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Sex Friend

Sex Friend

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After getting her heart broken by her boyfriend who cheated on her with her best friend, Camille decides to shut her heart and never trust men again. To distract herself from the heartbreak, she goes to a club with her friend. All she needs was someone who will only distract her from everything. Niklaus McDonalds is just the perfect person she needs. Though his personality is nothing to write home about but he's sexy, incredibly handsome and a renowned player who is known to never sleep with the same girl twice. He has never been involved in a relationship and never planned to either. Niklaus has slept with so many women in his life and he doesn't expect Camille to be anything more than a hookup but what could happen when they meet again and he had to play as her fake boyfriend?

Chapter 1

Men are liars! That's all they do and will ever do, tell lies and deceive you. If my ex-boyfriend who I was in a relationship with for four years had not deceived and lied to me, then maybe my opinion about men would be different.

I gave all my heart to someone who did not deserve it and end up getting hurt and broken in return. I know you must be thinking he probably cheated on me but no. With the way I love him, I would have looked past it if he only cheated but that wasn't the case. While I thought that we were madly in love with each other, Max was busy planning a whole wedding with Ava, my own best friend, ex best friend now anyways. I only found out about it a day before their wedding. Funny right? Yeah, I know that I'm stupid, but can you blame me? How was I supposed to know that the same person who claimed love to me would dump me for my own childhood friend? And the worst part of it was that he told us to break up through a text message while my own childhood friend, gave me their wedding invitation card asking me to give them my blessing. She couldn't even be less shameless.

It's crazy how someone you trust so much since childhood could stab you right in the back without a second thought. Ava and I had been so close that you would even think we were sisters. She was always there for me when I needed her, and I was there for her too in the best way I could. Even when I had misunderstandings with Max, she was the one who kept telling me things would be fine, but I never knew that she was sleeping with my boyfriend behind my back. I can swear that if she had bothered to at least come up with an excuse as to why she did what she did, I could have looked past it. That was how much she mattered to me, but she didn't do that. It turned out that she never really loved or cared about me.

I would say I am over it if it has been months or even years but no, it's only been three weeks since all this happened. They are currently happily married now while I am left to drown in my heartbreak and sadness alone.

"Camile, are you overthinking again?" I turn to the direction of the voice which belongs to my friend, Alice. Alice is my colleague at my working place, and we got close six months ago after we were both assigned a project to work on together. She has been the one consoling me and trying to help me get back on my feet.

"Stop thinking about that bastard, Camile, he's not worth it. Come on, let's go inside already." Alice urges me as she pats my back. We are standing in front of BEST CLUB which she has forced me to. Compared to me who is boring and outgoing, Alice is wild and going to clubs is a regular thing for her. She's very outgoing and parties a lot. This is actually what I need right now, the perfect distraction. There's no way I am going to turn back. I am not going to keep sulking while the people who betrayed me enjoy their lives.

"Let's go." I say to Alice as I adjust the short gown I am wearing. Alice has actually forced me into wearing this skimpy gown anyway.

She takes my hand in hers and leads me into the club. Just as we enter, a tall handsome guy approaches us with a smile on his face.

"Hey there, Alice." He reaches for Alice and kisses her on her lips. Oh, and before you start thinking this guy is Alice's boyfriend, he's not. It's my first time seeing him, and I have no idea who is but he is. I can't actually count the amount of guys Alice has, trust me, you'll lose count as well.

"You're looking sexy as fuck, girl." The guy compliments her with a grin on his face.

"Oh really?" Alice tucks her hair behind her ear pretending to blush.

The guy smiles and shake his head before his eyes land on me. "And who's this sexy chick?"

I smile slightly at him but doesn't say anything. Alice turns to me before she turns back to the guy. "Um, I will see you later, Ron." She turns to me. "Let's go and sit over there, Camile." She points to the bar side.

I nod my head and follow her over to the bar side to sit. The bartender smiles at us.

"Mix us a round please." Alice says to the bartender with a seducing smile on her face.

The bartender smiles at her and nods before he starts mixing us the drinks. My eyes move around the club, and I watch as different people come in and go out. Some are dancing while others are drinking. I slowly nod my head to the rhythm of the music.

She places her hand on my shoulder, "I need you to cheer up, Camile. You are here to drink and have fun tonight, nothing else."

I smile at the only supportive person who even though we became very close few months ago, treats me with so much love and kindness unlike my own best friend. I know you'll be wondering if I don't have parents or siblings who can support and console me, well don't think too much. My mom and dad are very much alive, but they are divorced. While I haven't seen my dad for over three years, I rarely see my mom either. She owns a gigolo club in NewYork and she's rarely around. And as for siblings, I do have a 16-year-old younger brother, Carter, who stays with me at my apartment. Carter has no idea about what I'm going through and I don't even want him to. I don't want anything to distract him from his studies because he's preparing for his scholarship exam into med school, so I did my best to hide what is going on with me. I am his big sister and we only have each other, considering our parents are not always there for us.

I nod my head before I turn to the bartender who is already done serving the drinks. I reach for one of the glasses and quickly gulps it down.

"Ohhh, that's my girl! Come on!" Alice hypes me while clapping her hands together. Oh, this girl.

I smile and shut my eyes as I enjoy the bittersweet taste of the alcohol.

"I am going to get wasted tonight! Screw Max!" I scream loudly as I give the bartender my glass to pour me another round.

"Yes girl, that's the spirit." Alice smiles at me.

"Hey, Alice, baby!" A male's voice calls and the two of us turn our heads to the direction of the voice. A tall hot guy walks over to us and kisses Alice. I quickly look away and pretend like I didn't see them. Trust me, I'm not judging my friend, but I just feel bad for the boys who probably think Alice feels a thing or two for them.

"Hey there, Seb. I didn't know I will see you here." Alice smiles at him but then she glances at me before she turns back to him. "Can we talk later, I'm with my friend."

I shake my head, "Just talk to him, I will be right here." I say to her.

She turns to me, "And then you will start sulking again?" She frowns.

I smile at her and points at the glass of drinks in front of me. "Not when I have this."

She smiles and shakes her head, "I am not leaving you alone, not even for a second."

I smile at her and just gives up. She turns to the guy. "I'll see you later, Seb."

The guy she calls Seb nods and pecks her lips before walking away.

"You know, I wish I can just live like you." I start to say immediately the guy leaves.

Alice turns to me with a confused look, "Live like me?"

"Yeah. You don't give your heart to men, so you don't get your heart broken. If I had not given my all to him, I wouldn't be hurting so much like I am now."

Alice sighs and reaches for her own glass. "You were only unlucky to meet someone like Max, Camile. It doesn't mean that you won't meet someone better than him. I don't date or commit to anyone because I'm scared of getting my heart broken..." She turns to me and smiles. "But it doesn't mean that I don't want to be loved."

I smile at her and gulp my drink. I'm starting to enjoy the music and the drink, and it makes me feel like coming here is not such a bad idea. The DJ switch to a fast-paced music and Alice screams loudly.

"This song is my favorite jam! Come on, Camile, let's dance!" Alice says shrieking her head as she runs off to the dance floor. When she sees that I did not stand up to follow her, she runs back.

"Come on, Camile! Don't sit there and mop over some stupid cheat and dance with me!"

She's right. Even if it's only been three weeks, it's long enough to stop waiting for someone not worth it, who has moved on with his own life. I take up the shots of vodka and gulp them one after the other quickly before I stand up to my feet.

"I am now ready to dance!" I scream loudly amidst hiccupping as I make my way over to the dance floor. The vodka is starting to hit me hard and the only thing on my mind right now is to find anyone, just any guy to dance with. I don't care who it is. I just want to do something crazy tonight and forget about everything.


Chapter 2

As I start dancing, my eyes roam through the club searching for someone to dance with. Then my eyes fall on someone. I don't know if the alcohol is making me exaggerate but he's absolutely the hottest guy I have ever seen in my life. He has this appearance that can make him stand out in the crowd. This man is good looking enough to have walked straight out of a fashion magazine. He's undoubtfully the one I'm dancing with tonight. I don't care with the fact that a woman with a heavy makeup, who's wearing the tightest, shortest gown I have ever seen, is trying to claim that he's hers. He's mine tonight.

I make my way over to them and prop myself between the two of them. "He's mine." I garble giving the girl a look that says she should disappear. I guess the alcohol is really giving me so much confidence tonight.

The heavy makeup girl glares at me and if looks could kill, I would be six feet under already.

Luckily for me, the guy doesn't deny me or push me away and he


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