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Unwanted Mafia King: Digging my beloved’s grave

Unwanted Mafia King: Digging my beloved’s grave

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: AminaSb
  • Chapters: 61
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 3.1K
  • 6.7
  • 💬 69


Rachel green is a simple lady whose life evolves around, parties, one-night stands, and research. Mafia Research. Ten years ago, Rachel witnessed her mom being killed by the youngest Mafia king which is no doubt from the Maranzano family. For that, she hated Mafias but in particular, she hated the Maranzano family and had sworn to ruin the life of Richie Maranzano who she thinks shot her mom to her death grave. Richie Maranzano is every woman’s dream, well, except for Rachel Green. He is a no-nonsense boss, arrogant, and very ambitious. When Rachel became his secretary she tries to hide her hated towards him for a while but what happens when Richie suddenly walks up and proposes marriage to her?

Chapter 1

I am sited on the couch with my laptop on my thighs and a black cup of coffee on the table. I took a sip of coffee and placed the cup back on the table. As always, I am researching on Mafia, not just any type of Mafia but particularly Richie Maranzano. That fucking Bastard has been on my browser history for years and I haven’t found a solid thing about him that will make him crave mercy, pathetically.

Every fucking girl I know likes Richie Maranzano, they could die for him, probably because of his wealth, facial beauty, or whatsoever but I don’t seem to like him at all. I find him a womanizer, a cruel, arrogant man and most significantly I see him as a menace.

My whole life, I have been researching rather investigating his family, right from the time when his father was the Mafia King to when he got the power. I know every single detail about him and his family. Call me crazy but I know about his allergies and daily life routine, that’s how you know how serious I am about this. Richie Maranzano will get to my hands someday. I have thought of ways to bring him down, I have dug every fucking hole in his life and I won’t stop till I finally lure him into his grave. Don’t ask me why I dislike that man because I don’t, I don’t dislike him at all. I hate him, and if there is any other word greater than hate then that’s the perfect word to use toward him.

I took a sip of coffee, groaning at the sound of Rebecca seductively moaning. I have told that bitch multiple times, that if she wants to have sex, she should at least close the door so I don’t hear anything moaning or yelling of names. I’m not gonna lie but it always turns me on and I hate it. I take my EarPods and plug them into my ears to avoid any distractions. Right now, my main focus is Richie Maranzano and his family, sometimes I wish I had a spy that lives with him and would help me get Richie to his grave.

"I will end you, Richie," I whisper to myself once a photo of him appeared on my screen.

I feel like strangling him to death but I know that won’t pay up for everything he and his family did, and it certainly won’t hurt him the way I want it to. I just don’t want to ruin his life but I want to ruin his career, and his legacy and most importantly I want to see pain in his bloody eyes; increasingly uncontrollable pain.

I was brought back to reality when the door swung open and Rebecca peek her head into the room. I glance at her and continued what I was doing.

"Speak quick, I don’t have much time, I’m very busy" I say to her

"We broke up." She says; her voice sinking into sadness.

"Oh lord not again" I mumbled.

This happens literally every week, I mean, don’t they get tired? It’s high time she stops this bullshit relationship of hers and moves on with her life.

Still gazing at my laptop, I said "Doing sex, or afterward?"

"Those matters right now?" She says walking into the room.

I turn my gaze to her and quickly gaze down at the laptop. "Jeez, Becca! How many times do I have to tell you to wear something before you walk into my room."

"Oh please." She says rolling her eyes "I am here telling you about my broken relationship and all you care about is me being naked." She wraps my blanket around her body and sits in the middle of the bed.

"I can’t believe we broke up." She says; her voice sounding low and soft

"Well, I can. You break up with him every week."

"Oh please, I’m hurting right now."

"Yeah whatever, just tell me what happened already."

I’m seriously not interested in what happened, I know for sure that it has to do with stupid sex methods.

"Okay, so get this. John wanted me to meet his-"

"Wait a minute" I cut her off "Did you just say John, I thought that was Jerry"

"You see, you can tell which is which, right?" She says "But anyways, that was the second offense I did, I called him Jerry instead of John. So back to my story, he wanted me to meet his mother-"

"Isn’t that a good thing?" I ask

"No, it’s not, I don’t want to meet his mother or anyone from his family. I feel like after meeting his mother he will want to take the relationship to the next level and-"

I increased the sound volume of my earpod and played a high-tone song. I seriously don’t want to hear anything about mother, John, Jerry, or anyone else. Relationship things aren’t my kind of thing. I continued what I was doing as I glance and nod at Rebecca even now and then just so she doesn’t get suspicious of me ignoring her.

Rebecca and I are best friends, we meet at the western county’s orphanage; I was just sixteen back then when I first came to the orphanage and after some months Rebecca got adopted, and soon the family that adopted her sponsored for my college and now, as you can see I am done with college and will be starting my new job tomorrow; that is if I get the job.

Rebecca is a crazy bitch, if only crazy is the perfect word to use. I was just like her, a crazy badass bitch, always wandering around, partying all the time, moving from one guy to another, although she only does that when she breaks up with her so-called boyfriend who happens to be one of her co-workers.

"Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!" I say taking my EarPods off and turning my gaze to Rebecca as a wide smile appears on my face

"What! What! What!" She says with the same level of excitement as me

"Richie Maranzano is going to be at the black club tonight."

"Shut up!" She grinned "Are you for real?"

"Yeah, it says here that he is planning on buying the club property and will be there for the contract negotiations." I read from the laptop

"Holy shit hole! I might get a chance to meet Richie, The Richie Maranzano." She says

Like I said, ladies die for him.

"But don’t get your hopes high, because it could be a rumor." I say recalling that this isn’t the first time I have seen something like this and it turned out to be fake news.

"Rumor or not who cares, this is Richie we are talking about, any chance we get we have to take it." She says with full excitement.

Seem like she had gotten over her broken relationship.

"But wait a minute, why are you so excited, I thought you hated him." She says to me

"I do but any chance I get to fish in with him, I will take it because internet research isn’t taking me anywhere," I tell her.

"You know what, I always wondered why you research on him, I mean if you don’t like him, you shouldn’t be concerned with anything he’s doing."

"Err- what are you planning on wearing tonight, any ideas?" I say changing the subject. I have never told Rebecca why I hate the Maranzano family and I don’t have the intention of telling her.

"I have lots of new collections, we can try them on." She says.

Richie Maranzano, it’s high time we meet, I will do everything in my power to ruin you. I’m coming for you.

Chapter 2

Ever since I moved to New York City, my life has been all about parties, research, one-night stand, and more parties, well let’s just say that aside from research, my life evolves around parties.

I wore a spaghetti string silk mini dress, it has a slit in front, the back was open and it revealed the boobs area, I wore matching red heels to go with it, I straightened my hair so it will reach my back and fall right above my breast. I applied a little bit of mascara, eyeshadow, concealer, and thick red lipstick and I took my purse.

"You better be fucking ready, Rebecca," I shout while walking to her room. And as I got there I wasn’t surprised to see that she isn’t in the room, she is probably taking a shower.

"Becca, you have to get your ass ready right now." I knock on the bathroom door but there was no response. "Becca," I say knocking on the door again.

"You called my name" I hear her huskily say from behind.



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