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Hating The Mafia King

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Rachel Green whose life revolves around the perfect things of life. Her world was shattered when she witnesses her mother's tragic death at the merciless hands of Richard Maranzano, the ruthless and enigmatic young Mafia king. Swearing to avenge her mother's death, Rachel plots to ruin Richard’s life by any means necessary. But fate has a wicked sense of humor when Rachel finds herself appointed as Richard’s personal secretary. As she weaves her way into his inner circle, Rachel is faced with a twisted turn of events when Richard, unexpectedly, proposes marriage to her. Seizing the opportunity, Rachel agrees to become his wife, all the while relishing the thought of using this newfound power to exact her revenge. Little does Rachel know, that Richard holds his own hidden agenda, carefully concealed from her vengeful eyes

Chapter 1: Unforgettable Experience

Everyone has an unforgettable experience, and mine was no exception. I remember that moment vividly, even after all these years. As a 16-year-old, it's like a memory that's been etched into my mind, never fading away. It's still as clear and impactful as it was back then, still a part of me.

The heavy rain poured down, washing away the dust from the windows. Dark clouds loomed overhead, and thunder echoed through the air, creating a somber atmosphere.

I was filled with immense joy, basking in the happiness that seemed endless. However, life took an unexpected turn, and that happiness shattered into countless pieces, leaving me in a state of profound sadness and confusion.

Being the only daughter of the most powerful Mafia king, I was always kept hidden from the world. My name was heard, but my face was never seen. But today, everything was about to change.

It was my sixteenth birthday and as they say, the sixteenth birthday is the most important birthday of a girl's life. It was a day filled with excitement and anticipation. I wanted to make mine the best birthday ever, filled with unforgettable memories. Indeed I had an unforgettable memory although it wasn’t a good one.

"Delilah," I hear my mom's sweet voice from the hallway.

A smile stretches across my face, and I turn away from the window, where raindrops are falling. Just as I pivot to face the door, it swings open, revealing my mom standing there. Her face beams with a bright smile, and her brown hair, which I inherited, adds to her radiance. I love that I have my mom's hair color and not my dad's. Being blonde just wouldn't have suited me.

"What are you doing?" She asks.

"Nothing, just watching the rain," I respond, turning to look at the raindrops cascading down. "You know, it's really peculiar how the water washes away all the dirt, but it leaves a subtle hint of it on the leaves. They never quite get fully clean," I say, my voice filled with curiosity. I glance back at her, hoping she finds it as fascinating as I do.

Her smile broadens as she approaches me, taking a seat next to me. She glances at the rain, then looks at me with warmth in her eyes. "I absolutely love the way you think, how you're always so curious about life and everything in it," She says.

I can't help but smile back at her, feeling a sense of validation. My mom is right, I've always had a fondness for wonder and questions. But as I think about it, I realize that my curiosity and everything about me ended that night. Although I still feel like the night never actually ended. It’s still stuck with me even after ten years.

"Although I may not have an answer to your question but I do know that dirt never fully wash away, maybe sometimes it does but it always depends on what or who is being cleaned." She stated.

My mom is as brilliant as her words. She is just like me, too naive and smart for the world.

Mom takes a moment to look at me, her eyes, as blue as the ocean, she carefully scans every inch of my face. I can see the admiration and awe in her gaze as she takes in my stunning makeover. "Wow!" she exclaims, her voice filled with genuine amazement. "You look gorgeous."

"Really?" I ask, my voice filled with surprise and curiosity.

"Yes... I can't believe my little girl is now a young woman," Her eyes shimmer with a mix of pride and nostalgia. She leans in, planting a soft kiss on my forehead and gently caressing my face with her hands. "You are growing up so fast."

With a warm smile, I respond, "I'm only sixteen, Mom."

She looks at me, her eyes filled with disbelief. "I know but It's still hard for me to believe."

I pause for a moment to reflect on her words before I reply, "But you know what? No matter how old I get, I'll always be your little girl, right?"

"Of course," She says, her grin widening as she wraps her arms around me, enveloping me in a warm embrace. At that moment, I feel a sense of comfort and security, knowing that her love will always be there for me.

My mom and I have this special bond that can't be broken. I wasn't like other kids, never ashamed of my parents. My mom was my role model, my best friend, my sister—she was my everything. I looked up to her and wanted to be just like her.

She breaks away from the embrace, her eyes gleaming with excitement. "I've got something special for you," she exclaims, rising from the couch and retrieving a small box. It looks like she had brought it along when she walked in.

Eagerly, she opens the box, revealing a dazzling tiara. She takes my hand and leads me towards the mirror. With utmost care, she places the tiara on my head. At that moment, I felt like a true Mafia princess.

"Mom," I say, my voice filled with recognition as I lay my eyes on the tiara.

She smiles knowingly, her hand resting gently on my shoulder as she turns me around to face her. "It belongs to you now," She says, her words carrying a sense of pride and love.

"Really?" I gasped, my face instantly lighting up with pure joy.

"Yes," She confirms, her eyes sparkling with delight.

I can't help but beam from ear to ear. Finally, I have the tiara I've been dreaming of. I thought it would take me forever to get and it seems like it did…. I did wear the Tiara that night but it didn’t last, I had to give it up and I never got to wear it again.

"Thank you, Mom." I say, wrapping my arms around her in a warm embrace.

Pulling away, she looks at me with a knowing smile. "You are welcome, my dear. Now, let's not keep your father waiting. He's eagerly waiting downstairs to see you wearing that tiara. It was his idea to gift it to you."

Dad was my special person. He gave me all I ever wanted and this tiara was one of them. I wanted him to see me wearing his family’s tiara. He had been looking forward to me being the next queen but sadly I never got to be the queen nor did he get to see me wearing the Tiara.

As we made our way out of the room and started descending the stairs, a peculiar scent tickled my nose. It smelled really strange but I did bother to look into it as I was very excited about my party.

I made my way to the last floor of the three-tier mansion and directly to the living room where I stepped in and was completely mesmerized. It felt like stepping into a glamorous wonderland. The elegant drapes cascading from the ceiling, twinkling fairy lights, and the warm glow of crystal chandeliers created a breathtaking ambiance. The tables, dressed in luxurious linens and adorned with exquisite floral arrangements, added an extra touch of beauty. It was absolutely stunning.

The room was filled with the enchanting melodies of classical music, creating a magical atmosphere. However, to my astonishment, there was no one in sight, not even my dad.

I looked at my mom, a sense of confusion washing over me, and asked, "Where is everyone?"

She looked back at me with a concerned expression and replied, "I'm not sure, but I'll go check. Just wait here." With that, she swiftly made her way towards the door.

It’s so peculiar how no one is in the room not even the bodyguards. My house is normally packed with lots of guards making sure that everyone and everything is put in order.

While waiting for Mom to come back I decided to look around which I wish I didn’t because the moment I took a few steps ahead my gaze met up with an eye - watching me eye-wide as if blinking wasn’t a thing.

My heart clenches in my chest as I gaze into the eyes of a head without a body. How is that even possible? There was no sign of the head’s body.. nothing at all just a head and a pool of blood.

As much as my heart was throbbing, I was grateful that I couldn't recognize the face because if I did, it would have been the second traumatizing thing that night.

Fear grips my chest as I stare at the head, and I gulp nervously. Just as I'm about to call Mom, she bursts into the room, panting and on the verge of collapsing.

"Leave!" She says urgently.

Confused, I ask, "Mom, what's going on?"

"The Maranzano's are here. You have to leave," she explains, her voice filled with fear.

"What? Who are they?" I ask, my voice trembling with fear and confusion.

The room fills with an eerie silence as Mom prepares to speak, but before she can utter a word, a deafening gunshot shatters the stillness. In that instant, the truth dawns upon me like a lightning bolt - we're under attack.

"You have to run," she urgently tells me, her voice laced with desperation.

"What?" I stammer in disbelief, my mind struggling to process the gravity of the situation. "No, I can't do that."

"You can and you will," She insists, her eyes filled with determination. "This is not a choice Delilah, so just go." With a firm push, she turns me towards the exit door, urging me to escape the impending danger.

I turn back to look at her, our eyes mirroring the pain and sorrow we both feel. Tears well up in our eyes, silently conveying the depth of our emotions. "I am not leaving you and Dad... what about him?" I manage to say, my voice choked with tears.

"Everyone is gone, Delilah. If you don't leave, you'll be in danger too. You have to go," She urges, a single tear rolling down her cheek, tracing a path of sadness.

"But... I can't leave you," I sniffle, my voice trembling with heartbreak. The mere thought of abandoning my mom in this dire situation is unbearable.

"I have to stay here. It's the only way to keep you safe. They're after me, not you. So please, go. NOW!" She commands, her voice filled with a mix of urgency and love. I can see the weight of her decision in her eyes, and I know deep down that she's doing what she believes is best for us but I just can’t see myself leaving her.

"No, Mom, I can't. I just can't leave you," I cry, tears streaming down my face as I desperately try to wipe them away.

"You have to, for me, for Dad, and yourself," Her voice filled with a mix of determination and love. I continue to shake my head, unable to accept her words.

With a gentle but firm push, she urges me forward, waving her hands dismissively. "Go," she instructs, her voice tinged with urgency as the sound of fast-approaching footsteps grows louder, sending shivers down my spine.

"I-" I try to protest, but she cuts me off, quickly wiping away my tears and planting a tender kiss on my forehead. "I love you, my little girl. Always remember that."

"Now go, Delilah. Go!" Her voice filled with a combination of strength and vulnerability, her eyes pleading with me to save myself.

With a heavy heart, I take a deep breath and reluctantly turn away. Tears flowed down my face as I knew I had to do this for Mom. Leaving her was never my choice, but I had no other option. With a heavy heart, I took off my tiara and handed it to her, a symbol of how much I would miss her.

"I love you, Mom," I whispered, those words lingering in the air as I walked away, knowing it was the last sentence I would say to her before leaving.

As the footsteps grew nearer, Mom pushed me away, urging me to run. Tears streamed down my face as I sprinted towards the back door. Just as I reached it, ready to close it behind me, a gunshot pierced the air.

"Mom!" I gasped, my heart pounding in my chest.

I turned around my throat tightened as fear gripped my stomach, causing it to churn. Mom’s scream echoes in my ears and I feel my heart hammering in my chest as every pump accentuates and speeds up. My heart breaks into pieces as I witness the most painful and horrific moment any child could ever experience.

My mom’s body shatters in the ground and just like that, my soul left my body and my heart started to burn for closure. I felt like I was hunted, it was a one-time thing but I experienced it every single time I closed my eyes.

The memory is etched in my mind, replaying the scene of that teenager, gripping a gun probably for the first time, callously shooting my mom without a hint of remorse on his face.

I then heard Mom’s piercing scream, and my heart raced faster with a strong urge to rush out and save her. But at that moment I slightly opened the door and our eyes connected, I knew deep inside that attempting to help would only compound a mistake.

I can not afford to be seen by the Maranzano’s. It will hurt Mom especially since she believes that a child's pain is the biggest heartbreak of a parent. She always says that she would rather die than watch anything happen to me.

I close the door, feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders. Leaning against it, I let my emotions pour out, tears streaming down my face. I cry and cry until my tears are exhausted, leaving me emotionally drained.

At moment I realized that I didn’t just lose my family or my house but I lost everything. I was never going to Delilah again, I was never going to be Mafia princess again. I knew I had to find my path, to give my heart that closure it needs and there is no best closure than revenge which is why I took an oath to find out about the Maranzano family and ruin that b*tch that shot my mom.

Chapter 2: Turning The Pages

~ Ten years later 

My life is completely transformed.

I am no longer Delilah. I’m Rachel Green, the nonchalant, jobless girl everyone thinks is obsessed with Richard Maranzano because I have been living my life with curiosities about his life. It is nerve-wracking how close yet far away I am from him. I know every single detail about his life - what he does, what he eats, what he wears, who he’s with. Every single detail is stored is kept in my brain. 

I live to seek revenge on Richard Maranzano; the teenage boy that cared less about my mother. He is the same person that pierced my heart ten years ago and that is exactly what I am hoping I’d do to his heart. Although I will make sure that he burns more than I did. 

I spend my day doing nothing but searching and looking at paparazzi’s everyday, everywhere photos of the Maranzano family. It’s really great how famous the Maranzino family are, I get to know and learn a lot about them without stepping out of my co


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