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A Legend of Woof-Woof

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“But at least allow me to show you. I will court you, and prove to you how breathtaking you are every morning, noon, and night, not just in bed.” “Stop cringing me.” ** Dandeline, an aromantic and intimidating enchantress, has added stressful days to her 99+ more problems when she agreed to help the newbie werewolf. Hessuel, who’s annoyingly humble and determined to learn how to howl with no grammatical errors, has set a country trip with Dandeline to find his ‘ghost’ mate who also left him a mark. That was the plan… until the time they spent together, their battles together, even their nonsense arguments, have made it possible for their ‘friendship’ to culminate into love. But as this ghost mate enters the triangle, their beautifully invested feelings suddenly change to a bitter rivalry. ✔Romance-Comedy ✔Slowburn ✔Action-Adventure ✔Historical Fantasy ✔3 seasons in 1 book ✔NOT FOR KIDS

(S1) CHAPTER 1: Little Devil

This story is a werewolf romance-comedy. 3 seasons in one book. Contains mature contents of violence and s*x. Discrimination, abuse, etc. that might trigger negative emotion are not tolerated but will play a part in the story. A reader's discretion is advised :)

(HESSUEL’S point of view)

She’s so beautiful… The moon.

I was helplessly staring at it while I’m lying down on the dried leaves of the burning forest. All my bruises knocked me down. ‘Twas all vague in my vision. That there was a woman crying and holding me dearly. She’s facing against the light of the moon, making it difficult to see her face. The last thing I knew… was her gentle kiss on my lips.

☪ ✧ ✧

That was 13 years ago.

"Your favorite veggies are on the road~! Buy it or miss it~!"

It's my daily line in selling the vegetables. This is my daily life.

My uncle entrusted me with the peddling. He did regret fostering me for the first 5 years of my presence in his garden dome, he suffers sleepless nights just to play with me. Because of that, he gave me the alias Little Devil. And I'm happy that he made my childhood as normal as it should be even for the likes of me.

And as in exchange, I am the one in charge of assisting him in the field. He's a professional when it comes to agriculture which makes his livelihood eminent throughout the countryside of Lanbarc, the Small Vil. His business prospers because of my role as the vendor of his vegetables in this village. Ever since I came here, he strictly advised me not to get close to the metropolis.

I always have Acro perching on my shoulder. She’s been my horned owl pet—who only eats bread—ever since the beginning of my oblivion days.

"You're as lively as always," one of my patrons said.

Customers are coming and gathering around my cart and most of them are my patrons. I never missed a greeting to everyone who came. Some faces are new to me for they are recommending my merchandise for the first time.

A patron approaches me. He's a wise father and my friend, Curt. "Good morning, Hessuel! You're too vigorous for the mornings!" He laughs.

"You can't sell if you look pale."

"I love your endeavor, son."

I grin. "And I love your payment!"

He laughs at me again. He started picking veggies that suits his taste. His kids are playing with Acro again and I like the sight of those cheerful kids. I got excited when I received my first income—and I'll feel this way again the next time I vend. I noticed a shy lady behind my patrons and it was my first time seeing her face here.

She’s wearing a leather dress, has fair skin, and brunette hair tied behind. She seems unsure how to spend her money on hand so I approach her. “Good morning! Is there anything you want to buy?”

Her shoulder twitches in surprise. “Um,” she picks a single cabbage, “I’ll take this. How much?” she said in a hurry and paid me five silver coins right away.

My hand is still extended, not taking the money but looking sarcastically at her instead. I said, “Four 50 bronze.” She’s confused and reluctant to take the excess of her payment as if she’s unsure. I chuckled. “Two 50 bronze is one silver.” I return the three silvers she paid for.

“Thank you!” She took it and scurried away. Later on, she stumbles because of a flower vase.

“H-Hey! Are you—”

“I’m okay!!” She stands up straight in a blink without looking back then runs toward her house, squirming.

I receive Curt’s payment and say, “That woman is weird.”

“Because your response is weird. You could’ve told her the answer plainly.”

I made an embarrassed laugh. “Right! Weird questions mean weird answers! That’s why I often mess up my exams.”

“She’s a visitor in our village.”

“Oh, that’s why. Maybe she’s nary skilled in socializing.”

I was in the middle of entertaining all my buyers when someone poured water on me that tasted like fish sauce.

"Great sell, fishy slave!"

"Rub your skin first until it gets brighter!"

The scoffers are pestering me again. They're a group of men and are known for being barbaric. I wipe my face and never talk back. I don't have to do it because my patrons do it on my behalf. "Just when will you learn to have some manners?" Curt questioned in gall.

One of the women says, "He's not a slave. He's a relative of the professional farmer. How many times do we have to say that?"

The scoffer replied, "Until your tongue got bruised." And they chortle.

"Just don't mind them, young lady. This kind of conversation will only lead to naught," I pacified.

"But are you alright?" she asked.

It's my daily life... Being treated as a slave even though I wasn't anymore. Yet they're getting on my nerves for treating unfortunates like this. It's not humanly to revile someone's fate, especially if they never wanted it.

“Hey.” The weird woman is striding toward that group of men. “How did you come out here from the pig fence, huh?” She lets out a heavy slap for one of those men. My feet move to tame her dangerous bravery but I halt midway. She slaps the fist of the man upward and kneed his groin. I hold my chest in surprise!

When she shoves the poor man, another man is involved that tumbled to the ground and I covered my open mouth with my closed hand! I saw a glimpse of a spark on her hand as she picks an eggplant from my cart, then she uses it like a sword to hit the men’s heads, arms, or butts. I found myself gnawing my thumbnail while watching her beat their asses.

She’s amazing… But I don’t want to imagine the pain if this woman did that to me!

“She’s an enchantress!!” One of the scoffers yelled and their group surrendered.

She points the eggplant at them. “Don’t mess with this guy,” she threatens. The men huffed and left. Then she walks away as well after she drops the eggplant back in my cart. Curt whispers,

“You’ve got tough eggplants there.”

I was chasing a look at the woman when I push the cart to approach her. “I’m sorry to interrupt. At least let me reciprocate your kindness,” I insist. She looks down at the distance between us. “... I’m sorry, I smell bad. You can have free veggies for today!” But am startled the second she moves closer, pulls my drenched cloth and smells my neck!

“No, you don’t smell bad. And I don’t need extra veggies today.” Then just like earlier, she scurries back to her inn and I’m left dumbfounded. I sniff my clothes and squirm.

That was how I first encountered the most amazing woman who changed my daily life.

(S1) CHAPTER 2: Price Stab

I ran while pushing the unloaded cart. My other hand carries today's salary and I'm excited to present it to my uncle! I made a jubilant entrance into the garden. "Uncle Cor~! I got referrals today and an incredible increase in salary than yesterday! What would be our celebration?"

He's wearing an apron while removing the resin of the pear squash. And he looked at me, his eyes widened. "Why are you soaked!? And the smell! What happened to you!?" he screeched.

"The scoffers poured this on me. They do it often."

He strips my upper cloth and dries me with a towel. "You shouldn't be accustomed to this humiliation. At least try to defend yourself. Don't let them daunt you every day!"

I'm giggling from the way he talks. "I will next time if that will smoothen your wrinkles."

"How could you be so happy with your situation? I knew there's something wrong with the way that


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