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To tame a wild

To tame a wild

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Mikayla Theresa Roberts, a fiery and independent woman, finds her life on a collision course with Lucas von Steele, a notorious billionaire Casanova. Their path clashed when Mikayla came into his establishment for an interview, Lucas claimed their path had crossed in a rather memorable encounter, Mikayla claimed she doesn't remember an encounter of such, or does she???. Annoyed that the night that had been memorable enough for him to search for her was not even even a blip on her radar, Lucas devises a tantalizing plan. He hires Mikayla, not just for the job, but to unravel the mystery shrouding her as a woman. In their world of power plays and hidden desires, sparks fly and chemistry ignites as they embark on a dangerous game of hide and seek. Will Mikayla and Lucas succumb to the allure of their emotions, or will the web of secrets and betrayals threaten to tear them apart? In a story where love and ambition collide, mysteries abound, and passion knows no bounds, "To tame a wild" is a sizzling, heart-pounding romance that will leave you craving for more.

Chapter 1

Mikayla Theresa Roberts had meticulously planned her day down to the last minute. She'd set her alarm extra early, laid out her interview outfit the night before, and even rehearsed her responses to potential questions. Today was the day of her interview for the position of Personal Assistant to Lucas von Steele, the self-made billionaire CEO of SteeleTech.

However, fate had other plans. In the hustle and bustle of the morning, Mikayla's alarm didn't go off as expected. She jolted awake with a start, her eyes widening as she glanced at the clock. She was already running late. "Shit", she said out loud.
She ran for the bathroom and hastily took a shower while brushing her teeth at the same time, she didn't have the time to wash her hair and dry it so she wrapped it in a neat bun.
Panic surged through her as she hurriedly threw on her navy-blue suit, her fingers trembling as she struggled with the buttons. She had no time for breakfast, and her shoes almost ended up mismatched in her rush to get out the door.

With her heart pounding like a drum, Mikayla dashed out of her apartment, practically sprinting through the streets of the city. She had no choice but to catch the subway to reach SteeleTech Towers, and every stop seemed to take an eternity. The minutes on her watch ticked away relentlessly, a constant reminder of her lack of punctuality.

Finally, she arrived at SteeleTech Towers, her hair windblown, and her breath coming in ragged gasps. Mikayla didn't even pause to fix her disheveled appearance. She pushed through the revolving doors like a woman possessed, her eyes darting around as she tried to find the reception area.

Lucas Von Steele's empire loomed all around her, a towering monument to wealth and power. She felt like a mouse in a maze, trying to find her way in the labyrinthine building. The thought of being late for such a crucial interview made her stomach churn with anxiety.

As Mikayla finally stumbled upon the reception area, she glanced at her watch and felt a cold dread wash over her. She was fifteen minutes late. The receptionist behind the polished desk gave her an unimpressed look as she cleared her throat, desperately trying to regain her composure.

With all eyes seemingly on her, Mia plastered on her most professional smile and approached the desk. "Good morning," she greeted the receptionist, her voice steady despite her racing heart. "I'm here for an interview with Mr. Lucas von Steele. My name is Mikayla Theresa Roberts."

The receptionist nodded, clearly unimpressed by her tardiness, but she checked Mikayla's name against a list and gestured toward the waiting area. "Please take a seat, Ms. Roberts. Mr. Steele will see you when he's ready."

Mikayla thanked the receptionist and walked briskly to the waiting area, doing her best to appear composed. She took an empty seat among the other candidates" Thank heavens the interview hasn't ended" she thought letting out a sigh of relief her heart still pounding from her mad dash into the building.
Mikayla Theresa Roberts sat nervously in the plush leather chair of the waiting area at SteeleTech Towers, her fingers tapping an anxious rhythm on the armrest and adjusting her appearance as much as she could. As she scanned the room, Mikayla couldn't help but notice the eclectic mix of people around her, all equally eager and anxious. The other female candidates were dressed in a provocative manner, their attire bordering on inappropriate for a corporate interview. It was clear they were vying for attention in more ways than one .She couldn't help but feel like a fish out of water in her conservative, navy-blue suit.

She had heard the whispers, the rumors that swirled around Lucas von Steele, the Casanova billionaire who controlled this empire. His name was synonymous with wealth, and his reputation as a playboy was the stuff of legends. A thrill-seeker, a heartbreaker, a man who could afford anything and anyone. But it was precisely his reputation that had her worried. Would her qualifications and skills matter, or was she just another candidate in his long line of dalliances?

Among the sea of eager and provocatively dressed candidates, one woman stood out like a blazing ember in the room filled with dim lights as she made her appearance.

She was tall and striking, with long, glossy chestnut hair cascading down her back in loose waves. Her emerald-green eyes sparkled with a hint of mischief, framed by meticulously groomed eyebrows. Her makeup was expertly applied, emphasizing her full, crimson lips and accentuating her high cheekbones. Every move she made exuded a sultry allure, from the way her red, figure-hugging dress clung to her curves to the seductive sway of her hips as she walked.

The dress she wore left little to the imagination, featuring a plunging neckline that revealed a generous amount of cleavage and a thigh-high slit that showcased her long, toned legs. The fabric shimmered with every step, catching the light in a way that seemed almost deliberate. Her stiletto heels clicked against the marble floor, adding a musical note to her entrance.

Her confidence was palpable, and she carried herself with an air of assurance that bordered on audacity. It was clear that she had come prepared to use every asset at her disposal to captivate Lucas von Steele's attention, both professionally and, if necessary, personally.

As she took her place in the waiting area, her eyes scanned the competition with a knowing glint, as if she had already won the game before it even began. It was apparent that this was a woman who knew how to leverage her allure to get what she wanted, and she intended to leave a lasting impression on both Lucas von Steele and anyone else in the room who dared to underestimate her.

The door to the interview room swung open, and a sharply dressed secretary emerged to call out names. Mikayla's heart raced as her own name was called. She stood up, smoothed the wrinkles from her blouse, and took a final deep breath before stepping through the door.

Chapter 2

The interview room was sleek and modern, bathed in soft, ambient light. A massive, glass-topped desk dominated the space, behind which sat Lucas von Steele himself. He looked every bit the billionaire, with his tailored suit, chiseled jawline, and an air of confidence that bordered on arrogance. His piercing blue eyes assessed her with a mix of curiosity and amusement.

Mikayla couldn't help but feel like a stark contrast to the other female candidates with their provocative attire. She had chosen to dress conservatively, emphasizing professionalism over seduction. As she met Lucas von Steele's gaze, she wondered if her decision would work in her favor or if she had misjudged the expectations of this interview.
"Ms. Roberts," he began, his tone laced with light mockery "I must say, your outfit screams 'corporate drone' or should I say modern nun' Are you sure you're up for the challenge of working in a dynamic environment li


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