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The Seductive CEO Forbidden Affair

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Angeline is a hardworking individual. She was recently fired from her job due to false accusations made by her co-workers. Angeline, who is the sole breadwinner for her family, is trying to find any job that can generate income. Eventually, she meets Bryan, who offers her a high-paying job. Bryan is the CEO of a renowned company. As the last heir, he is pressured to get married soon in order to carry on the family lineage. Being set up with a contact of his stepmother makes Bryan reluctant to go through with it due to knowing the hidden agenda of his stepmother. Bryan then meets Angeline and offers her a job to rent her womb and give birth to his offspring. Is Angeline willing to rent her womb and give birth to Bryan's child? Will the seeds of love grow between them, making their marriage a legitimate one?

Chapter 1 : The Meeting

The footsteps of a man echoed as he entered a seven-star restaurant. It was a luxurious establishment with service fit for a palace. The handsome man, nearing his fortieth birthday, captured the attention of the patrons inside.

His well-built physique boasted perfect proportions. A chiseled nose, thin lips with a hint of fine stubble gracing his chin and neck, adding to the masculinity he exuded. Neatly groomed black hair framed his face as Bryan took his seat at a table reserved in advance.

"You're late."

A voice came from a woman not much older than him. She was his stepmother, Jennifer Rose, only five years his senior. She had recently acquired the title of widow due to the passing of her husband, Bryan's father, just a week ago. Right beside her sat a young woman who had been staring at Bryan without blinking since his arrival.

"I've been busy, you know? Managing the company Papa left behind is quite exhausting," Bryan replied with a hint of sarcasm. It was evident that he didn't like his stepmother, who had been married to his father for five years.

Mrs. Rose narrowed her eyes in frustration. She didn't like Bryan much either, but their statuses forced her to suppress her anger.

"You know, you're not getting any younger. And it's highly unlikely that I'll be able to give you a sibling. Especially since your father's passing has left me feeling so lonely," Mrs. Rose said, her tone feigned sweetness.

Bryan curled his lips, well aware that his stepmother's words were nothing more than deliberate falsehoods.

"And I have absolutely no desire for a sibling from you."

"You always act so rudely towards me."

"Should I do otherwise?"

Mrs. Rose held her breath once more, knowing it wasn't the right time to confront her stepson. She widened her smile and turned her gaze toward the girl beside her.

"Allow me to introduce you to Lucy Mariel. She holds a master's degree in law from London and is currently building her own law firm."

"Hi, nice to meet you. I'm Lucy, and I... have liked you since the first time we met," Lucy said unabashedly.

"What... have we met before?" Bryan asked, puzzled.

"Yes, at the fiftieth anniversary celebration of your company. We even had a brief conversation," Lucy replied, blushing slightly.

"Ah, I see. And then?"

"I plan to arrange your engagement—oh, no, I mean, to host an engagement party for both of you and then a grand wedding celebration, of course."


"You know, Bryan, we never know how long we'll live, do we? That's why you need to continue your father's lineage. I can't give you a sibling, so why don't you give me a grandchild? Even though I'm too young to be a grandmother, I'll make sure to be a loving one for your child," Mrs. Rose spoke with a triumphant smile.

Mrs. Rose knew that Bryan couldn't refuse the engagement she was proposing. Bryan had no reason to refuse, as he didn't have a girlfriend, and there were many rumors circulating that he had no interest in women at all.

Thus, this presented a significant opportunity for her to secure the heir Bryan would produce. The child of a girl who was actually related to Mrs. Rose. She made sure that all of her husband's wealth would fall into her hands. Bryan remained silent, sipping the wine already set on the table. Without a word, the night continued peacefully, with Mrs. Rose claiming victory.

A woman with long hair rushed in with all her might. Worn-out sneakers encased her small feet. In her flight, Angeline kept checking the time on her wrist and continued running into the bustling shopping center.

One of her hands held a paper bag containing an expensive dress she had obtained from a renowned boutique. Angeline paid no attention to the onlookers who were disturbed by her disheveled appearance and refusal to yield.

Her face was covered in sweat, but Angeline showed no sign of stopping. Until she saw a group of people waiting anxiously near a performance area. Angeline summoned her remaining strength and approached them.

"Why did you take so long? Don't you know the event is starting in a few minutes?" scolded the woman who had hired Angeline to retrieve her dress just ten minutes before the event was set to begin.

"I... ran as fast as I could. If you had asked me to get your dress five minutes earlier, I might have arrived sooner," Angeline replied, her breath still heavy.

"I don't care! I've already paid using an e-wallet," she said, and entered without a word of thanks.

Angeline checked her phone and smiled as she saw that the payment had been received. She walked wearily to a bench not far from where she was standing. She took out a bottle of mineral water and drank it all in one gulp.

Angeline observed the people around her, all dressed in beautiful gowns and elaborate makeup. Banners announcing a fan meeting of a Korean boy band were displayed in various places.

"Why do... they all look the same?" Angeline asked, completely unfamiliar with the entertainment world due to her busy work schedule since her school days.

It had been three months since Angeline took odd jobs after being fired from her previous workplace. A coworker had falsely accused Angeline, leading to her dismissal without severance pay from her boss. This forced Angeline, who was the breadwinner of her family, to work day and night to meet her family's needs and pay for her mother's kidney failure treatments, which required dialysis once a week.

In addition, she had a younger sibling still in high school. Angeline was willing to do any job that could provide a decent income. She had even worked as a clown for a whole day at a carnival.

Angeline's phone rang, and she looked at it, seeing an incoming order.

"A replacement driver?" Angeline murmured as she got up from her seat. Not long after, she arrived at the parking lot of the luxurious restaurant. A chauffeur approached Angeline, looking visibly pale.

"I have to leave, and I can't take my employer with me. Can you drop them off at home?" the chauffeur asked.

"Of course, I have a driver's license."

"Alright, I've already paid you upfront. So, make sure to get them home safely."

After waiting in the car for an hour, a man approached and knocked on the car window. Angeline promptly got out and opened the back door.

"Who are you?" Bryan, who turned out to be the employer of the chauffeur that Angeline was replacing, asked.

"Hello, I'm the replacement driver who will take you home. Please get in," Angeline said weakly.

Bryan gave her an unfriendly look, especially since Angeline's pale appearance made him hesitate.

"I'll drive myself. Just go," Bryan ordered and closed the door that Angeline had opened.

Angeline was surprised and remained silent, not moving an inch.

Chapter 2: The Offer

Bryan walked closer and tried to pull Angeline away from her spot. However, as Bryan was about to get into the car, Angeline immediately held him back.

"Let me take you, sir. I promised to get you home safely," Angeline said confidently.

"Don't you have a mirror?" Bryan asked, bewildering Angeline.

"Am... am I too pretty as a replacement driver?" Angeline asked innocently. Bryan looked at her in surprise.

"Your face is so pale, like a dead person's!"

"I'm not dead."

"And I don't want to die yet. So, go home. I don't want to get into an accident because you're driving with that face," Bryan pushed Angeline again, but Angeline held onto Bryan's body.

"I can't! Sir, please let me take you," Angeline pleaded with a pitiful expression.

Bryan sighed, his phone rang, and he had to answer it. Feeling incapable of driving and in a hurry


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