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A marriage of (in) Convenience

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Selene comes from a lead family of one of the biggest packs in the country . she has been taught how to be a good omega for her future alpha mate. Her parents arranged her marriage, she is promised to Alpha Tristan Blackwood , the heir of the biggest pack in the country, she is over the moon because her dreams about handsome, powerful alpha mate come true. But years pass between their first meeting and the wedding and Selene learns the hard way that reality is not the same as fairytales .Her mate shows no interest in her and seemed like he didn’t even want her. She stopped believing they might fall in love is she ready to give up on her dreams? Or would they just coexist ?

Chapter 1 : Arrangement

Ever since Selene could remember, she was taught how to be a good omega for her future alpha husband.

Omegas of the noble families were always raised that way, groomed to be perfect wives of the alpha leaders. The biggest and most influential packs were to marry each other to ensure the power stayed with the family and that also the pure bloodline continued. Most of the big packs owned the biggest and most successful companies, the alpha leaders were owners and CEOs of those companies and their omega mates were by their side, taking care of them to help them stay successful and powerful.

They never worked, they hosted charity events and parties, they took care of the households and when they had children, they dedicated their lives to taking care of them. Selene loved being an omega, she never thought there would be something wrong with it, she was taught since she was a child that being an obedient omega and standing by her alpha mate's side was the most honorable thing. Apart from regular education, omegas were also getting cooking lessons, they were taught how to clean up properly, and they had family lessons, often playing and helping with the pack’s pups so they’d be used to children from a very young age. Selene has dreamt ever since she was a little girl about marrying a handsome, strong alpha, just like her father was and she couldn’t wait for the day she’d be introduced to her future mate.

Her dreams finally came true when she was 15. She had her first heat a couple of months ago, officially presenting as an omega, even though ranks were known since birth, so now she could be officially presented to the alpha suitors. She knew her alpha wouldn’t be ordinary because she wasn’t an ordinary omega.

She was the daughter of the leader of Maverick pack so it was a given that she’d marry the son of another pack’s leader. She felt over the moon when she found out that the Nightshades pack heir was the first suitor her because the Nightshade pack was known to be the most powerful one in the country with the leader Maximilian Blackwood and his only son Tristan was going to take over the pack and all their companies when the old leader decided to retire. “It is a great honor, Selene, we hope Maximillian’s son will like you, the Nightshade pack is the biggest in the country and you could be their Luna one day,” her mother was smiling widely.

She insisted on helping her daughter get ready for the big day when the two young wolves were meeting for the first time. They wouldn’t get together immediately, they still had years to be apart but this was an important moment because after this day, Selene could be promised to Tristan. “Do you know what he’s like mum?” Selene wondered, wiggling in the bathtub where she was just lying, washing herself to be fresh and nice before she’d put on clothes that her parents bought for her, especially for this occasion. “Well, I have never seen him but I’ve heard he is very strong,” her mother told her: “He is almost two years older than you, he turned only 17 a few months ago but he already had his first rut, he is an early bloomer, ( alphas don’t present until 19) which shows how strong an alpha he is, he is surely going to be a big and powerful alpha.

I also heard that he is very handsome.” “Really? I hope he is, I’ve always wanted a handsome mate,” Selene beamed but then she mumbled, suddenly unsure: “Do you think he’d want me?” “He'd be the stupidest alpha if he didn’t, you, my dear, are absolutely beautiful, the prettiest omega I’ve ever seen, you are meant to be the mate of the most powerful leader in the country.” Selene got out of the bath, letting her mother style her hair.

It was not uncommon for omegas to put on make-up when they were older but younger ones did not.

And it wasn’t allowed during the first meeting of two future mates because the alpha and his parents had to see if the omega was suitable.

Selene was usually getting ready by herself, when there was some important pack even, maids helped her but today it was just her and her mother, it felt like a special occasion for both of them. “Do you think Amelia and Sandra’s alphas will like them as well?” Selene asked worriedly. Amelia and Sandra were her best friends, they practically grew up together.

They were daughters of the families that were in ranks directly under his family the beta and gamma, there was always a hierarchy in every pack, every leader had usually three to ten alphas that were helping him with the pack’s business, and those alphas had their own families.

Selene has always been scared that her friends would be separated from her since they were all omegas too, they too are being promised to alphas of other packs but to her delight, she found out that the Nightshade pack was interested in them too so if everything worked out, she’d leave Her pack with them. “They are both pretty and good omegas, I am sure the alphas of the Nightshade pack would be content with them,” her mother reassured her.

Selene got dressed in a simple black dress, it was slightly sheer so her upper body was seen under it, it was required for the meeting, the alpha’s parents had to deem the omega suitable for their son. “When would I leave the pack if Tristan wanted me?” Selene wondered, fidgeting half from excitement, half nervous, as they were going down from the first floor to the spacious salon where the meeting would be. “Not for years, honey, you don’t have to be worried,” his mother told him: “Tristan is going to have to go to the university to study business so he can take over his father’s companies one day and it’s a common thing that the wedding and mating happen after that so he wouldn’t be distracted during his studies.” “So it could take about eight more years,” Selene frowned when she counted when Tristan would graduate. “It will pass faster than you think,” the woman reassured him: “In the meantime, you are going to learn more so you can become the perfect mate for him, remember, we talked to you with your father about that training center in Europe?” Selene did remember, her parents told her a few weeks ago that she’d go to Europe to this training center for omegas, probably next year, for at least a year or two. She didn’t mind though, Sandra and Amelia were going with her so she was pretty excited. She wanted to become a perfect mate, she would do anything she could to be that. “Sunnyyyyy!” Amelia’s voice welcomed her and in the next second her best friend hugged her. She was already there with her parents, waiting for the meeting. “Sandy is coming soon,” Amelia reassured her.

She was wearing almost the same clothes she was, ready for the arrival of the Seoul families. “Cathrine you look gorgeous,” her father came to them, eyeing his daughter appreciatively: “I am proud of you, I am sure Mr blackwood is going to be content with you for his son.” Her father was a ruthless leader, Selene didn’t really know much about what was going on in the pack and about the business, that was not omegas’ concern, usually only mates knew what was going on.

But she knew her father had respect amongst the pack members and he could be cruel, Selene once saw him turn into his wolf form and tear the throats of traitors or enemies, Edmund Cromwell was not a man to cross. But he was different at home, he was still very strict, making sure to raise Selene to be obedient and humble, he didn’t hesitate to punish her when she disobeyed but he was mostly kind and warm to his daughter and his wife.

Chapter 2 : First Meeting

Sandra and her parents arrived soon, announcing that they saw cars arriving in the distance. Selene got bouncy, excited to finally meet the famous Tristan but her father scolded her to behave.

Selene didn’t understand why the Nightwing pack was coming here with cars, why didn’t they just run in their wolf forms but her mother explained that it was because of the meeting, that they would be too disheveled and tired after such a long journey.

The three young omegas were told to stand in the back of the saloon next to each other, Selene was in the middle, Amelia and Sandra by her sides, and their mothers reminded them to stand still and straight.

Their parents stepped in front of them, partly shielding them with their bodies to greet the visitors and reveal them later.

Finally, they heard voices and in a couple more minutes, a maid walked into the room, bringing the guests in, bowing to them before she left.

“Mr Blackwood it’s been so long,” Edmund greeted


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