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The Bully's Cruel Obsession

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While everyone glowed up in highschool from middle school, Simone remains a nerd who everyone terms as unfuckable She's is bullied by Dave, the son of the owner of the school and half the state, and she is forced to be his school slave. At the same time, she is in love with the Janitor's son, Thomas. What happens when Thomas makes a fool out of her and when Dave rapes her and gets her pregnant. Will she learn from her past mistakes or make the same mistake later on with her school bully?

Chapter 1

Simone's pov As the bell ran for school dismiss, I drew open my locker and began running my hand around, searching for my physics textbook. I could hear murmurs around me and hushed giggles as a hoard of students went past me. Despite being aware of the fact that they were talking about me, I ignored them and only focused on getting my books and leaving before… Bang! A fist landed on the locker beside me, just next to my head and even without turning around, with my heart in my throat, I swallowed and froze. "Turn. Around." A cold voice breathed into my ear, and with my heart pounding blood into my ears, I slowly turned around, and raised my head up to meet with angry green eyes staring hard into mine. His dark, ink black hair was tussled over his forehead and his jut, hard jaw was lowered to his chest as he stared at me with a grim look on his gorgeous face. Dave. The one person I tried to avoid each time I came to school. The one person who I wished never existed. The one person who made my life a living hell and still did. My school bully. He would stop at nothing to ensure I left high school a deranged, crazy person. He was driving me insane every second of the day and I know he realized what he was doing. His breath left the hairs at the back of my neck standing, and as much as I wanted him to back off me because his prescence always made it feel like the bottom of my stomach was going to drop, I knew I wouldn't dare. No one could dare stand up to Dave Hallman. His father literally owns this school and half the state. Rumors had it that he even had some connections with dangerous, ruthless underground mafias. Standing up to Dave would be like asking to be killed because once his father learns of it, being expelled from school would be the least of your problems. I nervously pushed my thick glasses up the bridge of my nose as he just stared down at me with a snarky smirk on his face. Out of all the students he could torture, he chose me. Yay. I was sure he enjoyed every second of making my life miserable. "What's this?" He raised a paper up to my face, and I had to adjust the rims of my glasses over my eyes before taking a good look at what was hovering before me. My blood suddenly ran cold and my throat felt dry as I saw his homework, already marked with a 'D' grade at the top in red. "Dave this is…. " "I asked you a question, Flea face." He snapped at me, and from the edge of my eyes, I saw his two friends standing back, on either sides of him. They were the Franklin twins and their dad was the principal of the school. Their similar blonde hair shone in the afternoon sunlight that seeped into the windows which the janitor was yet to shut close and their eyes were filled with mirth and mock. The school was almost empty but for a few students who still had some work at school to do and the Janitor who was probably somewhere in a class cleaning up. "Your homework?" I stutter, trying not to meet his eyes, focusing hard on his homework which had my handwriting written clearly over it. "Correct." he said with an evil smirk spread across his face before he suddenly grabbed me by the arm and pulled me forward, away from where I was hidden- between two lockers. "Dave!" I gasped as I slipped and fell on my knees, and by the time I raised my head, I saw him bending over me, and he wasn't smiling anymore. "How did I get a D in my physics homework?" His voice was cold and held menace, and my blood ran cold when I noticed the change in the tone of his voice. "I… I can explain Dave. I did the homework but I didn't realize I was solving the questions wrongly. I just got back from work last night and I was stressed and… " "Do I look like I f*ck*ng care, flea face?!" He growled at me, and as much as I hated the nickname 'Fleaface', I kept mute and didn't say a single word. "I can't afford to fail two more Physics tests or any test at all. My school academic records are too perfect and I intend to keep it that way." 'They wouldn't be perfect if you didn't make me multi task by dumping all your homeworks in my schedule and forcing me to write your tests.' I mutter in my head. "I made it clear to you that my SAT should be high enough to get me into PROM." "Your dad can literally get you admission into any college in the world. Why do you have to make my life a living hell by making me do your work." I snapped at him. I've always wondered why he even bothered coming to school. People like us go to school so we can work in top companies or average ones by making our school certificate's available. While he? His father could just let him run one of his numerous business. He suddenly got up, and with the look on his face, I knew he was up to something. Still on the ground, trying to crawl back up on my knees and hands, I watch as he headed for my open locker. My eyes widened as he grabbed my backpack and began shoving some of my books in which most of them contained my homeworks. "What are you doing?!" I got up and began following him as he walked away. My eyes widened in horror and fear of what I was to expect, but my legs moved quick to catch up with his fast steps. His long strides made it hard for me to catch up, and when we arrived at the girl's bathroom and I watched him throw the door open and walk in, I was suddenly held back from following him by two strong arms.

Chapter 2

Simone's pov I looked side by side to see James and Jason, the Franklin twins, holding me on either side of my arms, and I winced as their grip tightened when they held me back from moving. "Let go of me! Let me go now!" I yelled, kicked and trashed about violently, and I trashed about more furiously when I watched Dave open a rest room cubicle and upturned my backpack. Tears filled my eyes. I wasn't sure if it was from the fact that my hands were aching from being held too tightly by the JERKlin twins or from seeing my own books, weeks of homework and years of work, falling into the toilet. And to make things worse he threw my backpack in there too and stepped on it, ensuring all my works and reports got ruined. My heart ached in anger and my eyes was filled with tears which began running down my cheeks as I stood there and watched him step out of the cubicle towards me, wiping the side of his mouth bef


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