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The Secret Life Of Bianca Star

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Ever being the centre of attraction for being beautiful, gorgeous and a hell-bent sexiest woman? That was how Bianca felt each time she played with her boy toys. Bianca Davies is a hot, stunning supermodel and a narcissistic prima donna who strongly regards men as nothing but pleasure tools and her bodyguards, her boy toys. Used to having men worship her and fall at her feet, she is beyond disappointed when she meets the man who apparently isn't swayed by her charm and unapologetically knocks her off her high horse – Liam, her new mysterious, drop-dead gorgeous bodyguard. Determined to make him yearn for her, Bianca does the unthinkable and for the first time in her life, the chaser becomes the chased. She soon finds herself losing in her own game to Liam who's got a mission of his own. What will happen when she is accused of murder and only one person can save her? Will Liam forgo his revenge and chose to help the woman he was slowly falling in love with? Find out in this erotic life of a superstar!

Chapter 1

Bianca's POV

"Good morning, beautiful," Steve greeted with a wide, toothy grin. He moved closer to me on the bed and gripped one of my boobs which were out bare. He leaned even closer to bring his lips to mine but I tilted my head back, dodging his kiss.

And without wasting time, I swatted his hand away from my boob and looked at him dead in the eye. "Get out," I said to him calmly with a blank expression on my face.

"What?" He asked in utmost bewilderment and shifted backwards slightly.

"I said get out," I replied with a deep sigh and stood up from the bed, wrapping the blanket around my naked body as I clutched it to my chest.

Steve furrowed his brows and stared at me, probably unsure of what to say or how to react. "Did I do something wrong, Bianca?" He asked.

"Bianca?" I asked him sharply with one of my brows arched. "Are you usually this dense or are you just trying to get on my freaking nerves this morning, Steve?"

"I don't understand," Steve replied and got up abruptly on his feet. As he did, his 7-inched uncut d*ck swung somewhat cheerfully, hanging loosely in the air. I took one glance at it and quickly stifled the memories that the thick f*ck-pipe had given me the previous night.

I pushed a strand of my ruffled ash blonde hair behind my ear and cleared my throat. "I'm beginning to second-guess my decision to hire a thickskull like you as a bodyguard. It seems the only thing you've got working in that body of yours is the thing dangling in between your legs."

My comment prompted Steve to glance down at his d*ck. He lifted his head up to look back at me after a few seconds. "Bianca..."

I cut him off, "Because I let you f*ck me and that too, in my bedroom, doesn't give you the right to call me that. It's ma'am to you, just in case you've forgotten."

"I thought..."

"You thought what? That I'm suddenly head over heels in love with you because of what went down last night?" Steve stayed quiet, attesting what I just said and I scoffed. "My oh my, you're a much bigger fool than I thought. Look, I admit last night was fun while it lasted and there might be a repeat performance sometime in the future but that's as far as it goes, Steve. I wouldn't get any ideas if I were you."

Steve blinked at me several times and I could see sheer anger flashing in his dark, double-lidded eyes. "Just what do you take me for, huh? What the hell do you think I am, a s*x toy?" He yelled.

"Don't you dare raise your voice at me, Steve. You are my bodyguard and yes, my s*x toy. You're just here to protect me and pleasure me. Don't you ever forget that. And it's not like I'm not paying you as well for the 'hassle' which you obviously can't seem to get enough of." I rolled my eyes. I grabbed Steve's rumpled clothes from the floor and carelessly chucked them at him.

I couldn't understand why the hell he was acting like I wasn't paying him extra to keep my bed warm, like he didn't savour every minute of the s*x we had last night or the one we had before that.

"Why you..." Steve refrained from finishing his statement.

"Say one more word and I assure you, you'd be kissing your job goodbye. I won't even stop to think twice about how great you are in bed." I took a step away from him and headed towards my bathroom door. "I don't even get why you're so mad or even complaining. Do you know how many men would line up to get a taste of all this?" I told him, gesturing at my beautiful body.

Of course, he had no idea how lucky of a b*st*rd he was!

Steve hastily put on his clothes and stormed out of my bedroom. Good riddance!.Perhaps it was a bad idea to keep screwing the annoying son of a b*tch. He was getting way too attached for his own good.

But then again, I couldn't blame him though. I was like a very dank drug, dangerously addictive. My body was one amazing work of art that left men and even women hopelessly spellbound. I was beautifully endowed with s*xy long legs that caused commotions, moderate-sized perky boobs, luscious hips and a face that had graced over five hundred magazine covers including thirty-three international Vogue magazine covers.

I was a supermodel and an actress and at just 26, I had amassed a net worth of $29 million. I won the Miss Universe title six years ago. I made quite a name for myself but the journey here wasn't in anyway easy. Only I knew of the amount of b*llsh*t I had to put up with, the asses I had to kiss, the degrading things I had to do, the sleepless nights and whatnot.

But I went through it all and I rose from the ashes like the mythical phoenix. I was extremely proud with what I had achieved over the years and I wasn't going to stop until the day that I died.

I planned on making the most out of life. And I planned on making more men fall flat at my feet. I had quite a good number of them at my beck and call, even my bodyguards were no exception. They were my absolute pleasure tools. That's all men were to me, things made to satisfy my deep, lusty pleasures.

As soon as Steve left, I let the blanket I was holding drop down to the floor before I opened the door to my bathroom and walked in. Slowly and gently, I entered my bathtub and settled down in it. I began soaping the whole of my body, caressing every part while I did.

Now half-submerged in soapsuds, I leaned backwards in the bathtub and rested my head on it. With my eyes firmly shut, I kept on lathering my body. I massaged my breasts in circular motions, hitting them with bubbles from the sweet-smelling soap. With my other hand, I stroked my vulva softly, taking time to soap my labia and my cl*t with pleasure.

I let out a gasp and spread my thighs wide to give myself more access. I continued working the lather on me tenderly and ever so sweetly. My love hole still throbbed with pain from the romp I had last night. I massaged the wall of my va-jay-jay intently and fondled my breasts still, tugging at my hardened n*ppl*s as the memories from last night came washing over me like a flood.

Chapter 2

Bianca's POV

It was past midnight and I had just returned from a colleague's birthday party. I might have had too much to drink because I was completely out of control. I was so randy, it felt like my insides were on fire. They were burning with so much intensity I couldn't bear it anymore. And I didn't have to, not at all. Not when I had my big boy toys with me.

The moment I got home and came out of my car, I grabbed one of my bodyguards, Steve by the collar and he followed quietly like an obedient puppy. It was evident he knew what was going to happen, he knew he was going to get a delicious treat tonight – the most delicious he'd ever had. And I bet he must have anticipated this incredible moment since the first and last time we got down and dirty in a hotel a few weeks ago.

I could tell because his eyes darkened with fiery lust and desire and his cock was practically begging to be freed from its wicked confines as it bulged rock-hard ag


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