The Writer's Reader

The Writer's Reader

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Jyannycxs
  • Chapters: 10
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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A young handsome man writer met the love of his life, one of his reader. Nieyl Theoden Write. He is a handsome, young man, humble, gentleman, lovable, caring, perfect man author. A hundred percent sure perfect. Well, nobody's perfect but I think, some of his readers thinks that he's a perfect man that every girls wanted to be with, eventhough they didn't even see his face. A perfect boyfriend, and a caring boyfriend. Full package. He keeps on writing, reading and writing again. Until one day, he met a girl that he wants to be part of his life. A girl that he wants to be part of the stories that he wrote and both of them are the main characters of the story. He will make a story about the two of them. Is this a happy ending like the stories he writes or not a happy ending?

Chapter 1

"Theo! Get down there and eat!" I heard my sister scream. My sister is so loud. She doesn't seem like a woman, she acts and screams because her voice sounds like a vendor in the market. Her voice might even reach the other village because it was so loud.

My sister is lazy. I put my stuff away first and folded my laptop to go downstairs. My good sister Naieyhna Thalia might have shouted.

"HEY! Theo! Come down-" she stop yelling because she immediately saw me coming down the stairs. She looked at me sweetly while going down. I just gave her a wink and a killer smile. She winced at that, so I laughed.

I passed her when I got down and went straight to the dining area. I still heard her whisper but it's still loud. The word low voice is not in her vocabulary. Remember, she's a microphone in this house. It's like she was born being a human microphone.

She suddenly hit me softly but it hurts, huh, It has a sadistic quality. Compare to me that have a soft move. Many people think I'm gay because of my actions, but I'm not a gay. I'm a pure man. I'm soft but I'm not a gay, I'm just comfortable with what I'm doing.

"Good morning mom and dad." I greeted my parents as I reached the dining area. They also greeted me. I also sat down after I greeted them.

"Oh did you sleep, son?" mom asked, made me scratch my head. Actually, I slept for a little while. "Okay, I know the answer already." she laughed but mixed with a preachy tone.

"Most likely mom, your son read a book or wrote a story." Well what's new?

When I was young, I love to read and I love to write. I used to only go on trips to read because I see my mom reading a book, she has a new book every week so one time I borrowed a book from her. I didn't know that I would become addicted to the books after I finished one story in just a day.

After that, my passion for reading and making stories in my brain or imagination continued. I'm just making a story in my imagination and I've never written all that on paper or notebook because I feel like I don't know how to start when I'm going to write it down

"You know what Theo, you need to sleep at least eight to ten hours." dad said "That's why you don't get girlfriend because you only focus on your books." he added.

That's not one of my priorities yet, Having a girlfriend is not my thing. I'm 19 years old, first year college students and I'm taking an Engineering course that has nothing to do with my hobbies. Even though I have graduated from Engineering, I will never forget to write and read. That's my life. I still have a lot of works to do and I need to take care of myself first.

Even if I don't read and write for a day, I feel weak. My day is not complete without holding a book. I don't know, it sounds overacting to others but that's who I am.

Book is love of my life and book is my happiness. I'm just having fun doing my passion and something that I love.

After we ate, I showered and got dressed to enter Golden University. It's a rich name of a University. Even though my family is rich, not totally rich, we can still eat some street foods. I'm rich but I'm not fussy either my family.

I brought my book and put it in my bag. I make sure that it won't get tangled.

"Don't you have school?" I asked my sister who was sitting while eating cookies in the living room and watching basketball. She just looked at me.

"I'm too lazy to go to school bro. There's nothing to do either."

"What?! The finals are almost there." I said. She is still lazy because vacation is near but I will spend my vacation reading and writing, of course.

"It's not fun to have vacation break. Yes, I'll come in later. I still have time and my class will be start at ten in the morning." she said so I just sighed and kissed her in the cheeks like I always do and we always do to each other.

When will my sister get a boyfriend? She is 22 years old and graduating from college. She wants to be an architect and our two courses are connected, our dreams are connected.

I drove my car yes I have my own car, a gift from my dad. This is also one of my babies. I don't want any dirt on it. I am a clean person. I don't want even a single strand of dirt to land on my car.

I immediately arrived at the University. As usual, they looked at me as I got out of my car. I'm not handsome but they always stared at me as if I'm the celebrity. They look like they're going to eat people because of their stares.

"Why is he so handsome, sis!" I heard the woman say.

"He's perfectly handsome, honey!"

"I'm so thrilled when he smiles."

"I'm melting, baby!"

That's all I hear from them all the time. One of the reasons why I don't want to appear to other people as a famous author (supposedly). I don't want people crowding me. I don't want them to like me because of my looks or my level of life.

I want them to accept who I really am. I want them to appreciate my masterpiece even without knowing my real face.

I know I'm handsome but not the perfect hundred percent handsome. I'm not like that. I know that I am not the most handsome creature in this world and take notes 'We have our own unique beauty and style. We're all unique'

"Hey bro! your good looks are really strong for girls." Yuhan, a very bully friend of mine, suddenly walked up to me. Not a day goes by that no one is bullied.

"You're handsome but I I'm also chased by chix, bro!" Kye said. He's my friend. How many girls have he slept with? He's already slept with someone in high school. Come on! He's still young, he had so many know rudeness in life.

It's like I'm not writing bed scene ah. I just shook my head from what I thought.

"You only make the girls you flirt cry, bro!" I said. He just laughed. We always say that he might get karma but he doesn't listen. Karma is not a trend for him. All he knows is "bed".

"Yuhan the bully!" Yuhan proud to yelled that. He is still proud of it.

"Theo is the only kind friend of yours!" Amber's said while licking her lollipop. This one is a lollipop girl.

Amber is Yuhan's sister. She is also beautiful and I also had a crush on her, but then I found out that she had a boyfriend, so my feelings for her as crush was gone.

"Bro, do you know that girl?" Kye pointed to the woman holding a book sitting on a bench near where we were standing.

I just saw her now and she looks grumpy. Sometimes smiling, sometimes laughing, she was going crazy with what she was reading. I'm like that too, being crazy in front of my books.

She also likes to read books.

"Don't tell me that girl will be your next target, Kye. There's a poor girl who's going to cry!" Amber said while shaken her head. I'm only one year apart from her and she doesn't want to be called sister either. She said it's too old.

"Shut up! Amber!"

"I know someday, karma will chase you, Kye! Bye Theo, bye brother." Amber said while kissing his brother, on the other hand Yuhan winced at that, we laughed. I watched the woman who was still reading the book. What was she reading? She seemed to be focused on that.

By the way, TiyoWriter is a famous author but they have never seen his face... because I don't want them to know that it is me. I'm a famous author, the stories I make are famous. They only know my username but not my real name.

I just don't want them to know that it's me, I don't want to be famous.

My first published story was titled "Invisible feelings." I don't know why that's the title. Nothing, I just thought that when I woke up in the morning.

Te female protagonist, she really likes a badboy boy in their campus. She always pays attention to him, she always did her best to get an attention of her crush but that badboy hasn't seen it yet. She said everything she felt but the man just didn't seem to have it. He does not see all the efforts of the woman.

Until one day, the woman suddenly disappeared forever, she died in an accident and what's worse, that badboy ran over her. He ran over that woman while he was drunk. He drove home drunk, so he didn't know he ran into someone.

There was no one at the scene so no one saw it. No one knew that he had run over. He only found out when she was buried and he realized that he loved that girl, but he was the one to blame for why that woman disappeared in this world.

It hurts, it hurts so much. I don't know why I killed the girl. My only bad thing is, I didn't give that girl happiness but not all stories have a happy ending. Not everyone is happy, someone must be sad too. It should be balance.

I glanced over at the woman as we approached where she was. We will pass her on our way to the classroom and I think she noticed that someone was watching her so she suddenly furrowed her beautiful eyebrows.

I looked away because I immediately felt something towards her. I don't know know what's that mean? maybe I was just scared by her appearance. Like a woman-eater?

I stopped walking because my two friends stopped.

"Hi miss! You're a newbie here?" Kye came to her and sat next to that woman. The woman grew stronger. Her eyes were still looking at me.

"I don't talk to strangers." she said softly but it sounded annoyed.

"I will introduce myself so that I am no longer a stranger to you. I'm Kyein Gerald Blythe. Call me Kye, my baby." That woman winced at what Kye said.

"It's so irritating." the woman said making me laugh. By the way, Kye has a crush on this girl. Both Kye and the woman looked at me. Yuhan also laughed.

"Why? Hmm, let's be friends, baby?" Kye said flirtatiously. At any rate, this man only knows how to flirt.

"Axy!!" We all turned to a man who called her Axy. He is tall, handsome as well, his style looks like a gangster. A few buttons on his uniform were open so I could see his shirt underneath. His hair is up and he has a silver necklace.

He approached us and lean onto that girl.

"Are they bothering you?" he asked and put his arms around Axy who had just stood up and shook his clothes. The man took the bag and Axy hugged the book she was holding which made my eyes widen.

My book. One of my published books. Invisible Feelings.

She's one of my readers?

Chapter 2

"Bro did you see the book that Axy's holding? You're the author of that book, right?" Yuhan asked. It's our lunch break and we're just the three of us here in our classroom. Axy is one of my reader? I cannot believe this.

My friends knew that I'm an author. They are the one who helped me to prepare my books. Yuhan is the editor of my book cover, he's good at it. I know how to edit but I'm not satisfied in my editing skills. Kye is the one who helped me to published my story as a book. His godfather is the owner of that publishing house that I am working at and take note, Kye is the son of the owner of the Book Store here in our place.

They helped me a lot. My masterpiece is famous in their shop, I am grateful for that, also my family knew that I'm author, and the family of my two friends knew that. I am confident that they didn't tell it to anyone.

My family supports me in my passion, this is my happiness. The


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