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Alana’s inner wolf has yet to wake and she struggles to fit in with her clan. When her father sends her to a prestigious college boarding school, her struggles continue. But, when she meets Hunter, the mysterious, powerful and feared alpha, a strange bond begins to form between them. As Alana’s power awakens, she becomes a threat to a dangerous force within the school. Will she master her power and discover her true purpose? Or will she ultimately be destroyed by the very thing that makes her different?

Alana’s Dilemma


Voices. There were voices coming from my father’s home office as I walked by; voices I knew to be my father’s, Hendrix’s; my uncle and Mr. Frank Moonborn; my father’s closest beta. I halted beside the door, leaning in close enough to hear their conversation.

“For goodness’s sake Hendrix, she’s not a child anymore” my father said. She?…Were they talking about me?.

“Give her time Harvey, I know you’re anxious, I am too; but Alana is still young she still….” my uncle implored on my behalf. So they were talking about me.

“23, she’s f*ck*ng 23, that’s not young, she is my only child; my heir. She is to be Luna. How the hell is that supposed to happen if she hasn’t woken her wolf?” My father countered.

Of course they’re talking about that. At age 16 everyone awakens their wolf; some even before that, like my uncle Hendrix; his wolf woke when he was only 14. But not me, no voice in my head, no reflection of a wolf in the mirror. Turning me into a pitiful nothing; no different from the abandoned. Some even think I was cursed by the moon goddess. I didn’t think about it much because I still had my family; my mother and uncle Hendrix are always so supportive, even my dad; that is until three years ago when I turned 20 and there was still no sign of my wolf, since then it has been like he’s lost all hope and faith in me.

“If I may Alpha” it was Mr. Frank speaking now “That place is no place for Miss Alana….” He continued before my father cut in “And yet your son goes there, you didn’t think it was no place for him”

“Leonard is one of; if not the best, young betas of our pack, he chose to go there” my uncle said

“Miss Alana is… fragile,” Mr. Frank concluded.

Fragile;  I hate being called that, but was true; even I can’t deny it, too tiny and weak for most things; heck I can’t even run three hundred meters without passing out half way through, it annoyed me, my mother was strong; soft but strong, a Luna through and through. She stood by father in every event and power radiated from her like it did from him, and yet here I am; their daughter and nothing like either of them. Even Mr. Frank is speaking on my behalf. Where exactly did my father want to send me? Wait, Leaonard goes there. Are they talking about ‘The Fangs of Nightfall College’?

No right, it can’t be. He may have lost faith in me but my father would never send me to a place like that. He went there; he hates that place. He wouldn’t send me there.

“Harvey please, give her more time. Let her come with me. I’ll train her, do whatever needs to be done, I’m sure her wolf would…..” my uncle pleaded

“We’ve already done that, she was with you for a year and there was no progress. None.” My father cut in.

“This time will be different, I won’t take it easy on her I promise, we’ll spend every free time I have training. I’ll…..” my uncle tried to explain.

“Please” my father said with a scoff, “You expect me to believe that you won’t take it easy on Alana. What kind of joke is that? You baby her more than her mother does,” he concluded.

“I have loved and adored her since she was born, but right now I don’t just need a daughter. I need an heir. She’s smart, but we all know smart isn’t enough to make her Luna,” my father said, his tune soft and laced with something I can’t put a finger on.

He truly believes this was his last option.

“And if she doesn’t make it?” Mr. Frank asked. I could hear pity in his voice. He pitied me.

“Then she wasn’t meant to be Luna of Virus Lunare” my father said in a tune that stated that he was done with the conversation.

I got off the wall and started to walk down the hallway; I need to be off the hallway before any of them can get out of the office, the last thing I need is for them to know I was eavesdropping.

Mum. Mum would help me out right, she’ll never let them send me away to some place that could — would— kill me. I need to find mum.

Too caught in my head I didn’t realize someone was standing in front of me after I took the turn that would lead to the stairs that would take me to the east wing; where mum’s office was. I bumped into someone.

“Watch it, princess. You almost knocked me off my own two feet” the all too familiar voice of Cole rang with his usual cheerful tone.

Cole Barnes was my mum’s assistant, adviser. Honestly I don’t really know. I just know he’s shitload smart and my mum goes everywhere with him; when she’s not spending time with me or my dad that is. Cole is just 27 years old and he’s just too good to be a real werewolf; I’m smart but this guy gives me my *ss for a meal whenever it comes to mind games or activities. I staggered back trying to get my balance back and look at him. He’s dressed in his usual suit and he has his usual pleasant smile on. Not only is he smart; he’s also freaking hot, and I don’t think he knows it.

“Hey Cole, Mum in?” I asked.

“Nah, she went to the shelter” he replied, taking a step closer; no doubt to pat my head or stroke my hair.

The Stormfalls Shelter is a place my mum built for the abandoned; those who can’t awaken their wolf. Other packs would throw them out to their fate, but here at Virus Lunare; mum and dad keep them in the shelter, providing and caring for them. It’s all thanks to mum though.

“So tell me, moon kissed, what’s got you so troubled you didn’t see me coming. Hmmm?” Cole asked, stroking my hair.

‘Moon kissed’ that was the nickname they gave me because of my silver hair and the fact that I was born under a full moon.

“It’s nothing. I just got lost in thoughts” I answered

“Are you off to the shelter too?” I asked him.

“Yeah. Want to tag along?” He asked.

“I mean- I have nothing to do here so yeah, I guess I’ll grace you with my wonderful presence” I said.

Cole laughed, putting out an arm for me to hook mine in so he could lead the way to the car and to the shelter.

I need to see mum; talk to her. If anyone can stop dad from sending me to my certain death, it’s her.

The Abandoned’s Salvation


“What is going on at the shelter anyway?” I asked on our way to the shelter. Cole decided to drive because apparently; I drive like someone with a death wish. It’s not true though.

“There’s news about one of the Abandoned getting his wolf.” Cole replied.

“What?” I asked. That’s impossible an Abandoned has never; in all of history gotten a wolf. Unless they weren’t truly Abandoned; perhaps their family was just in a rush to rule them off.

“Yeah, I’m as shocked as you are. What’s up with the Moon goddess?. Did she just get up one morning and was like ‘oh let me give this one a wolf at age 30’” Cole said; he’s always had little next to no respect for the Moon goddess; almost like he doesn’t believe she exists.

“Watch it, anyone would consider your words blasphemy” I said to him.

Cole has always thought the Moon goddess was unjust with the situation with the Abandoned.  An Abandoned is a werewolf passed the age of 25 who still hasn’t awoken th


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