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Rewrite the Broken Vow

Rewrite the Broken Vow

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Sashi
  • Chapters: 8
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 5.0
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A hopeless married couple decided to find someone who's fit to be the surrogate mother of their future child. However the baby, after being born, was taken by the surrogate mother away from its biological parents. --- Maui is ready to give everything for her husband. She’s willing to swallow her pride for Adrian. But above all things she's ready to sacrifice and putting herself at stake for the man she loves, she was still betrayed. Maui knows she has done enough for Adrian. It's her time for her to put herself first, to be happy, to be free from sadness and grief, and to heal her broken heart. However, Adrian wants to make things right. She wants Maui to come back, desperately asking her not to leave, Adrian pleads to Maui---if they can start again . . . and together, be able to rewrite their broken vow? Can a cheating guy be deserving for another chance? Can love cure the past that still haunts the present?

Chapter 1

I'm not really a fan of using idiomatic expressions to describe what I feel. I simply state the feeling. If I'm happy, I simply say I'm happy. If I'm sad, of course I don’t and couldn’t smile. If I'm scared, I simply zip my mouth, and that's all.

Not until I arrived at my happiest destination... so far.I learned to put a description towards my feelings.

While I walked down the aisle, I felt like I was floating on a cloud. Am I walking in seventh heaven? I don't… really know. All I'm aware of is that a minute from now, I'll be the wife of the man I was just flirting with before that I was talking to on the internet.

"I, Adrian Minatozaki, am accepting Maui Tenorio as my bride." While Adrian was putting the ring on me, my hand was still shaking. "And in front of the Almighty, I promise to take care of you and protect you."

"To the best of my ability, I will work hard to make you the happiest wife on Earth. I will never get tired of loving you. I will never tire of understanding you. Even if you’re having a mood swing more often that can lead you to start a fight with me, I’ll always try to understand and won’t ever add fuel to the fire. And even if you crave some weird foods at midnight, I can assure you your wish is my command.”

I heard faint laughter from our audience, and because of that I was slightly embarrassed. Adrian and I didn't talk about revealing each other’s bad and stingy image here!

"And I can't promise to you I'm the best husband who can cook you food, but for you... I'm ready to cook and serve your cravings. Even if my jokes are corny, I will try my best to make you laugh. And if you are stressed and have problems, please don't hesitate to share your problems with me.”

He lifted my hand and kissed it. "We are now one. We should solve our problems together. Now that we are married, you can now stop thinking that you're dealing with your problems alone."

"Keep this in mind, honey... You've always been with me in your battles. You are no longer alone. I'll be by your side always... even if you've become someone who never runs out of problems."

Adrian kissed my forehead. "In your ups and downs... In sickness and in health... Even if your skin is wrinkled... Even if your beauty fades... Your hair turns white... Have a big mouth... This is what I want you to remember."

There was nothing in our conversation that he failed to make me cry during his marriage vow. Besides the length, I’m touched upon hearing those. It looks like Adrian really prepared for this.

As for mine... I even got an idea from google just to write down my wedding vow.

"Your beauty will fade but my love for you will not. I love you so much, Maui.”

I cried all the time. Because I was really carried away by what Adrian said, so when there was no "kiss the bride" yet, I kissed my groom first.

"Let's congratulate our newlyweds, Mr. and Mrs. Minatozaki!”

And the priest announced that Adrian and I were officially married after the kiss. I am thrilled and happy to face the guests who attended Adrian and I's wedding. All is well... happy and celebrating with us.

I was laughing at my mom because right from the beginning of the ceremony, she was already holding her phone and pointed it at us. I think she covered the wedding from start to finish. In contrast to Adrian's family. They are the serious ones. They are indeed happy after the wedding while being classy.

I can feel Adrian's hand on mine while guiding me to take our first walk as husband and wife. To this day, my leg still shakes while walking. Maybe I'm just not used to high heels.

"Your hand is cold, hon. Would you like me to heat it up?”

Laughing I replied, “We still have a reception to attend to-”

Suddenly I tripped over the high shoes I was wearing, and I wasn't able to complete my words. Adrian immediately supported me, so I didn't fall to the floor... but I stepped on the hem of my gown and it was pulled down. The top is still tube and I'm not wearing undergarments.

“Oh my God!”

"Baby, close your eyes!"


My dress came down to half but I covered it with my hands. And Adrian took off his suit to cover my naked body. He quickly took me out of the church and we immediately got into the car... and all I did was to cry.


"An anonymous user uploaded a clip of you naked at your own wedding on social media. People there are already feasting on you... insulting you and some people are also saving that video to upload on a porn site.” My father-in-law's strong footsteps entered the living room. "And since you are my son's wife, even our family name is affected by the scandal you made-"

"Dad, that's enough," Adrian said. "Maui didn't want what happened earlier to happen to her. You sound like you're blaming her for embarrassing herself earlier. Be sensitive, please.”

"I'm trying to understand the situation!"

He was standing still and waiting to break things. But Mama Claire keeps calming him down.

"But the scene your wife makes on her wedding day has a huge impact on our company! You are about to be my successor, Adrian. But because of this, gossip has been talked about in the office and has reached the investors. How do you expect them to react after this? Shame!”

And finally... that word that I knew my father-in-law wanted to say to me came out.

"My mom knows an IT expert. She said she's going to turn down the video, so it doesn't spread further-"

"Do you think that's a big help?" I felt my father-in-law's eyes focused on me but I couldn't look at him. I just keep bowing my head. "You know, Maui... you can do us a favor better than what your mother is doing."

“Dad, stop-”

"First of all, I don't want you for my son," was his unflinching response. "So, if you really want to help clean up your own mess, start with the first step..."

I met his cold stares with my teary eyes.

"Leave our family alone if you don't want my son's life to be ruined."

Chapter 2

“The patient is still in the early stages of his Alzheimer's disease. Right now, we can still control the disease, but…” Doc Wendy patted my shoulder and her eyes were filled with sadness. "We can't deny the fact that the disease, soon after, will progress to a severe stage. We can't control his pain when he reaches a severe stage."

"What should we do, doc?"

"Let's give him time to accept his condition and wait for his further instruction when he is ready to inform his family about Mr. Rowan’s illness.”

I just went to Doc Wendy's to prescribe additional medications that I need my patient to take. And she also elaborated to me some important key points to remember about my patient, as well as keeping my mouth shut about telling his condition to other people.

I'm just preparing myself to keep quiet because I know that one of these days Sir Rowan's family may ask me about him. He's a fine man and a


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