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Bounded By A Bloody Mafia

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Tracy, a stunning and fearless girl who has been taught since childhood to carry out many missions. Jayden, a ruthless, breath-seizing demigod with a captivating face and enormous power. In the underworld, he is known as the vampire lord, while in the human realm, he is known as the mafia lord. Vamps and mundanes both fear and admire him. No one dares to offend him and get away with it. Tracy then had the audacity to venture into his path. Let us witness to happened when Jayden, the vicious mafia-vamp king, decided to deal with the adventurous girl in his own ruthless manner.

Chapter 1

Tracy's POV

It's a cool and breezy evening. A strong gust of wind blew against my face. I noticed the window in my room was widely open. I immediately closed it and continued preparing for my last mission. Yes! My last mission. I'm Tracy Salvador, a 22-year-old lass. I don't know if I should be excited about this mission, but one thing is sure: it's worth carrying out because it also means my freedom.

In my clan, you can't ever leave after joining; it's your home forever, but luckily, the goddamn rule is changing for me. I have been with my boss for the past 12 years, and who is he?

He is the top mafia leader in the United States, judging from his achievements and ways of doing things. His name is Damon Willis; members of the clan call him The Great One; I guess he assigned himself that. Anyway, I chose to call him Boss D, and only I have the privilege to call him that.

Truly, my boss is the top mafia leader, but he is still ruled by someone who is the leader of all mafia bosses; they call him the Mafia Lord. My clan members do say he's assigned that name because of how powerful and ruthless he is, which I find dumb. I don't think anyone can be more ruthless and powerful than my boss. It's no joke; he's the top mafia boss in the whole United States. Although he gives me special treatment because I'm the closest to him.

I started carrying out missions for my boss after receiving enough training from him. I owe him the missions; if not for him, I would have been dead alongside my parents a long time ago. It's a story for another day. The missions I carry out are a way of paying him back.

My boss's face was just unveiled a few months ago; he kept it unknown for some reasons best known to him alone.

Enough about my boss; something keeps baffling me about this mission; Boss D didn't give me necessary information about the man I'd be going to extract blood from, which I find absurd. Before we go on any mission, we already know the necessary and unnecessary information.

"Imagine going on a mission without knowing the face or name of the person you're going to meet!"

I sighed, then stared at my reflection in the mirror. Oh my! I'm freaking hot tonight! I'm putting on an armless, fitted red gown that stops right beneath my butt cheeks. I bent a little to take the hairpin-like syringe from the drawer that's just beside the mirror and inserted it in my blonde hair, then sprayed the vervain cologne Boss D gave me on my exposed, bare neck. He told me he'd make the unknown weak and make the task a piece of cake.

I took a glance at myself through the mirror for the last time and stepped out, heading for my car. Yeah! We all live a luxurious life here, and it's worth it. The missions we carry out are mostly survive-or-die missions-missions that don't guarantee one's life. I wonder why the boss is so ruthless to the extent of wasting his clan members' lives. Although I've never been assigned a murder mission, I guess it's because my boss knows I won't be able to carry it out.

A message popped out on my phone screen. I glanced through it and saw the address. I positioned myself in the car and then headed straight to the Royal Club.

I got there in an hour. As I stepped out of my car and entered the club, I felt lustful eyes gazing at me. I'm used to it, though. I went straight to the bartender for a vodka drink, expecting the unknown face to show up.

After waiting for like 5 minutes, a text popped out on my phone screen again. Lo and behold, it's the name Jayden Crane-the one and only Mafia Lord. I froze for a sec. The thoughts of me finally dying tonight struck hard at me.

"Why the hell am I scared of him when I'm not even scared of my boss?" I thought in my mind.

I was still deep in thought when I heard my phone ring. I peered at the screen and saw it's Boss D; that made me calm for a sec. I picked up the call and hung up after having a short conversation with him. He told me to be calm, approach him, and act like I didn't know him at all. I wonder how I'm supposed to act like that when I know all he's capable of doing. Yeah! I've heard and know about how he has been wasting the lives of some clan members who have always tried to cross his path without thinking twice in the blink of an eye.

I took a deep breath and finally decided to look for him in the club. Lo and behold, I found a pair of blue eyes already gazing at me intensely. Our eyes locked, and I felt chills running down my spine as we maintained a long-lasting stare. He's indeed close to perfection, like they say; he really looks like a demigod. This man is d*mn handsome! Not like I haven't seen his pictures, but he really looks bewitching in person, and this is the first time I'll be meeting him in person.

I blinked twice and snapped out of my crazy thoughts. After unlocking my eyes from his, I finally gathered up enough courage and decided to walk up to him. I could feel his intense stare as I approached him. I got to him and stopped right at his front, then bent over to whisper, "Stop staring, for I know I'm d*mn hot tonight," into his ear. I smirked and pulled back from his ear.

A b*tch wouldn't mind falling into his arms; his cologne is so fascinating. I was about to ask if I could sit beside him when I felt his strong arm pull my *ss onto his laps roughly, making my *ss bounce as it hit his laps in the process. I was caught off guard by this act of his and made a loud gasp.

Surprisingly, he smirked back at me, and for a moment, I felt empty inside me. He drew me closer to his body and sniffed the scent from my neck. This got me lost in his world.

I immediately jerked back to reality when I saw him lying backward slowly with his eyes getting closed on the VIP couch. Then I recalled what Boss D told me about the vervain spray. For a moment, I felt I should hold back and withdraw from the mission; he really looks weak, and for some unknown reason, I was concerned, but I immediately waved the thought off.

I dipped my hand into my hair, brought out the syringe, and inserted it in his arm to extract the blood. I got the blood, and luckily for me, he didn't come with a single bodyguard.

"Could it be that he's really powerful, like they say, for him not to bring a single guard?" I thought in my mind, looking perplexed. Even my boss takes at least five guards with him whenever he's going out, but I still doubt that he's really powerful, like they say, because it is so easy to mess with him right now.

I took a last glance at him and left right away. I can remember my boss telling me the vervain cologne would make him weak, and he would start recovering after 5 minutes. I finally got out and escaped through my car as I plied the road roughly.

Truly, I know I'm in trouble. I arrived at the clan and headed straight to Boss D's suite. I handed the syringe to him, and for the first time in 12 years, I saw him laughing out loud. It's a puzzling scenario for me right now. "Why the f*ck will the boss be laughing over Jayden's blood, or could it be he wants to use it to have a perfect, charming face like his?" I thought in his presence.

I waved my thoughts off and told my boss I'd be moving out of the clan tomorrow morning, then he stopped laughing and told me he'd arranged my documents and that I'd be traveling out of the country in the next two days. I don't like the idea, but he told me it's a way of keeping me safe, which I believe in.

I bowed to him and left for my suite. I got undressed and went for a warm bath. When I was done, I dried my body, put on the after-bath robe, climbed into bed, recalled the bewitching face one more time, and allowed nature to take over.

Chapter 2

Jayden’s POV   

It's so late at night; I’m lying in bed, deep in thoughts of the funny and, at the same time, ridiculous scenario that happened earlier at the club.

I'm Jayden Crane, the one and only ruler of all mafia bosses in the United States. I’m known as the vampire lord amongst my kind in the underworld, and I’m the only vampire lord left. I’m only known as the mafia Lord in the mundane world; no one dares cross my path and go scot-free, including the vamps.

I decided to visit a club and go look for a fresh drink on my own, not knowing tonight wasn’t a regular. I sat at the VIP, expecting a meal to come over like they do, and then my eyes caught a perky butt packed in a hot red dress. I looked above the butts and found out she’s a blonde, then I suddenly felt the urge to see her turn around and see her face because she was backing me while facing the bartender.

That wasn’t me at that moment. "Why the fuck would I be checking


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