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His Control: The Mafia’s Prisoner

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{18+ Matured Content, It involves heavy s*x, bondage, violence, r*p*, BDSM, age gap, enslavement, and crime} The 22-year-old Balia Telese had always been a golden child before the death of her parents. Still, after the killing spree, which led to her mother's elder sister taking over her family wealth and chasing her out, the university dropout finds herself working in a nightclub as a server girl to keep ends meet. 'Sorry' was all it took for her mistake of colliding with an angry man she accidentally spilled her drink on, but the frustration of life added more to her problems. The 45-year-old Senna Onyx Black, a ruthless Italian Mafia Don who owns the States in his hand and also to the soles of his feet, is mysteriously known by his shadow name 'GHOST.' He carries a dark personality with untold truths that make people fear him for the power he holds. Playing with heart and life isn't a new agenda on his table, but things are about to change after a glass of wine is spilled on him by a poker-faced girl.


Kedibone Makholwa

Review after half of the novel

Am really enjoying the book so much senna has feelings for balia and the worst part he is not aware. He has turned off his emotions because of the death of his family who were ruthlessly killed by the mafia, he will fall hopelessly in love with balia in the end. Balia wants to be loved she has never experience love before and she has no family. I love how strong willed she is. Senna has met her match in balia

May 21, 2024

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