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Tangled Deception

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Adriana Steele finally gets the proposal of her dreams. Getting married to the Willingham family is more than just a dream to her, it's a mission she has worked so hard to get. Now she can get what she have craved her whole life, Revenge. She's out to make sure the whole family pay for destroying her happiness. Then there's him, the oldest son of the Willingham family. He has spent the last two years of his life looking for the girl he had a one night stand with. When he finally does, she's out of reach. When he meets the tough and determined Adriana, he knows there's more to her than the sharp mouth and pretty face, she unto something, and he's curious enough to dig what it is. It's a forbidden love story, where two hearts fight to be together.

Chapter 1 Adriana Steele



Feet tapping the marbled floor, my eyes were stuck on the stage.

I could feel a pair of eyes on me. No one had to tell me there were fathers. This isn't the time to return the look though, I have a lot more on my mind, and I think it's safe to say he is the least of my problems at the moment.

Still, I couldn't help but shift my gaze to where he was seated.

His glare was worse than I thought, but who cares? Not me. Again, he is not a huge problem at the moment.

He's probably wondering what in hell I'm doing here, he doesn't know things are about to get a little more intense.

I smile at the thought of it.

I took my eyes off him and faced the stage again.

Finally, the moment I have been waiting for arrived.

The corners of my lips moved upwards when I sighted Raphael. He walked to the stage confidently.

He started with all the unnecessary stuff they normally say when giving a speech. I rolled my eyes, trying my best to avoid yawning, or worse, hissing.

Get to the good part already!

I said in my head, and I wondered if he heard me because his next words were

"And with that, I would like to introduce our new business partner, Ms Adriana Steele." The crowd became silent, they were all wondering who the person with the surname Steele was.

"Ms Steele will be the designer for our new Jewelry business. Ms Steele, please join me here." Raphael said.

I gave Father one more look, everyone's eyes were on him since they had no idea who I was. I could see how hard it was for him to compose himself, mom was trying her best to hold him in one place.

I rose to my feet, my hands caressing the silk dress that hung around my body as I walked to the stage and stood next to Raphael.

"Thank you for this opportunity Mr Raphael, Thank you to the Willinghams for trusting me with this project. And thanks to my father, Mr Christopher Steele, for always believing in me."

The once silent crowd was now filled with murmurs.

"Christopher has a daughter?" Someone said,

Again eyes were on Father.

His face was crimson red now.

I bet he would love to dig the ground and hide forever.

Raphael continued talking about the new business plan that the Willinghams have.

But no one was paying attention to him, rather their minds were on how Mr. Steele has a daughter and no one knows.

Well here we are, I'm finally claiming my name.

I looked around the hall, hoping to see the Willinghams, who were seated together at their reserved table. Just as I thought, their table was silent, they were looking between Father and I.

I stepped down from the stage and made my way to the Steele's table.

What is a gala if I don't get to sit with my family?

"You piece of sh*t, what have you done?" Father muttered under his breath.

I returned his words with a smile.

Mom's hands were on his, she was the only reason he was composed, or else he would've embarrassed himself by now.

I kept my head straight as the cameras flashed.

Father should thank me, normally at such galas and events the only people who get the spotlight are the Willingham family. But here we are today, the whole press wants to talk to Mr. Steele, all because of me.

"Let's leave," Mom said to Dad and then me, we stood up and made our way to the exit. The media were all over us.

"Mr Steele, what is this? Is she really your daughter or is this just a scandal?" Red carpet reporter asked.

"Mr Steele, everyone knows you and Mrs Steele don't have a baby, and also you've said in so many interviews that you have no intention of adopting. Did you change your mind all of a sudden?" Another chimed.

We kept walking, trying our best to ignore the press.

Father could pass out any second, the thought of it made me chuckle.

The walk to the car has to be the most stressful one, even with the security personnel trying their best to push the interviewers aside. We managed to get to the car and the ride home was smooth.

"You worthless little thing!" We're his first words when we shut the door to the living room.

"Christopher please," Mom begged.

"Don't you dare Lisa!" He said. "I always knew she would be trouble! Look at her! Look at how she embarrassed me today!"

"Honey, she is just a child, please, forgive her," Mom begged.

"A child! A child can't pull all that stunt! What do you want? Popularity? Well, you've gotten it." He barked.

What could I do but smile?

"Now you've gotten the little attention you want right? You know what you're gonna do tomorrow? I'm going to call a press meeting, I know those brats will be waiting outside anyway. You are going to come down and deny being my daughter okay?" He was fuming.

"Honey this is wrong, think about how she'll feel please," Mom said.

"I don't care about how she'll feel! Did she care about how I would feel before doing what she did?"

"She's your daughter!"

"She's not my daughter for the last time! She is not my daughter! You adopted her, I never wanted the adoption, I only signed the papers for your sake, and I remember stating clearly that she can live with us and get all the luxuries,but no one should ever know!" He pulled his tie off and stomped towards the stairs.

"You want your hands in my money, don't you? I promise you won't get what you want!" He added before ascending the stairs.

"Adriana, my love, please don't take his words personal, you know how he can be," Mom said, wrapping her arms around me.

"It's okay mom, just go to him. I'm fine," I assured her.

She took a few minutes thinking whether to go after him or stay with me.

I assured her again that I'll be fine. Only then did she race up the stairs and straight to their room.

I felt guilty for the position I've put her in, but then, it's what needs to be done. It won't last, I promise.


I let out a relieved sigh when my back hit the surface of my bed.

What the heck? I never thought such fancy gala would be this stressful.

Mustering the little energy left in me, I reached to my feet and loosened the straps of my heels and then threw them across the room.

I lay back in silence, thinking about my next step.

The noise from my vibrating phone is what made me realize that I had fallen asleep.

I picked without paying much attention to the caller id.

"Hello?" I grumbled.

"Ms Steele," I rolled my eyes at the sound of Raphael's voice.

"In bed already? You didn't mind calling and saying a little, you know, thanks, for the effort I made."

On a normal day, I'd just hang up on him, but now, he's my biggest key to success.

"Raphael, I'm exhausted, but you know I appreciate your efforts. And by the way, I am paying for the service, it's not a favor." I said.

I could hear him chuckle.

"That reminds me, I did a really great job today, why don't you send something." I've already settled this gasbag!

"Raphael, is it that the Willinghams don't pay you enough as their special advisor and personal assistant?"

"Do you want me to abort the mission and focus on my loyalty to the Willinghams? I could do that, you know?"

Sneaky *ssh*l*.

"I'm not sending a dime, not until I hear the progress of the mission," I said.

It was getting hot in here,

I stood up from my bed and started taking my dress off.

I need to breathe!

"As we speak now, Mr Willingham has agreed to my idea of getting you married to his oldest son."

A smile crept on my face, I had to swallow the excitement in my voice before speaking.

"Good. I'm glad you are taking your job seriously." I said.

"As we speak now, you will be meeting with your husband-to-be tomorrow for lunch, you know, to get to know each other."

This is great, the joy of getting results is one of my favorite things on earth.

"But you know, all that can change with just a few words from me" He said.

Greedy *ss.

"I'll send you the money Raphael, no need for the pathetic threats." I said then hung up.

With my dress occupying a spot on the floor, I hopped back to my bed, my thoughts running wild.

"Meet my husband-to-be tomorrow."


Chapter 2 First Date Successful

These people have no jobs apart from poking their nose in people's family drama.

I peeped through the window one more time, there were at least five of them, each clinging to their cameras, waiting for someone to make the mistake of stepping out of this house.

I checked the address that was sent to me last night one more time before getting dressed.

Red, they say, is attractive, but I chose to go with olive green instead. I believe it compliments my skin, or maybe it's because I just have a thing for the color.

Either way, green it is. Plus it's covered enough not to show the scars on my lap. A win-win.

The date is 12 pm. Odd timing, but I guess that is when the Great Eric Willingham is free.

I still have time before then but leaving this house wouldn't be that easy so I needed to start early.

It was 10 am on the dot when I made my first attempt to leave.

My face came in direct contact with the butler the moment I stepped out.


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