Alpha's Daughter Is His Mate

Alpha's Daughter Is His Mate

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Mai Ly
  • Chapters: 12
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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Alpha Alexander adopts the girl whose parents died in the war, Sophia. Her real father is his Beta and also his best friend. Sophia grows up and becomes a beautiful girl when she is sixteen years old. Full-moon night, the Alpha and his adoptive daughter recognize they are mates. Then, the Alpha loses his emotion with Luna Vanessa and her scent like a fish when he sleeps beside her. He falls into confusion because he does not want to hurt Luna. He loves his adoptive daughter so much as she is his real daughter. But now, she is his mate. What the hell is this shit?! The Moon Goddess, why does she puts him into this difficult situation?

Chapter 1: I Can’t Protect Her

The kingdom appears in the forest.

A butterfly moves to the Blood Moon pack, where a developed civilization exists behind a waterfall.


The butterfly continues to move into the castle where Sophia lives. She is a princess in the Blood Moon pack, a funny, warm, and enthusiastic girl.Sophia has straight shoulder-length violet hair, with lighter highlights. Her striking violet eyes blend with her hair, making her look even more beautiful, with a straight nose and full lips.


She becomes a stunning young woman when she turns sixteen years old.

However, she has no wolf, and as the only heir of the kingdom, this creates tragedy! Why?! Because people cannot accept a weak Alpha. It is unacceptable to have no wolf, so most people mistreat Sophia, especially Luna Vanessa.

Following werewolf customs, when Sophia turns sixteen years old, the Moon Goddess will choose a mate for her.

Today, Sophia will find her mate!

Sophia's POV.

"Dad! Dad! No! Please!! Please!!!" I cried out in pain as I screamed.

A giant black wolf growled and rushed toward my dad at rocket speed. It nipped down on my dad's shoulder with its sharp teeth. Blood erupted and spread out on the floor. Tears wet covered my face. In the royal darkroom, the deep eyes of the wolf sparkled light. Looking at me, my trembling dad signaled me to keep silent. But I couldn't. It was too much for a ten-year-old like me. Blood continued to drip from my dad's shoulder.

"NOOOOOO!!!!!!" I screamed as the wolf released and bit his shoulder again. My dad groaned in pain and growled after. He wanted to shift, but it was too late. Getting down on his knee, he fell to the floor. Crying, I sprinted to him, hugging him tightly.

"Go...! Go...!" my dad whispered.

"No! Dad. I stay with you." I cried.

After looking at me, the wolf stepped back. I didn't know why it didn't attack me. My dad's breath stopped, and his hand let loose. He had passed away!

"Ring! Ring! Ring!" The sound of my alarm clock rang loudly.

Waking up, I panted after the nightmare. This nightmare repeated for many years and was a part of my memory. Going to the bathroom, I washed my face and brushed my teeth.

"Today, I'll make a difference," I said to myself, looking at myself in the mirror.

Coming back to my room, I opened the curtains, and the light of dawn shone into every nook and cranny of my room. A fight was happening beyond the window. No! Rather than a bully, there were totally five people: two men and three women. They were beating a girl, who was not protesting.

Oh no, why wasn't she doing anything when they treated her like this?

Sprinting down to the hall in my white dress, I attended the crown around one musical note time.

"What are you doing? Stop!" I commanded.

"Princess Sophia," the five said in unison with green faces when they turned back to look at me.

They stopped beating the girl and dilated, finding her prone with a bloody wound on her arm. I went and picked her up. She did not cry, just said thanks to me in a murmuring voice. She had a round face, white skin, and dark brown hair. The highlight of her face was her eyes, the sad eyes. Her figure was slender, and she wore a dirty dress. Seizing my elbow, she hid behind my shoulder.

"Why were all of you bullying her? I'm not allowing this to happen," I said in a high tone.

"Princess Sophia, you don't know well. She's just an Omega and weak. Moreover, she's a servant," a man said as his face did not change color. The guy had short black hair, blue eyes, and a tall figure in a luxurious suit.

"Who are you?" I asked, looking into his eyes.

I'm the son of Beta Daniel Gatlin, John Gatlin. You don't have a wolf, do you? My princess! You'll deserve my punch if you don't have a princess condition. By the way, you cannot become an Alpha in the Blood Moon pack. Hahaha! I'll replace you. So, with the harassing of the werebear in the east, Alpha Alexander has no mind to handle trivial things." He comes to me, puts his hand on my shoulder, then holds Julia's wrist and presses as a stamp on her wrist. The girl exclaims in pain.

"Alright, unhand her. Sir, I'm sorry. Let us go, please. I won't tell Alpha about this." Anxiously, I lower my tone and say.

Blooming a satisfied smile, John lets go of his hand. "Yes, princess." He moves his hand towards my room. "Princess Sophia, please, go ahead."

"Alright." I give Julia my hand and take her to go with me.

We go to my room. On the way, I ask her why they beat her. She says they often do this when they are bored. This time, the reason is Luna Vanessa scolded John.

“What’s your name?” I say as I apply medicine to a wound on her arm. “I’m sorry. I couldn't protect you. I'm a coward.”

"My name is Julia. It doesn't matter, miss. I'm just a servant. That's what I deserve." Julia sits on the floor and says.

"Don't think like that! Everyone deserves to be respected." I furrow my eyebrows and put my hand on Julia's shoulder.

"But... I am different from you. You're a princess, and I'm just..." Tears fall from the corner of her eyes.

“Listen! From now on, you’re my friend. If anyone beats you, that means they beat me.”

"Thank you, princess. You’re a good person." Julia says as she slightly smiles.

People often abuse Julia just because she is an Omega. I don't know why I want to protect this person. Probably, I'm too lonely in this world, so I just desire a friend.

My condition as a princess is worthless.

I'm a princess, that's true. But I'm weak, that's true too. So, nobody in this pack respects me. Accordingly, my words have no weight.

They hate me!

Oh, I forgot. Let me introduce myself. My name is Sophia. I'm 16. Today, I'll find my mate. First of all, I want to be stronger. It doesn't matter if I have a wolf or not. To protect all the people I love, I have to be strong.

Stopping at the arena, where the warriors train. I love this place and want to become a real warrior. But I do not dare to take part in training warriors.

Chapter 2: Will I Die Right Now?!


Who's going to be stronger?

Who's going to be the winner?

The answer is right here, right there

Got the problem?

Come, come

To be the problem

Come, come...

Sophia's POV.

Bravo! Bravo!" the audience shouts, creating a big bang that spreads all over the arena.

The hot sunlight burns the sand under my feet, and the salty and spicy atmosphere touches my lips.

"Yahhhhh!!!!" a man growls after knocking out his opponent. The loser has an elephant body, while the winner is too small to be an ant. The small man doesn't wear a shirt to show off his solid muscles. Watching the battle from afar, I can't see clearly who he is until the girls around me start roaring in their insane emotions.

"WOW, I love you, John Gatlin. You're the best, my idol," th


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