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A Broken Bond : The Omega’s second chance

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Seven years ago, Nora Suddenly left. Leaving behind her pack, and her alpha mate without giving a reason, Xavier, became devastated when his omega refused to even face them one last time. Nora returned after her mother’s death. But upon coming back, the omega meets her still rightfully furious pack mates, who warn Nora to stay away from them, especially from the now single dad Xavier who now has twin pups of his own. The same pups who (secretly) keep on running to her house to befriend her. Seven years is a very long time, but some things cannot be erased by time. The anger and resentment of a pack left behind, and the hurt of a mate whose bond was broken against his will. But, there’s another thing time can’t change... and that’s Nora’s insistence on keeping Xavier from the real reason why she ran away in the first place

Chapter 1

The true definition of home can never be found in a mere dictionary.

The true definition of home can never be found in a mere dictionary.

It’s usually subjective. For some people, home is a house they’ve built their entire life in, youthful memories of both joy and sadness lining every square inch of the antique walls.

Sometimes, a home could also be a house that’s not one’s own. Where happiness can better be found in a family that isn’t where they came from. And that’s alright, all versions of a home is acceptable.

Nora wouldn’t know. Because for her, home used to be someone. Or more specifically, people that she used to know.

Nostalgia fills her as she stares at the faded yellow walls of the living room she spent her entire childhood in.

It was both exactly the same and completely different from how she remembered it.

The sofa set her father once loved to rearrange after every repair caused by her clumsy hands is now positioned on the opposite side from how the omega last recalled it was placed.

But at the same time, the hanger her mother used to beat her with every time she decided to act out like a brat was still hanging from the coat hanger, still shiny and red, and unbending.

Nora hated that more than anything.

How this place used to buzz with so much laughter, nonsense rambles, jazz songs playing from her father’s turntable, and even of bellowing cries from when the two children of the house decided to quarrel like there was no tomorrow, Nora didn’t understand how it’s suddenly so quiet. But he supposes that that’s the effect of her mother’s death.

Before she died, her father passed away a couple of years ago. And while the guilt of being unable to see her father one last time still lingers in her soul, the omega would like to believe that she had forgiven herself over that.

It was still just too much, coming back to this place when the wound still ought to heal.

But if there was anyone more understanding of that, it was her dad. The same dad who did everything he could to see Nora in the city one last time before his illness got the best of him.

With her father’s death, it seems like Nora’s mother wasn't able to keep up either.

With her anchor gone, she drowned in the waters, slowly losing herself and forgetting to take care of her own health along the way. It’s that way losing a mate

Grieving is truly a prickly process, every person receives it differently from the other. Nora would like to say that after all that she’s been through, she is a true expert with grief now, but in reality... everything still hurts.

Seeing this empty house still brings her nothing but pain.

Unable to stomach it anymore, Nora decidedly runs back out to the front porch.

There, the swing for two her father constructed for her and her younger sister is still standing tall and proud.

Her alpha father did make sure it was sturdy enough to withstand age, and Nora mostly remembers this swing with her only sibling, exchanging both secrets and insults at the dead of the night. Catching each other to unwind even if they were both the primary cause for each other’s stress.

Typical sibling behavior.

Nora sits silently on the swing, before slowly breaking down into soft sobs when the emptiness finally settles in.

She thought she was strong enough now. It’s been years since she’d last been here,

seven to be exact. Nora left when she was 23, never to be seen again until this very day. The omega thought she was going to be fine, that her wounds have finally faded into scars after seven long years of staying away.

So why do they still hurt like it was just yesterday?

Although her parents said that it was okay if Nora never came back here to their little town, that they could seek her out in the city instead, the guilt and regret single handedly crashes into the omega right at this very second.

She should have spent more time with her family when she still could, she should have come home sooner rather than later, because now, it’s too late.

They’re all gone and Nora all alone.

The omega has no idea how long she’s been sitting there outside, crying herself to exhaustion.

But she did notice that the skies had significantly turned a shade darker, and she arrived back home or back into this house, rather a little past lunch time.

She didn’t even care about her lack of meals since this morning, no, she was too overwhelmed with grief.

The same grief that seemingly disturbed the person across the road. “Nora ,” Someone gasps. “Is that y-you?”

Chapter 2

It’s as if fate hasn’t punished Nora enough, hasn't pushed her down enough ‘til her chin was buried into the dirty soil, the one person Nora thought she would have more time to run away from just had to see him like this on his very first day back in Fairview.

“I—” Nora freezes at first, before slowly raising her head until his eyes meet her dear childhood friend and ex mate’s affronted gaze. “Xavier.”

Like this house, Xavier looks both the exact same way and completely different from how Nora remembered him.

His eyes are still reminiscent of the sky ,skin still a shade of sunset honey. But at the same time, Xavier’s hair that used to be blonde, is back to black now.

Currently long enough to be put up in a bun, but still neatly swept back from his face. His jaw is also more defined, and his arms now lined with ink that once was bare from a time in the past.

Although minimal, Nora can also notice some aging lines that hadn’t been there when they wer


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