Rendida por Santiago

Rendida por Santiago

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Angel00
  • Chapters: 8
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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Ah, my love, don't be afraid to want: it is our greatest destiny. love is as inherent as desire itself, and we are guaranteed by a need that will continually renew itself. "It is in the moments of decision that your destiny is set..." Come meet the intriguing story of Rose Louise a sweet, brave girl and Santiago Levy a cold man with a dark past. You will love it, hate it... The sweet mix of feelings. Santiago carries with him the weight of the past, Rose the weight of obligation and not being able to choose the direction her life could take.


Destiny is something uncertain, don't you agree? Many times it catches us unprepared, leaving us shaken and pushing us into a dark abyss that we don't even realize, showing that it has always been there, by our side.

Comical a girl, a woman at the height of his twenty-one years already be thinking and saying laments. Well, I think I have certain reasons for that, I was a desired and planned daughter, at least that's what they told me. When I completed my seven years of life, my late mother discovered her death sentence, the terrible disease "parkinsonism".

A neurological disease that affects a person's movements. It causes tremors, slowness of movement, muscle rigidity, imbalance, and changes in speech and writing, it kills you slowly even with several treatments, fighting for life for two years, Mom could not overcome it.

Since then my father has distanced himself from me, as well as the rest of the family, and since then I have learned to take care of myself by myself, facing the diversities of life.

"I don't believe it, how can you do this? -I walk from one side to the other -What kind of father are you?

Incredible how life always pushes me to the edge of the abyss."

" It was an accident. - He runs his fingers through his gray hair. - I was playing and luck stayed on my side in several moves, until ... - Sighs - I lost."

"Comical - I smile amidst the tears - You were so lucky that you decided to put all the goods you have at stake and not content with losing them, you decided to put me in the middle of this dirty business - I look at him with contempt."

Daughter, forgive me - He tries to approach me and I take two steps back making him stop - Try to understand ...

"Forgive me ? You gave me on a platter to a man you only knew by sight and besides you expect me to marry and go away with him, stop with this mediocre hypocrisy"

"Rose you do not understand - Gesticulates with his hands - We have no choice, if you do not marry I was sent to jail or even worse acts can happen."

" So you expect me to be your bargaining chip? - I ask sarcastically, wiping the stubborn tears that insisted on falling - Look how far we have come, I have to be thankful that my mother is not here to see the deceitful man that you have become."

"Don't you dare repeat that again, you little brat." And in one simple movement, she slaps me across the face. The time has come to show my gratitude for all this."

"You had the audacity to hit me - I stroke my face certainly reddened by violence - Everything I had was by my own merit, my mother left me an inheritance that sustained us until today, sustained even her own dirty vices. Don't be false Augustus Williams never even cared about me , not even when I was sick , he was never a man who deserves the title of father ."

"Enough! - I'm tired of hearing your whining and complaining, it's past the age of having tantrums. Hurry up and pack your things, your future husband is in a hurry to meet you - I smile devilishly ."

O heavens how could I be born to a cruel man like him? - Asks my subconscious

" I'm not leaving with anyone and I wish luck for you, because at this moment the only place that I will go is away from here and forget that I have his blood - I turn on my heels towards the room that I thought was mine."

"Will I have to do it again? We have no choice - He follows the same path as mine, grunting angrily."

" I wish you luck, because I will not submit to such an act - I close the door in your face and hear your cries of protection."

I walk to the closet and take a backpack putting some important belongings inside it, I did not get material goods or even a job. But I was sure that I would accept being sold and used in a low and dirty way.

" Rose - He shouts through the door - Naughty girl, we didn't finish our conversation ."

"I have nothing more to declare, I am not any teenager that will accept your objections, I have already completed the age of majority and I can make my decisions alone.

Rose , daughter - whispers - Don't you feel sorry for your own father ?"

"Don't be sanctimonious - I open the only barrier between us - Did you think of me when you put me as a prize at a poker table?"

"I've already explained to you how things occurred ..."

" And I already understood that you are nothing but a man addicted, who seriously needs a treatment - I interrupted me walking away from him in large steps towards the door."

"Don't you dare disobey me - he grabs my arm violently.

Augustus, despite his advanced age, was a robust and strong man, he always had episodes of violence in the middle of his life and never managed to contain any of them."

" You won't hit me again," I shouted. "Let me go, don't you see that you are hurting me?

"You can solve all this is just stay here and wait for your future husband - He squeezed my arm and gritted his teeth - I do not want to hurt you Rose, then cooperate with me.

- If you don't let me go now I will scream - I threaten "

"Naughty girl - Pushes me to the ground - You always choose the hard way - Removes the belt from your waist - Always so stubborn, daring to defy me - Gives me the first strap, making me groan - I scolded myself in thought for wearing a dress ."

" Stop - I ask, crawling away from it."

"You will do as I command - I grit my teeth - For your own good - He hits me the second, third and even the fourth repeatedly, but only stops the act when he hears the sound of the bell ringing repeatedly - Get up from this floor and get properly dressed - He orders.

Quickly taking me straightening my dress and messy hair feeling the pain throbbing over my legs , I would lie saying that this will happen for the first time .

I lower my head as the tears blurred my vision , I embrace my own body taking a deep breath for what would come next ."

" I told you that she would be to your liking Mr. Levy," Augusto said, offering me like meat in a butcher shop."

" I will not go - I whisper, biting my lips for such humiliation."

"We've talked about this, my dear daughter," he says, feeling his furious gaze on me."

" Rose - Speaks the man and for the first time I look at him.

Blond and straight hair, green eyes and scrawny body wearing a black social suit with the first buttons of the shirt open."

My story

Three years ago

"No, not Santiago - My wife says excitedly walking from one side to the other - You promised me, he said that he would take a vacation and that he would stay at home with me and his daughter. No more work trips and we put ourselves aside as if they don't care about us."

" Carolina my love - I run my fingers through my hair trying to be patient- Carolina my love - I run my fingers through my hair trying to be patient million dollars ."

"Money, money - He says sarcastically - Is it all you care about? We have enough for all our generations to live well all their lives, that's not important. Me and your daughter need you after what happened last year, after what happened last year - Rolls his eyes - I thought this whole situation would change, that you would be a new man -Remember . A year ago, on one of my many work trips, I made the mistake of getting involved with one of the company's employees. Carolina ended


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