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The Billionaire's Forbidden Wife

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When Brandon Henderson, the CEO of Zenith Incorporated, discovers that he has fallen deeply in love with Emma, his best friend's teenage daughter, he distances himself from her and forbids her from coming near his estate. In an attempt to further scare Emma away, Brandon marries her sworn enemy. However, Emma manipulates her way into Brandon's estate and uncovers a plot by Brandon's wife to harm him on their wedding night. Emma manages to foil this plan, but in the process, she ends up having a passionate night with Brandon, who was drunk. Little did Emma know that seeing Brandon's nakedness would be the start of her nightmares. Unfortunately, Emma is imprisoned and tortured by Brandon's enemies. The day she would be killed and Brandon framed for her murder, Brandon discovers that the girl he slept with on his wedding night was none other than Emma, his best friend's teenage daughter – someone he had vowed never to touch. Would Brandon push Emma away or continue to secretly live with her? And how would he confess to his best friend, the person who saved his life, that he slept with his daughter and that she already has a child with him? In the midst of this conflict, Emma loses her memory and her family quickly arranges a marriage between her and Kaiden – a man she hates so much. It then becomes Brandon's turn to save her. But how will Brandon jog Emma's memory, stop the wedding, and bring her back into his arms?

Chapter 1: Imprisoned in A Secret Room

I was just feeding my two-week-old son, who had been brought to me a few minutes ago, when my enemy, Rachel Winterberg entered the room with a self-satisfied smile. Rachel was pretending to be Brandon Henderson's wife, but we both knew it was a charade. Brandon Henderson is the father of my son.

I glanced at her through teary eyes before shifting my focus back to my son. Ever since Rachel locked me in this secret room nine months ago, surrounded by heavily armed guards, there hasn't been a moment of joy. Tears have become a constant companion, streaming down my cheeks every single day.

In this gloomy confinement, I carried my son for nine months, and the moment he was born, Rachel snatched him away, passing him off as her own. They only bring the baby to me secretly when it's time to breastfeed him.

Rachel imprisoned me in a secret room of their villa because I thwarted her plan to frame her husband, Brandon, and have him imprisoned, giving control of Zenith Incorporation, a Swedish tech giant, to Brandon's step brothers.

Even when Rachel attempted to blackmail me into falsely accusing Brandon of r*p*, so she could take everything and Brandon would rot in jail, I refused to admit that what happened between Brandon and me on the night of his fake civil marriage to Rachel was r*p*.

My worst fear now is the fact that Rachel planned to use me and my two-week-old son to achieve her evil plans, which include killing me and making it seem as though Brandon killed me, resulting in his life imprisonment. This is a plan I don't know how to foil, and the knowledge that I can't stop Rachel this time makes me cry every night.

"Feed the baby properly because I'm carrying out my plan tonight. This might be the last breastfeeding he'll get from you," Rachel broke the horrible news that has been my fear since I gave birth to Julian. I lifted my teary eyes and looked helplessly at Rachel, and she burst into laughter.

"Emma, I've told you countless times that you're nothing but a senseless teenager!" Rachel said amidst laughter. I stood up in slow motion and fixed my courageous eyes on Rachel.

"Do you even have a conscience? Out of all the women who are vying for Brandon's attention, he chose you to be his wife. Rachel, Brandon married you because he loves you! Can't you just let him be?"

"Well, I married him because I hate him with a passion! I told you, I'm only interested in two things - Zenith Incorporation and his massive c*ck, which he's been denying me since I got here. But I'm glad I'm getting everything I want tonight. Brandon has decided to f*ck me like crazy tonight," Rachel said excitedly and burst into laughter.

"After the deed, I'll serve him his hot dinner - the shocking surprise. Oh, my God, I can't wait to see the look on his face when he finds out he just killed his precious little sl*t," Rachel continued laughing maliciously, and I bit my lower lip so hard that I can't save myself this time.

"Here," Rachel said, flinging a baby cloth on the bed. "Dress the baby in this once it's 6 pm. I want Brandon to have one last look at his precious son before he goes to jail," Rachel said, chuckled, and pinched my chin. I violently slapped her hand away from my chin and stared wickedly at her.

Rachel tossed her phone on the bed and grabbed the collar of my tattered gown, threw me onto the bed, and started punching my face. I couldn't retaliate because we were surrounded by her armed bodyguards.

"Idiot!" Rachel spat at me after hitting me mercilessly. She sighed and headed towards the exit.

I fixed my teary eyes on my innocent baby who was just staring at the ceiling of my cell as though he knew his mother would be killed tonight.

The setting sun, which was peeping in through the lines on the window, made his eyes reflect multiple colors like his father's eyes do when the sun reflects on them. My heart broke as I stared at my son. I looked around the room and there seemed to be no hope of escape. I slumped on the floor and began to cry.

No matter how much I tried to regret my decision to come to Stockholm to save Brandon Henderson, my heart refused to admit that I made the wrong decision. Because if I hadn't, Brandon would have been rotting in jail by now. And being a good man, Brandon did not deserve it.

As I sat on the bare floor crying, my eyes caught sight of a phone vibrating beside my son. I quickly pulled it closer and looked. The person who was calling Rachel on the phone was none other than Denzel Tyson, Brandon Henderson's former military aide.

I took the phone and ran into my bathroom so the armed bodyguards who stood in front of my door wouldn't hear our conversation. My hand vibrated as I answered the call. Denzel was my only hope of escaping the secret room. And if I missed this opportunity, I would be dead by midnight.

Before I could say a word to Denzel, I heard a deep baritone voice in the room.

"Get the baby immediately!"

I quickly dropped the phone I was holding and it shattered on the floor. I ran into the room to find out what was going on. A hand quickly grabbed me, and we began to struggle, but he was more powerful. He threw me on the floor and tied my hands behind my back.

"We received information that our boss's son has been kidnapped, and we just found him here. We also heard that you are planning to run away with him!" The voice of the heavily-built bodyguard who just tied me down echoed in the empty room. The other bodyguards silently lifted the baby up from the bed and also held a phone to his ear.

"Boss, we have found your son!"

"Bring him to me immediately," I heard Brandon Henderson's voice booming from the other end of the conversation. Tears filled my eyes as I remembered everything I had been through for the past nine months because of Brandon Henderson. I traveled all the way from Malmo to Stockholm to save Brandon, a man I'm madly in love with.

"Call the police to take her away for attempting to kidnap her boss's son," One of the bodyguards said. Slowly, I lifted my teary eyes and looked at the bodyguard.

"The baby is mine. I gave birth to him, and I'm ready to prove it," I whimpered, revealing the secret. Rachel said she would kill me the day I would opened my mouth to tell anyone that I'm the biological mother of Julian Henderson. Since she planned to kill me tonight, there was no need to hide the secret anymore.

"Call the police!" the bodyguard who tied me up yelled at the one who was holding my son.

"Hold on! The boss needs to hear this. She must come with us."

The man who tied me up violently lifted me with one hand and began dragging me out of the dark room.

Seeing Brandon Henderson had been what I had been trying to do since I came to Stockholm, but Rachel wouldn't allow me to see him. I wouldn't say I was happy about the idea of finally meeting Brandon because I didn't know how he would react upon finding out I had a child with him.

As the bodyguard dragged me towards an exotic car parked outside the villa to meet Brandon, my heart raced at the thought of Brandon's reaction.

Chapter 2: What Were You Doing in My Bedroom?

Brandon Henderson's NarrativeIt was mid-August, and the evening sun cast a long, golden shadow through the window of my office. I paced around the room, anxiously awaiting the return of my bodyguards. I had sent them after one of my wife's maids who had kidnapped my two-week-old son, Julian Henderson.This servant happened to be my wife's personal maid. On the night my wife and I signed our marriage licenses, I had, unfortunately, slept with the maid under the heavy influence of alcohol. I honestly thought that I was making love to my wife, not realizing it was her personal maid at that moment. A few weeks later, we discovered that the maid was pregnant. Both my wife and the maid suggested that we pass the baby off as my wife's. I strongly refused, but after much pressure and blackmail from my wife, I reluctantly agreed.When the servant eventually gave birth, it ended up making headlines that Rachel Henderson had given birth to a ba

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