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Alpha King's Loathed Mate

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Annabel finds herself in the town of werewolves where humans were used as pets. She finds a sudden connection with Mackie a werewolf. Mackie was a cousin to her master. And soon their love blossoms but then her master also wants her. She was betrayed my Mackie who after having her left her heartbroken for another woman. until she found out she was a Luna and a moon goddess. Just when she thought all was over the Alpha's son came for her. He wants to mark and make her his after all the pain he has caused her. Will she accept him knowing she has more power than him?

Chapter 1 One

' Pet number 1702.' The man with the weird teeth screamed aloud, leaving a grin on his face.

Annabel watched as the other slave master pushed a blonde boy in his thirteenth out, he had on a brown rag like uniform and handcuff on, just like every one of them. The little boy had a tear on his face, his face all swollen up.

' This pet is sure a stubborn one.' One of the audience teased, making the others laugh.

' Well he is but he sure will make a good tool, trust me. 30 bucks.'

She watched as the murmur continued, some disagreeing and some smiling at the price of the innocent boy.

' I will pay 20 bucks, nothing more than that.' A woman on a black silk gown, a red hat and a black shade spoke out. She looked like she would be in her thirties.

' Anybody else.' Hammoc the head of the slave master said, staring into the space.

There was silence. Nobody was willing to buy him.

' He won't be good for s*x.' One said.

' I like them young but he is definitely not worth 30 bucks.' Another hissed.

' Well seeing no one is interested. Sold off to Malbac for 20 bucks.'

Chris the youngest of the slave masters pushed the thirteen year old boy to its new master, handling over the key to the handcuff to her and a pair of pet leash.

' Here is your new pet.' He grinned, making fun of the little boy whom had burst into tears. She stared at herself in the prisoner's dress, a brown gown, more like a faded brown. It had stenches on, odours that showed that it had been wore before her by God knows how many. She had only being there for few weeks, after her town was raided by the Blood city. That was what she found out, was their name. Her town burnt to ashes, the scene had being an horrible sight to behold, one she wanted to push out of her mind.

' Pet no 1705.' Hammoc said, gesturing them to push her out.

She knew she was next and silently wished someone would come wake her up, tell her it was all a dream.

Fiaaa!! Two strokes of pet leash landed on her back with a hand pushing her forward, to where her fate was to be decided. Annabel took in a long breathe and stepped forward, facing the cruel slave masters.

There was mumbling in the crowd.

' This looks like she would be useful.' The man with the long moustache said.

' She will make a good pet.' Another one said.

Her next fate lied in whom bought her, her new master and she silently wished it was someone better than this monsters.

' You can all clearly see that this is certainly worth a fortune. Red hair, healthy body, strong arms and legs." He jerked her up in his left hand. " Hmmm, this surely is a fortune, a pretty one at that. This goes for 1000 bucks, nothing less.' He said with satisfaction, probably happy that he was alive to make that fortune.

The audience gasped at the hike in the price.

' I will pay 1500 bucks.' A young master said. He had dark curly hair, a scar on his face and a set of dirty teeth but he wasn't alone. He had other pets of his with him, they knelt down with bruises and scars all over them. Their gowns tattered and some revealing their nudity, they looked like he treated them bad. She silently wished someone would bail her out.

' 3000 bucks.' Someone said, making the others turn their heads.

Annabel was happy she was saved, saved from a monster. She looked at him, right where he sat with his chin up. He looked calm and had an aura of power, he certainly looked like he had seen much. He had a black eye patch on his right eye and two scars, one on his forehead and the other on his jaw. Seeing the way the others didn't want to tackle him showed that he might be one of the powerful wolf in all packs.

' Anyone else.'' Hammoc said, hoping to see the price leap forward but there was silence. " Sold off to Malburt Mac.'

It was her turn to step into her new fate, one that was blurry and uncertain. She turned to look at Jane, prisoner 1906, her only friend since they were captured. She could see a tear drop from Jane's eye, she had been captured while looking for what her sick brother would eat. They had no one but themselves and he was only eight. Annabel could see the pain in her eyes and knew she felt the same way.

' Take care, good friend.' She whispered into air, silently hoping it would take it up to her.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The car parked right in front of a big building painted in brown. She still had her pet leash on and the handcuff although they were starting to ache but she knew better than to complain to her new master. The whole journey had been a silent one, like she had hoped in on a graveyard. Master barely smiled all through, all he did was focus on the journey even though he had a driver who did that.

She watched as other pets crawled out, humans like herself. There was five in numbers, two looked old enough for marriage while the three were teenagers just like herself. She felt a little safe to see people of her kind although she noticed they had no smile on.

' Number 2.' Master said, signaling her to come forward. She watched with keenness and bewilderment, the woman never walked forward instead she crawled her way to him, enduring the pain coming from the thorns piercing her knees.

' Put it in it's place.' He said and walked in.

Put what in what place?.

Annabel was confused.

The woman crawled forward to Annabel, holding her by her hand and pulling her to the ground with her.

' Hi, I am Annabel.'

There were silence as no one replied, everyone avoiding her gaze. They looked, so afraid of something or someone.

' Hi, I am.....'

' You are not allowed to talk.' One of the teenagers whispered cutting her words short.

' Kneel.' Another said.

With shock, she did as asked, watching the others crawl forward.

She had to crawl.

She asked herself.

What was she expecting? A welcome home party? Or a Welcome to the family party?.

She knew she was no longer human but a pet now, she was now like her cat Freedom, back home. She took a crawl and inhaled deeply. The floor was rough, so rough it would spoil her skin, her once pampered skin. She had to endure it all, this was her life now. As she crawled, she would stop at intervals to get thorns out of her knees or palms, watching blood ooze out gently. She wondered how long she would be a prisoner for, wondered if she would have her freedom again.

She wept silently.

She crawled into a shabby looking building with the other pets, one which looked like it could collapse anytime soon. As soon as they all crawled in,she watched them all get up and stretching.

Are they really confused? One minute they ask her not to stand or walk, the other minute they are up and running.

She asked herself, curious about what turn her life had taken.

Definitely a tough and crazy one.

' Up number 6, here we all go by the numbers on which we were bought. I am Number 2 and I was brought here when I was just thirteen.'

Number 2? Number 6? Who on planet earth names people that?.

' I am number 1." The matured lady said " I was brought here when I was just Sixteen, I have spent Twenty years in this hell like place.' She completed sadly.

' I am number 3." The blond female teenager said, " I was captured as a baby, that I was told. I will be thirteen soon.' She blushed slightly, rather excited about her life than sad.

' I am number 4." The dark haired female said, " I and number 3 are twins.' She said shyly.

' This is Number 5, he barely speaks. His mother, a human was captured and brought here by the Omigos Brothers. She fell in love with one of them and they had him. Even though his mother had to be killed as a punishment for it.' Number 2 said, pointing at a young boy at the corner of the room.

She felt pity for him, could see the pain he was trying so hard to hide by being silent.

' And his father?' The curious Annabel asked.

Everyone grew silent, all minding their business. She knew there was something off about how they reacted and decided it was best not to get too involved in whatever it was they were trying to hide.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

' No, No, Noooo.' She screamed in her sleep, clutching onto the pair of clothing in her palms. Rolling over side by side, trying to wake up from the nightmare. She was struggling against something, fighting about something only her knew of. She let out silent sobs with beads of sweats breaking out all on her face.

She was scared of something, looked terrified.

' Wake up number 6, you will get us killed.' Number 2 was shaking her vigorously, trying to wake her up before their Master would be alerted. It was one of the rules in the house to never disturb their owners.

' Wake up Kiddo, trust me this is no place to scream.' Number 1 chirped in, sprinkling some water on her face.

It took a minute before she opened her eyes, her already wet eyes, wet with tears. She looked relieved, relieved to know it was all a nightmare, one she hated to visit every time. She let out a silent sob and fell into the arms of Number 2 kneeling right in front of her.

' I saw it happen, I saw it again Number 2.' Tears flowed from her already red eyes. She hugged her tighter trying to let go of the pain she felt.

' It's fine now, okay. We all have that monster leaving inside of us, ready to unleash its terror. It's how strong we can be that determines it's effect on us. You will get through whatever it is. Now we need to sleep before Master gets here, you don't wanna provoke him.'

They laid back in their sleeping bed, wanting to have enough rest before they have to go about their daily work. Annabel found it hard to close her eyes again, out of fear of revisiting the past. Staring at the atmosphere, thoughts of how happy life had being before the tragedy played through her mind. Her pet's little meow, her best friend's smile, the games in their little village.

Well a new me awaits me, a new journey of pains and whatever it had in store.

She said trying to console herself from giving up even before it started.

She missed her mum. She missed her food. She missed everyone. She missed her old bed. She missed her old life. If only she was sure they were safe, they could be dead for all she knows and their bodies eaten by the monsters or not. No one knows.

She sobbed silently trying not to alert the others with all the little happy memories playing in her mind as she laid there awake till she drifted to sleep.

Chapter 2 2

It was morning, her second day in the hands of the monsters. Compared to when she first got there, the house was filled up, black vehicles all parked up in the massive compound. She watched as they got down, all dressed up in various clothings. Clothings that barely showed a glimpse of their body, according to what she had read growing up, the sun could kill them, shrink them to death. It was said that only the older ones could come out in the sun, the younger ones stayed back in their little dark hole to prevent them dying. They all had black shades on, some looked neat with their hair neatly tucked and styled to the back.

Their pets came with them with their pet leash on their necks, some looked tattered and unkempt with their dresses torn and dirty while others looked better. One thing they all had in common was their sad unhappy face, one she knew how it felt to.

' What is happening today.' Annabel asked Number 2, she seemed the most caring and friendly of


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