement. She slightly bent her head at him and gestured to me to follow her. We walked in the hallway and took me to my new room. She opened the door for me to enter. It was a big bedroom with a king-sized bed with the white sheets on it. It had two wide windows and a sliding door that went outside the balcony. Outside the balcony, there was a leisure mod wicker that held two people. Do you like it? I didn't know that Sandra was following me. No, I don't like it, but


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