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Alpha Destructivo: Fidanzato

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The only thing that Direwood's pack second Alpha Aniko Alivenci hates right now is the fact that he can't grow a pair of wings and fly to his hometown fast enough. The news about the Alta Pas security breach had reached his ears a beat too slow hence his dislike towards his cousin's pack enforcers. Aniko is a man who holds control tighter than he would when playing with his girlfriend. He promised going home in the slightest alarm and this attack on the Alta Pas is not something to be taken lightly. The place is the sacred haven for all the information, laboratory testing and research done throughout the whole decade about the genetic mutations of all shifter species. That data provides everything for the Summit, an alliance made to secure equality for all kinds of shifters. The matter made him mad and anxious. The stolen reports could only lead to one conclusion; chaos. Luckily, one of the perpetrators was caught. The reason why Aniko was hurrying back—he was tasked to surrender the spy in the Summit. Derwin Desiderio is dead the moment Aniko will land on his feet back to his hometown. ——— Derwin Desiderio has never been caught before. He had deliberately let himself be chased down and bruised—all because of the distinct scent he had sniffed during the riot. Even he himself could attest that the idea was pretty ridiculous. Stupid as it is, who wouldn't want to meet their ‘fated mate’? Omegas were cunning by nature. It was the result of being hunted down since birth. Letting himself be surrounded by untrusting Alphas scared the living daylight out of him. Derwin was hopeful. He had been searching for the affection he never had felt before and meeting this straight, homophobic mate, Aniko, Derwin was sure God hated him so much. If only he could turn back time... He should've just reported back to the headquarters. He should've ignored the enticing scent of ‘home’. Aniko wasn't the one he wished for. The man was too much. Just too much.

Chapter 1

DERWIN immediately hated the smell of piss and iron the moment he woke up. As an omega wolf with a sensitive nose, he loathed being stuck somewhere unacceptable. Aside from the disgusting smell, there came a distinct scent of alphas around.

His eyes flashed with golden light. Derwin's claw is ready to scratch any wolf in vicinity.

His eyes flashed with golden light.Derwin's claw is ready to scratch any wolf in vicinity.ny wolf in vicinity.

The rumors were true. Alta Pas lived up on its reputation for being the safest place in the country. They had to plan within three months to finally get inside. Not every blueprints they have gathered around were all usable. In fact, none of those were definite.

Blood, tears and sleepless nights of making sure that everything is perfect. He could finally say to himself that no amount of preparation would arm them against all possibilities.

Like meeting their fated mate.

Now that he is clear-headed and completely sane, he despised himself for his actions.

In the middle of the storm surge of bullets, his feet had stopped working. He was stuck and branded stupid for all his life just because of that faint smell of freshly cut pine tree and rain.

It's the smell of safety for him. The scent of his mate.

It was brief and extremely thin but Derwin whimpered in his half-shifted state. His claws retracted and his feral state ebbed as an instinct to not harm their mate. Being the best tracker in town has its perks, and disadvantages.

Derwin didn't know what happened at that moment. No one told him that a wolf gets foolish once faced with their mate. Derwin wasn't informed too that the 'blood link' for familial bonds is in fact, true. He thought it was a myth. Clearly, it isn’t.

The scent of pine and rain indeed belongs to Derwin's mate. But the carrier of this thin trail of scent signature is his mate's cousin, Direwood's pack Alpha, Jadwig.

It's a universal knowledge for every wolf shifter that finding their very own 'fated mate' is like looking for a fine needle in a haystack. It's hard work rather than a blessing. Most of the shifter species stopped believing them and turned to bond with anyone they liked.

A long generation spent on this cycle results in the discrimination against male omegas. For the reasons that they are the lowest class of omega. They were treated as a freak of nature. No one admitted being 'fate mated' to one for the fear of being laughed at. There are plenty of choices— so why pick a freaky male omega instead?

The myth states, Heaven saw this and decided to curse the shifters. They can now track their fated mates by their ancestry line or familial bond.

Direwood's pack alpha must be his mate's close relative. Their bond as a family is strong, that's why even in the middle of a fight, Derwin had no problem distinguishing the unique scent. It's unbreakable and solid.

Derwin should be in awe of this. His mate is practically a sworn brother of the pack alpha of this largest territory in San Antonio. The Direwood pack is known for their diverse population of shifter species.

Unfortunately, they have no room for male omega kinds in the area. Derwin had no place inside their camp. They accept different shifter species but only those who are going to be useful in the long run.

Chains rattled as he lifted his head to survey the place he was thrown at. Dread crawled on his back when he realized where the jingling sound came from. His breath sped up. Derwin couldn't believe what he saw.

Live wires are tied to the iron cage where he's stumped. Derwin was wet from his head down to his toes. Cuffs and bolts were screwed on his wrist and ankles. The largest lock was on his neck. Both heavy and terrifying for his wolf soul.

He's tied to the floor. With this narrow space, one wrong move will electrify him for life.

The scene of a sudden death for him replayed nonstop in his mind. He shouldn't have come for his mate. That brief second spent in second-guessing led him to this situation. He shouldn't have put his group mates in the line. He should have kept their headquarters’ existence a secret. Every sacrifice they have garnered to find opportunities for his omega kind was now all in vain.

Derwin may also lose his life once his mate chooses to neglect him. There’s no way that the Direwood pack will forgive what he had done.

"He's an unfortunate one, don't you think?" A pack enforcer circled Derwin's cage. The look in his eyes suggested pity and slight mockery for his position. "I'm guessing he's a beta."

"Those who steal will never be deemed pitiful." A barrel-chested man with a huge beard stepped forward. Posing tall and magnanimous in his gray sweat-shirt. He chuckled. "Only the ones who use suppressants are cowards hiding under the name of justice."

Derwin could guess that he's an alpha in an instant. Direwood pack is ballsy enough to hire alpha wolf shifters as pack enforcers and trust them not to cause an uproar and challenge the seat of the current alpha.

'Alphas…' Derwin rolled his head to the side to hide his scorn. 'They think they're the most powerful. But the truth is, they can't work like how the betas do. Or track a person as dutiful as an omega wolf! What leadership do they have if there's no group for an alpha to rule over?'

"…we checked the perimeter, Jad. There's no other…"

Derwin's sight blurred. Intense nausea cramped his stomach. The room brightened as a switch was pressed. When he opened his eyes again, he was greeted by the view of a man in a wheelchair.

"Hi…" The stranger attempted to smile but it looked strained. His monocle made him look book-worthy and frail. "I'm Jadwig, Direwood's pack alpha. Can you talk?"

He was surprised. Derwin expected the man to be larger than life, brute and even unsightly. He never got the chance to turn in his direction during the riot. He was suddenly struck by a tranquilizer much stronger than his bodily composition could take. He lost his consciousness at once and now this.

"I'll take that as a yes." Jadwig's slim hands tapped the man beside him. "Vince, what did he say?"

"He hates your guts…" The pack's beta wolf enforcer named Vince, was looking at Derwin with stern eyes. "You didn't call him after the trouble. Are you hoping he won't know this?"

Unlike Jadwig, Vince has a strong figure. If it wasn’t for his beta scent, Derwin would’ve thought he’s an alpha.

"Aniko should live his life fruitfully in La Cariaga. He ought to be engaged to Ginger by now. I want him to build his family first before worrying about me again... I asked him to get married quickly." Jadwig trailed off, "Vince, order everyone out. You too."

Vince sighed noisily. "Sir, that's a risky thing. You think the cage is strong enough? The guy was able to break inside Alta Pas. This small thing won't stop him."

Derwin moved a little to prove his point. Just to mess with them. Vince' worry of Jadwig is unfounded. He could never break out of his iron cuffs and rusty chains. Jadwig knew this. The pack alpha gazed at him with laughing eyes before mumbling, "I want everyone out."

Under the alpha's steeled voice, they couldn't disobey. Everyone walked out with a straight back. Even the alpha enforcers can't look in Jadwig's direction.

Derwin doesn't understand why they would respect a crippled, lanky man more than a male omega wolf. The world was indeed unfair for them. Even when he's not chained and humiliated outside, he will never get such respect.

The door closed with a sympathetic boom. Derwin sat unblinking under Jadwig's scrutiny. This is not the first time an alpha suspects him for something.

Years of fighting for his right didn't stop at learning the art of pretension. Derwin had earned an iron back. Unbending to anyone.

Anyone but his own mate. Hopefully, his interest would be reciprocated.

"Let me convince you," Jadwig started, "I am not the bad guy here. I never wanted to be called one. Direwood pack is open to anyone who needs help. Is there someone forcing you to do this?"

'I want my mate.' Derwin closed his eyes and pretended to be deaf. 'I want my mate. He can save me from this. I want him.'

That man can save him right now. A word and it will be done.

Derwin automatically knew that he had been blessed with a male mate when he sniffed the familial bond. Aside from being the largest pack in San Antonio, they're also known because the pack's ancestry carrying the Alivenci's surname never graced a woman's blood.

All of them are males.

Male alphas.

'I will not trust you…' Derwin smiled at Jadwig. 'I will hate every alpha that pushes me except him. Let me have him.'

He will try and see if the Fates did not fail him.

The door banged open and Vince strides inside with a frown on his face. "Jadwig, there's a situation."

"I'm not done talking to him…" Jadwig’s voice faltered when he saw Vince' eyes. He swallowed thickly. "He's back?"

The beta nodded. "Aniko is coming back."

Chapter 2

THE LARGE CAR hummed. Sweeping the downtown road of La Cariaga with a steady roaring sound. Aniko raised his eyes and welcomed the city lights racing past his eyes like miniscule stars. He tapped his fingers lightly on the arm rest.

Love, stop fidgeting, okay?” Ginger held Aniko’s left hand. Her hands ever so soft and welcoming. But it was cold. It was evident that she’s not entirely nonchalant on the fact that he’s leaving for two weeks. She was scared for him.

It was the first time that Aniko asked to leave for San Antonio without requesting her to come with him. It’s not that she would leave her work to spend time with Aniko. Her celebrity status makes it hard to get a week off. But the one who usually goes on a long trip would be herself. Most of the time that Aniko is left alone, he spends it in the four corner walls of his office.

“I’m not, Ginger.” Aniko laid her head on his chest. “You take care of yourself while I’m away.”

“Oh, you too, amo


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