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After having one nightstand with her Boss, she became pregnant and had to hide it from her husband. Upon the flirts and cheats, she pretended to be faithful to her husband. Christine finally gave birth to twins and it was mind-blowing. After their first child, Manuela, they'd never expect any child because it was over five years and they had still not gotten a new baby. After some years, the children grew up and they had a striking resemblance to Christine's CEO. Robert wasn't shocked because he knew her wife had something to do with her Boss secretly. On the other hand, Welbeck ask for his babies and Christine was asked to choose between her children and Welbeck. Because she loved her babies, she divorced Robert and started life with Welbeck. It was three years after which Welbeck got fed up and threw Christine out of his house with her children. Was Robert going to accept him back or she was going to be forgiven and have her way in life?

Chapter 1-

It was a stormy night, the kind of night where the wind howled relentlessly, and the rain poured in powerful surges. Inside the hotel ballroom, the party raged on, the guests dancing and drinking, seemingly oblivious to the weather outside. Among the revelers was Christine, a stunningly beautiful woman with cascading blonde hair, and emerald green eyes. Christine was a married woman, but she found herself drawn to her boss, a charismatic and handsome gentleman named Welbeck. 

As the night wore on, Christine became increasingly intoxicated, the alcohol fueling her bravado. She found herself flirting outrageously with Welbeck, basking in the attention he lavished upon her. They laughed and joked, the chemistry between them palpable, sparking in the air like a live wire. Before long, Welbeck offered to escort her back to her hotel room, and Christine, giddy with excitement, agreed eagerly.

As they tumbled onto the plush hotel bed, they fell into a frenzy of ecstasy, the passion between them exploding like fireworks. Christine could hardly believe what was happening, overwhelmed by the wild, illicit desire coursing through her veins. Welbeck was everything she had ever wanted in a man, and she surrendered herself completely to him, letting the force of their desire carry her away.

But as the storm outside raged on, Christine's mind started to clear, and she slowly began to realize the gravity of what she had done. She was married, and she had just cheated on her husband with her boss. She felt an overwhelming sense of guilt, the knowledge of her betrayal weighing heavily on her conscience. 

The next morning, Christine woke up alone, her head pounding with a throbbing hangover. She felt sick to her stomach as she remembered the events of the previous night, the memory of her infidelity a heavy weight on her heart. She dressed quickly, determined to leave before Welbeck returned, her thoughts consumed by the guilt and shame she felt.

As she walked back to her hotel room, Christine pondered the mistakes she had made, the consequences of her actions haunting her. She knew that she had crossed a line, and that she could never go back. She had betrayed the trust of her husband, the man she had vowed to love and cherish above all others, and she knew that she could never undo the hurt she had caused him.

The rain continued to pour down relentlessly as she walked, the wind howling and biting at her skin. Christine couldn't help but feel that the storm was a metaphor for the turmoil in her own heart, the pain she had inflicted upon the man she loved. She loved her husband deeply, but she had been foolish and had acted recklessly, and she knew that she would have to live with the guilt of her actions for the rest of her life.

As she stepped into her hotel room, Christine knew that she had made a grave mistake, one that she could never undo. In that moment, she vowed to do whatever it took to regain her husband's trust, to make amends for the damage that she had caused. She knew that it would be a long and difficult road, but she was determined to do whatever it took, to make it right with the man she loved.

   She got to her house and saw Robert sitting on a couch in the restroom.

"You are late today".

Her husband asked with a soft voice.

 "We had a lot of tasks to complete at work ,I would have come early but the downpour took part of my time".

 She said in a hurried way and excused herself to take a shower .

       Christine had just come out of the shower, feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. She had been feeling very tired lately, and a mid-morning break had been exactly what she needed. She had put on her comfy robe and slippers and settled down on the couch to read a book when her husband, Robert, walked in.

"Hey, babe, what are you doing here? Why aren't you at work?" Robert asked curiously.

   Christine felt a sudden twinge of guilt. She knew she was supposed to be at work, but she just didn't feel like going today. She had been feeling overworked lately and desperately needed a break, but she didn't want to come clean to her husband.

"Uh, my boss granted me a day off, so I decided to take advantage of it and just relax at home," she responded, trying to sound convincing.

  Robert didn't buy it. "That doesn't sound like you, Christine. What's going on? Are you feeling okay?"

   Christine was starting to feel uncomfortable. She had always been an honest person, but she didn't want to admit the truth to her husband. "I'm fine, Robert. Just needed a day to myself, you know?"

  Robert looked at Christine suspiciously. "Something's not right. You can tell me anything, Christine. You know that, right?"

   Christine sighed, knowing that she couldn't keep up the act any longer. "Okay, fine. I just needed a break. I've been feeling so tired and burnt out lately, and I just couldn't bring myself to go to work today."

  Robert nodded in understanding. "I see. You know, Christine, it's okay to take a break when you need it. You don't have to be 'on' all the time. Just make sure you're taking care of yourself and doing what's best for you."

   Christine couldn't believe how understanding her husband was being. She felt a wave of relief wash over her. "Thanks, Robert. You're right. I need to take better care of myself and not push myself so hard."

  Robert leaned in and gave her a reassuring kiss. "That's my girl. Now let's order some takeout, watch a movie, and just relax today."

   Christine smiled, grateful for her supportive and caring husband. She knew that she was lucky to have him in her life, and she vowed to take his advice and take better care of herself from now on.

She knew what had happened between her and the Boss but she pretended,she was feeling embarrassed for letting words out to Welbeck,she knew she was drunk but what she told her Boss were facts.

Chapter 2

Welbeck was a successful businessman and he frequently travels for work. On this trip, he met Christine, his assistant, who was assigned to assist him for the duration of his stay. During the trip, Welbeck and Christine had a good working relationship, and Welbeck found himself admiring Christine's efficiency and professionalism. After a long day of meetings and appointments, Welbeck felt relaxed and comfortable in the hotel room, and he decided to call Christine to express how he felt.

" Christine, it's Welbeck," he said in a husky voice. "I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your help during this trip."

  Christine was surprised to hear Welbeck's voice. It was rare for her to receive a personal call from her client, but she was glad that he was satisfied with her service.

"I'm glad I could help, sir," Christine responded politely, trying to


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