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The Billionaire’s Vendetta

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Anna's life took an unexpected turn when she was forced to marry Jackson, a rude and arrogant billionaire just to get money for her mom's surgery. Jackson has been finding a way to take revenge on Anna's family. When Anna's father came to him for help, he used the opportunity to demand for Anna just to make her suffer for what Anna’s mother did in the past Living with Jackson was like living in hell on earth. Anna is faced with enemies both known and unknown that could do everything possibly to ruin her happiness and marriage. How is she going to save her marriage?

Chapter 1

Anna stood in front of her dad, tears flowing down her cheek. As she yelled at him.

"Wow, Dad. Are you serious right now? You can't just marry me off like that to someone I don't know. Am not going to accept this marriage, Never Dad!

Mr. Perry stood there with a sad look on his face as he listened to his daughter. He tried calming Anna down.

"Anna, calm down okay? I know how you feel right now, but this is the only way we can raise money for your mum's surgery. Try to understand.

"I don't care Dad. We can find other ways to raise the money. Because I won't accept this marriage and that final. She screamed.

"This isn't just about your feelings. This is the only way we can save your mum. Try to understand. Mr perry sighed heavily

Anna always obeyed her dad but this time she couldn't sacrifice her happiness.

Never will I be part of this arranged marriage. You better find a way to stop it,

because I won't do it. She yelled, her voice breaking.

Her dad looked at her, his eyes sad. Am sorry Anna there is nothing I can do about it. I have agreed to the marriage. And the wedding date has been fixed and it is tomorrow.

He walks close to where Anna was sitting down and puts his hand around Anna's shoulder trying to calm her down.

"Sweetheart! You know I love you, Just do this one thing for me okay? This is the best thing for this family and your future. He is a billionaire, he is going to take good care of you, trust me. He stood up and walked out of Anna's room. Leaving Anna in tears, heartbroken and alone.

Anna went to her bathroom to have a cold shower to cool herself down. The thought of her marrying someone she doesn't love in order to get the money for her mum's surgery was unbearable. And there is nothing she can do about it.

She decided to sneak out of the house to meet her boyfriend Harry. Harry is the boy she wishes to spend the rest of her life with.

She quickly gathered the few things she will need, putting them inside a small bag.

She tried calling Harry but he didn't pick up the call. She has decided to start living with Harry. So that they can start their new life together, in a place where her dad couldn't find her.

As soon as everywhere was quiet. She opens the window of her room and jumps out. She ran as fast as she could to get a taxi to take her to Harry's house.


Anna arrives at Harry's house. She carried her bag inside.

"Baby! I'm home"! She called but there was no response. He is not in the sitting room or kitchen. Anna took the stairs and entered the corridor that leads to Harry's room.

As she was close to Harry's room. She began to hear obscene sounds from Harry's room. That she did not want to believe.

"Do you like it? She heard a voice that sounded like Harry's roar.

Anna's heart begins to race. Her breathing quickened and she thought that she was going to have a heart attack.

Anna could not bear the pain she was feeling but suddenly she told herself that it could be a movie he was watching which was on a loudspeaker.

She thinks about their special moment together. The way Harry takes care of her. She blushed at the thought and continued to approach the door.

"I love your body! The man's voice yelled.

Again, Anna felt her heart skip a beat. She was scared of what she would see if she opened the door. She did not want her special moment with Harry to fade away.

Anna's heart started pounding harder against her ribcage. Her breath was unsteady. She couldn't bear the pain she was feeling anymore, she had to allow herself to find out what was happening behind the door.

She wanted badly for the sound she is hearing to be coming from A movie yet she is finding it hard to believe. The sensible part of her body kept telling her it was all real and that Harry is cheating on her.

"Hold me tight baby. Harry let out a very loud moan.

Anna opened the door slowly. When her eyes fell upon the scene, She screamed.

"What!" She shouts out.

Harry was on top of other women. F*ck*ng her like mad. His hand was on her hip,  holding her in place. His c*ck was deep inside her p*ssy as he rammed mercilessly into her.

The woman was laying under him, her hands were on Harry's back. She was touching Harry probably for more maximum pleasure.

They stopped immediately and broke off from their position. Harry did not say anything to her, he just stared at her with his eyes wide open as he got up to his feet.

The woman sat up and Anna recognized her as Kate, she is Harry's neighbor. She sees them together sometime but she never guessed that they are having an affair.

Anna's body trembled with every intake of breath. Her vision became blurry with tears. As she yelled at him

"How could you do this to me? How dare you, Harry. How could you cheat on me like this? Is this how much you love me? She cried as the shock seized her completely but yet Harry kept quiet.

Harry did not move, he only stood there naked as he stared back at Anna.

Anna felt heartbroken to speak or think properly. She ran out of Harry's house.

Chapter 2

She sat in a cool and calm place along the roadside feeling lost and alone. A light rain started to fall. She screamed and cried at the same time, She cried until no more tears left.

The thought of her getting married tomorrow filled her with dread. She remained under the rain and cried out loud letting the rain wash away her tears.

"I thought Harry loved me, after everything I did for him, this is how he pays me back, how could he do this to me? I hate you, Harry, I hate you. She shouted Out loud.


Mr. Perry enters Anna's room to drop her wedding dress and to check on her. He dropped the dress on Anna's bed but could not find her in her room. He got worried and rushed downstairs to look for her.

He was about to ask their cook if she had seen Anna when the front door creaked open.

Anna entered, looking exhausted, her hair unkempt. She holds her shoes in each hand. As she looked at her dad.

"Where have you been, I have


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