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WOLVES OF NIGHT SHADE PACK 1 All Wolf Bloods convene under the full moonlight, which ignites a spark of desire that turns them into werewolves. Night Shade Pack is a haven for all shifter creatures until hounds attacked three nights before the crowning ceremony of the next Alpha. The Elders name an Alpha under the Wolf Moonlight. Logan Kade is next in line for the Alpha of Night Shade, and he's having a wolf pup with the wolf-less she-wolf, Frey Hemming. Logan knows the rules. He cannot mate a wolf-less Luna. He understands that on the night of the wolf moon, the moon goddess tethers wolves to their mate bond. Will he choose the mother of his unborn child or his fated mate? What will happen if he finds out the truth about Frey and why she doesn't have a wolf?

1. Frey — Hounds

Trigger Warning

This book contains numerous controversial subjects that may trigger or upset some readers including detailed scenes of death, violence, sexual content, kidnapping, sexual abuse, war, mentions of abortion, possible miscarriage, cheating, and LGBTQ+ relationships.

Viewer discretion advised! ***


I've heard of she-wolves that were left to fend for themselves after discovering that they were pregnant.

I tied my jet black hair and pulled a leather jacket on my shoulder. Tonight was the day I'd spill the good news. Would it be good news for him? I mean, he's taking over as pack alpha and I'm certain that I wouldn't be his mate. He would probably toss me aside after professing his undying love.

I marched out of my house, took a long walk, and appeared on the sidewalk where I'd parked my black cabriolet this morning. I got in, ignited the engine and was driving away to the club where wolf bloods gathered every Saturday night for a drink. It was just a few kilometers away from the pack dwellings and in no time; I had arrived.

Squeezing the vehicle into the tiny space in the parking lot, I slammed the door after I alighted and marched toward the entrance. The premises were booming with music and several wolf bloods stalked by the sidewalk, their scent rough and of alcohol entwining with pure air.

I exhaled deeply as my hands extended to the handle. I stepped into the club and met the harmonious glow of purple, blue and red lights and the booming of music from the speaker on the stage. Scattered across the apartment were men and women moving their bodies in rhythm with the music. I moved past the servers and round tables that were scattered across the pub, aiming for the group of men that sat at the edge of the bar.

Was I brave enough to do this? Would he exile me from the pack once he discovers the truth? These two questions went back and forth in my head until I arrived at his table.

I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous. He sat with the inner circle of the Night Shade Pack. The Beta, Gamma, and Delta blood. When he saw me, he put down his bottle and stood from the chair. The others didn't see me. I breathed a sigh of relief as I dragged him out of the club. Not that I was pulling him by the hand, he just followed me.

As we stepped on the sidewalk, he breathed out my name. “Frey? Are you okay?” His voice was soothing. This was what I expected. He could see right through the distressed expression on my face, which I'd tried to conceal, but failed miserably.

“I need to talk to you.”

“Sure.” Logan said and tried to entwine his hands with me, but I pulled away. We were out in the open and some wolf bloods were lingering by the curb. The look of surprise on his face didn't cease as we strode to the other side of the building.

Our relationship had been a secret for a while and only his Beta, my family, and some of my friends knew about us. It needed to be a secret because I didn't want any of the wolf bloods gossiping about having a relationship with the Alpha, even when I knew I didn't stand a chance at being his mate, even when I'm wolf-less.

The quarter moonlight sprayed through the skies, illuminating the Night Shade Pack territory. I strode down the pathway with him, side by side, and as we came to a halt, I leaned on the brick wall while he stood opposite me. Sadness encroached on me and I bowed my head. He stepped closer, lifting my face so I could view him fully. Tears slipped from my eyes and his face softened with concern. “Frey, talk to me.” He requested gently, and I released a trembling sigh.

“I'm pregnant.” I said and looked at him. There. Those were the words that I'd held to myself for the past two weeks.

His face darkened and my heart dropped; this was the part of my story where I'd be the punching bag, where he'd send me away, not because he didn't love me, but because I'm wolf-less. Like my mother used to say, “without your wolf, you're nothing but a complete disgrace to the werewolf community.” Her words were a reminder that Logan Kade wouldn't love me enough.

He smiled and pulled me into an abrupt embrace, erasing every trace of gloom on my face. “Hey, hey. It's ok. I wouldn't let anything happen to our pup. We are going to have our baby together and you'll rule by my side as queen.” His voice was reassuring. It was everything I needed.

Logan Kade, a brown skinned man with wolf tattoos skillfully pictured on his skin, his jaw shaved and his hair cut. He wrapped his enormous arms around me and I smiled.

“We both know that it's not possible. The Wolf Moon is in three days and you'll become pack Alpha. You'll find your fated mate from the royal bloodline. I'm not of royal bloodline and I don't even have a wolf yet!” I couldn't hide from the truth. I had to let the cat out of the bag.

“It doesn't matter.” He tried to convince me otherwise, but I would be crazy if I believed him. Night Shade Pack was strict with his rules. Yes, some rules are flexible and wolf bloods can break them once in a while, but the rule of an Alpha mating a wolf-less Luna was unacceptable in the wolf world.

“It does, Logan. The Council wouldn't allow you to mate with me.”

“You're mine, Frey. Mine.” He growled with predatory intent.

“Logan?” My voice trembled with dread as I leveled my gaze at him. I wasn't afraid of having a baby. I knew what I wanted. But was I strong enough to go for what I truly desired? “I don't want to lose you.” Was all I could muster.

“You won't.” He said. The crimson in his eyes flashing sent a shiver through my spine. He put his hands out and I took it, and we walked down the motorbike that was by the curb.

“I came with my car.”

“Don't worry, my Beta will drive it home.” Logan got on the motorbike; I mounted behind him, pulling the helmet over my head and holding him by his waist. He ignited the engine and drove down the tarred path that led straight to the pack house.

We arrived at the pack settlement and he parked his motorcycle by the fountain. In front of me was the pack's manor, which was surrounded by a wild cluster of polyalthia, rosewood, and beech trees. I pulled off my helmet when I dismounted and he smiled at me and laid a kiss on my cheek. “Logan?” I called.

“Yeah, little mate.”

“I want you to promise me that no matter what happens from now on, you'll always stand with me.” If I would go for what I wanted, I needed reassurance that he wouldn't leave me high and dry.

“I promise.” He nodded, passion behind his eyes as he leaned in for a kiss. I smiled and our lips collided in a frantic exploration of pleasure, and a thrill of emotion coursed through our bodies. He wrapped his hands around me, lifted me from the floor, and I squealed with a sudden outburst of giggle. We marched to the entrance of the manor.

Once we arrived in his room, he set me down on the bed, which was covered with white sheets. I chuckled and pulled him in, locking our lips together. He pulled away and looked into my eyes with desire, then he lay next to me and tugged me closer, running his fingers through my black hair. This wasn't my first time in the manor, but it was my first time in his room. In the past, he'd always opted for us to visit, but I declined with good intentions.

“We are going to raise our pup together,” he said, and I nodded. There was a brief silence and at that moment, all I saw was absolute sincerity in his eyes. I had faith in him. My heart desperately desired him. To make him mine.

“We should take a shower.”

“Yeah. Definitely. You reek of alcohol.” I blurted, and we both chuckled.

He got out of bed and took me into the entrance that led into the bathroom. We stripped and stepped into the bathtub. I sat, and he moved behind me, wrapping his hands around my body. The warm shower trickled down on our skin and we just sat there, consumed by the beautiful moment. After some time, we took turns washing each other and when we finished; we stepped off the shower and dried off with towels. There was no need to argue with Logan. I was staying the night in his home and that was final. ~

I think I'd slept for three hours when I heard the warning bell pounding through the territory.


Logan shot to a sitting position; the sleep in his eyes vanished with a flash of his crimson wolf flecks, and he rustled out of bed.

“I need you to stay here. No matter what happens, stay here.” He reiterated and grabbed a crossbow from his closet. The slamming of the door hinges resonated through my soul, and I heard his retreating footsteps as he ran down the stairs.

I can't leave him there alone.

He might lose his life if any of the hounds attacked him.

Turning this over in my head, I got out of bed and slipped into my shoes, exiting the room with a dagger I'd found in his compartment of weapons. I moved down the dimly lit hallway and ran into the Beta of the pack, Tyler. He had a crossbow and an arrow skillfully set and ready to fire. Tyler's dark hair accentuated his green eyes and lean-muscled body type.


“I had things going on with Logan.” I muttered in clarification, and he nodded.

I couldn't explain this wave of fire in me I'd never experienced before. I didn't know if it was the fierce desire to ensure the safety of the father of my unborn child, but I was glad it was there.

Erupting through the door with Tyler, we made for the ragged gray wolves we saw by the fountain. They were dead wolves lying by the stairs, and Logan didn't show them mercy. He was a ferocious fighter, and protecting his pack was one of his priorities.

Tyler's arrow pierced through one wolf's jugular and my flying dagger drove into the other's belly.

“Stay with me, Frey. Trust me, Logan would have my head if anything happened to you.” The deceased wolves shifted into their human forms and lay dead.

I heard the mournful howls of the bitten and injured wolf bloods, echoing off from the source which was the settlement where the rest of the pack members lived.

Tyler was taking down as many wolves as he could, but he was running out of arrows.

I saw Logan ahead of me in wolf form. The enemies’ blood coated his jaw and fur, and our eyes met for a second. He snarled at me and I released a guilty sigh, keeping my head in the game. I took another swing to the incoming wolf, and it whimpered as its blood sprayed on the stones that covered the earth.

I saw the children hiding by the forest line. They must be the young wolves whose parents worked late at the pack house, and hounds intercepted them on their way home. I raced to them at human speed. My legs carried me as fast as it could. I was just in time to defend them from the blood-eyed wolf creature that was prepared to maul them to death. There were three of them between ages ten to four and they were in shock.

“Sh. It's going to be ok. I promise.” I told them and carried the youngest on my side, taking the other two in my hands. We made for the pack houses’ entrance, but we weren't lucky.

Two hounds surrounded us, fangs bared, blood-eyed, and ready to attack and conquer. I clenched the kids closer, and a sweat broke from my scalp. The surrounding sounds faded and for a moment, I could only hear the trembling of my beating heart. I couldn't catch my breath. Why couldn't I catch my breath? No. I wouldn't die like this. I wouldn't let anyone hurt these kids.

The wolves were skulking closer to us with a savage smirk on their lips. F*ck, I swore. I could feel something within me. I thought it was my wolf, but I didn't hear her speak. It was something else. Some kind of power, but I wasn't sure. Maybe it was my wolf. I don't know how it felt to bond with a wolf. Maybe this is it. Maybe I'll have my first shift in three days. I reached for my holster, but I couldn't find a dagger.

The first wolf lunged, swiping its claws at me, but before it could land its deadly hit, a wolf with black fur leapt from behind us. It was Logan. He gnawed at the two wolves and tore them apart.

“Take the kids inside now.” He roared at me.

I hauled the kids into the house and slammed the door behind us. I couldn't imagine the terror that these kids had witnessed. How long it would stay burned into their brains. They discovered Night Shade territory was no longer safe for wolf bloods.

“Sh. It's ok. We're safe.” I headed into Logan’s room. I wasn't sure if that was the word they needed to hear right now, but I had to try.

“Are we going to be fine?” The youngest asked me.

“Where's our mother?”

“That wolf took her.” The eldest said with a trembling voice. I saw her shivering. I had to stay strong for these kids because hounds had torn their lives apart.

“Hey. It's going to be ok. The Alpha will send out scouts to look for your mother. I promise they'll find her,” I reassured them more than myself. “Now go to bed and try to sleep. I'll be outside and make sure nothing happens to you.” I rose to my feet to leave the room, but the youngest's voice called me back.

“Can you stay with us? Please?”

“Yes. Sure.” I nodded and moved onto the bed, wrapping my hands around them. They say joy comes in the morning, but tomorrow would be a day of grief and mourning. It was inevitable.

2. Logan — Blood


Hounds never attack in groups.

The sound of the warning bell reverberated through the territory, and I shot into a sitting position. Cautioning Frey about the hound attack, I moved to my weapon compartment and pulled out a crossbow and a quiver of arrows. This was the perfect time to put the skills I learned from pack training to good use.

I emerged through the entrance of the pack house and met three ragged wolves approaching. I shot the first wolf. The second and third plummeted toward me. My fur tore through my body and I leapt toward them, shifting into a large black furred wolf. We stumbled down the stairs, and I landed a heavy blow at the other wolf's jugular. I dragged him away as his blood splashed on my fur and coated the earth. At the sound of my snarl, the other wolf escaped with a broken leg.

Fucking Hounds! Their bites were fatal.

Hounds weren't only attacking the pack house. I heard the screams of the men, wo


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