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Jake harrowsmith, the heir of the brown empire had just moved into a new town called Renal town, to meet his dad's business associate; who had loaned a huge sum of money from him sometimes in the past. He wasn't a bit bothered about the money, but he felt it would be fair enough to pay his dad's business associate a visit after a long time. At least that would make his late dad Happy. If there was anything he wanted so badly was his dad fortune, but unfortunately for him he couldn't access it cause his dad had it willed that he must've gotten married before he could access it. Not that he couldn't get any random girl and propose to, but he could not bring himself to do just that. Well, all that changes when he visited Renal town. He found himself a bride with just a kiss, a dangerous one.......... Jane Miller, Renal miss perfection had everything she wanted. A perfect boyfriend, A rich family, stunning beauty, fit shape..... She's the envy of every girls, everyone adores her, treasure her and respects her. No one dare talks back at her. What happens when a stranger broke those rules and went as far as kissing her. Though she enjoyed it but she wanted to put him in his place. She became more stupefied, when he appeared in her house asking for her hand in marriage.

Chapter 1

Jane woke up at the first ring of her alarm, she yawned stretching her body to the fullest.

If there was anything odd, it was what she was feeling. The morning felt so different from the rest making her wonder what's in store for her.

She fastened her shoe laces and walks out of her room, her destination to where she parked her car.

Racing was something she enjoyed doing every morning-her parents had always warned her saying it's awkward for a lady to choose racing of all sports but she loves racing, she had always ignored them.

Today, as she raced down the street her mind went to her boyfriend - Ronald. He is the best and the most handsome in Renal town.

Her life Is just so perfect with her cute boyfriend -every girl dreams to have, and her rich parents that supplies her with whatever she needs couple with her beauty that makes her life more perfect.

She stepped her foot down increasing her speed as she raced, her phone beeped suddenly causing her to slow down.

She grabbed her phone and taking a peep it turns out to be her boyfriend- Ronald. She smiled as she picked the call.

"Hello, honey" she beamed her smile spreading all over her face.

"Hi, sweetie"

I just woke up from sleep and I couldn't wait to hear your sweet voice" he quipped.

How romantic of her boyfriend always seeing it as a priority to be the first to call her to greet her good morning.

"You know you woke up late today, I'm already racing but I still made sure you be the first to greet me" she grinned.

"Racing already? Isn't it way too early?" He questioned his tone changing to a more serious one.

"Ronald! You're acting like my parents now. You of all people should know my passion for racing beside it isn't too early it's just 6;30am and I've just got forty minutes left to go to work" she explained.

"Yeah, babe" I perfectly understand. I'm just worried about you"

"You don't have to be, babe. I'm perfectly fine and I____" her voice trailed off as she held unto the brake screeching the car to a halt.

She hadn't seen the running figure that was running towards her car on time.

Good Lord! She had almost hit him.

"Babe! Babe! Babe! Is everything okay?"

Ronald queried worriedly over the phone.

"Everything is fine, Ro. I'll call you later" she said plainly hunging up as she opened her car door moving to where the figure stood.

"I'm sorry, I didn't see you coming. Are you fine?" She questioned and the figure rose it's head up.

"Oh my! " She exclaimed.

If they were talking about handsomeness the guy standing in front of her, Ronald doesn't stand a chance where this guy stood.

His curly black hair packed in a French style, pointed nose, well chiseled face that held his handsome features, height of about six feet tall making him more perfect.

"Were you blind or something?" He barked, voice cold as ice.

" Excuse me!'' she said blinking twice.

"Seems to me you're deaf also" he muttered.

Jane had never been insulted in her life before, everyone treated her with respect not because he's handsome warrant him disrespecting her.

"Sorry?" She said playing dumb.

"I shouldn't waste any minute of precious time since you aren't in your right senses" he retorted dusting his body.

"One advise learn to keep your eyes in the lane whenever you're driving" he added turning to go when she said something causing him to halt.

" How about you?" You should also learn to stick your blind eyes on the right lane else I'd crush you next time" she fired hotly.

He turned facing her.

"Seems to me you're not deaf but do you mind repeating what you said earlier?"

"You aren't deaf also. Are you? So, I guessed you'd heard what I said" she replied finding it difficult to repeat what she had said to his face.

He scoffed.

"You're one pretty complicated bitch I'd ever seen" he commented wryly.

Jane saw red if there was any name she hated to be referred to was bitch.

Her Palm connected to his jaw wasting no time as she slapped him startling him.

"How dare you! " He gritted his teeth his eyes blazing with fire.

"How dare me? Call me bitch one more time and I'm not only going to smack you but__" she was still talking when he grabbed her hand twisted it to her back and pulled her forward.

Closer enough that she was inhaling his scent, her body felt so weak to fight back she found herself staring into his face, taking in his handsome features.

"You wouldn't do that. Would you?

She couldn't protest back, if there was anything she wanted that moment was his lips on her.

And just as she had wished his mouth came down on hers, claiming hers.

Kissing her. He nibbled at her bottom lips forcing his tongue inside as she wouldn't open up. And that was when the main torture began as their tongue entangled and she couldn't help but moan as she flung her arm around his neck, releasing the other from his grip.

Their kiss lasted for what seems like eternity when she finally pulled back gasping for air.

Pride regained, she took two step backing away from him.

"I could get you arrested for that" she muttered feebly.

"You enjoyed that more than I did. And I doubt if you could ever try such" he replied his voice changing to a taunting one making her wonder if he was the same guy that had kissed her.

"I can and I will. Seems you don't know me, my dad is the wealthiest in Renal town and my boyfriend is the face of this whole town" She bragged.

"If I were you I wouldn't boast about that" he warned stuffing his hands into his pocket.

"You're not scared?" She asked suprised. Others would immediately bow down to her feet but this guy here wasn't moved at all.

"Scared? Scared of what?

Seems to me you're daddy's spoilt brat and beside I never knew that jerk was your boyfriend" he taunted.

"Ronald isn't a jerk" she fired at him defensively.

"Then you don't know him much" he replied removing his once stuffed hand from his pocket.

"Another advise before I go , Ronald isn't the best guy for you" he said and with that jog off leaving her to stare at his shadow.

After much stare, she walks back to her car reversing it as she headed back home.


All throughout her drive home, her mind was pretty occupied with the guy she had almost hit with her car.

The way he had kissed her has sent shivers down her spine, something she hadn't experienced with Ronald.

She tried concentrating on something else but it still paves it way to the kiss.

Oh! God. How she badly wants to forget about it.

"Damn him!! He's too fvcking rude, he should be bowing to her feet- adoring her but he doesn't seems like that sort of man. He had insulted her something no one had ever done not even her boyfriend Ronald.

She increased her pace as she drove.


When she got home, she went straight inside, to her bathroom to shower.

Few minutes later, she came from her room all dressed ready for work.

She climbed down the stairs and went to their dining table. Her parents already seated waiting for her.

"Good morning, mum"

"Good mo


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