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Make You Mine: An Unrequited Love

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: xx
  • Chapters: 50
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 441
  • 7.5
  • 💬 221


I gasped for more air when he reached my face, caressing it while burying himself deep inside me. "I am only yours... and you are only mine." he started moving an unfamiliar, but slow and strange beat. Our bodies are quivering with so much pleasure as he takes me deeper and deeper. "No, l-I do-don't like y-you." I tried to utter these words as his thrusts became deeper and much more defined. Anger rushed through him, upon hearing those words. He began thrusting very very fast and hard, with each thrusts sending a shiver down my spine. He thrust faster and faster, without mercy, that the bed break. Muscles in his arms protruding as he guides both my legs to open more in front of him. "You are f*ck*ng moaning and having this... and you don't like me?" I stopped answering as I moan, wanting to c*m once again. My scream enveloped the whole villa. He doesn't stop there. He tease my breast and my folds as he takes me in a different and long missionary position. It's true that I don't like him. I like someone else, his brother. But when he do this, I don't know why my body gave in. I already moved on from him. He became a successful CEO of his company and I, an accountant. Our relationship when I was nineteen and young is already gone. "You can't escape me." that was his final voice that made me scared to death. He takes me more than several times. Different positions and different rhythms. And me, enjoying it, moaning and gasping for air as his pet bulges within me. I am scared of having s*x with him and him, making a contract marriage to have me. I hate him. I f*ck*ng hate him. I don't know anymore. "Please stop this, Simoun." I said, when I woke up from having countless rounds with him on the bed. He is near, thrusting hard and long inside me, still caressing my breasts and leaving a mark on my neck and chest. "I won't stop until you come back to me." And I know that he can use me, but I won't come back with him. After the death of his father, Viviana is a maid in the Alvarez mansion. She has long planned of taking revenge on Alvarez, Governor Gerry Alvarez who killed his father. In a long time, Viviana and Simoun became close to each other because Simoun helps people. Simoun fell for her but she doesn't like Simoun in the first place and never liked him. She rejected Simoun's proposal. They became separated as Viviana leave him with her heart broken for the death of her mother, leaving her alone. Simoun loves Viviana, but Viviana grew apart and loved Alonzo, Simoun's brother. Finding out this, Simoun finds a way to have a contract marriage with Viviana and punish her for making him wait and not loving him. His feelings for her became more intense, and he wants Viviana all by himself. But on everything that he does, Viviana doesn't like him. Even if he is also a Billionaire CEO, richer than his younger brother. She simply doesn't want him and prefers his brother. But she likes him when he's on top of her, making her scream, gasped for air, moan out of pleasure. Will Simoun make Viviana fall in love with him, or will Viviana, after all, of Simoun's effort and love, still choose Alonzo? Simoun's night we're always question about Viviana. If she even once liked him or if he is waiting for a lifetime for Viviana to come back is in vain. Simoun is obsessed with Viviana. Making her moan is his greatest achievement and will always be his favorite melody. Will he still be given a chance for Viviana's love? Or will his brother, Alonzo, still win Viviana's heart?

Chapter 1 - Indifferent

A warm sunlight greeted me. I could feel its warmth, but the wind didn't seem to match the season. Even though it was hot, the breeze is very cold. My long, wavy hair is blowing in the wind as if it is dancing.

"I could just wait here. I really can." I said, reassuring Craig that I am fine right now.

He doesn't need to accompany me anymore. Besides, he's busy and I don't want to burden him more.

We are now here on the ship going to my province. La Carles. I have to admit, I know I need to go home, but I don't want to go back there.

"For Pete's sake, Viv, don't be so stubborn!" Craig laughed without humor.

Here he is, I'm like a child he's taking care of! I pouted as I realized that I can't do anything here in Manila.

My life here in Manila is like a one-shot thing. Party here, party there. I never thought that I was chasing the wrong things in my life. Until, everything fell apart. I got fired from my job and my money is running out. And because of my bad record, I was not accepted for the job I applied for.

Look what it got me, huh? I am here, contemplating my life decisions.

And I realized one clear thing.

I am a burden.

"At least, it's okay to drop you off, right?" Craig raised his eyebrows, still smiling.

He really knows how to piss me off.

"Okay. Okay.” I just said laughing at his persistence. This man's peskiness is really into the next level!

Even though Craig and I were talking, I don't know why my mind wandered to La Carles. My hometown... the beauty of that town. It's not that I don't want life in La Carles, it's just that I have another reason. It's a reason I don't want to entertain, but keeps bothering me.

"You really are stubborn! You could just stay in my condo." Craig said as he continued checking my stuff because I'm about to board the ship.

I only brought a suitcase and a small shoulder bag. He looks and organizes it as if I forgot something.

"Don't worry, I'm going home. There is also something to do there.” I smiled at him while letting my fingers run through my hair. He looked at me and straightened his posture.

I admit, it's a good offer, but Craig's always been good to me. I realized I also needed to do better steps for myself when I arrived home. And most of all, I want to visit our house too. I miss my mother.

He raised his eyebrows. "What agenda then? Maybe you won't come back here, huh!" he accused, brows furrowed as if he's convinced by his notion.

I laughed. Really? “I'll be back! Less than a year, or so, I might be able to recover and come back.” I reassured him. But I also reassured myself that I will come back here to Manila.

"I will pay for your trip and what you will need," he temptingly offered.

I sighed. "Craig, we've talked about it. I have some money left over for the things I'll need on the way home."

"Okay, fine! Just let me assist you in boarding the ship." I smiled. Finally, for the third time, he agreed with me.

I was fired because I didn't do my job as an accountant here at MetroCorporation Properties, Inc. I was absent the whole three months just because of my stupid life decisions.

Honestly, I didn't know what to do in my life. In fact, I am very different from the Viviana that my parents knew. Once I was free to roam here in Manila, I did everything just to satisfy my whims. I partied.

I think it's because I didn't experience this life, so I keep chasing and embracing it. Back then, my parents were also strict with me, since I'm their only child.

But then, it's not an excuse to let myself crumble over what my parents have done for me to have a comfortable life.


I sighed and felt a deep sting in my chest as I remembered my father.

"Thank you very much for helping me." I smiled at Craig. He just nodded.

Still not convinced, huh? But for me, I will still keep my decisions straight.

Minutes had passed, and it's time for me to put my luggage on the ship.

"Viv, have you made up your mind yet?" we were almost at the stairs of the ship when Craig asked me again.

"Yes." is my simple answer, but I myself also have second thoughts.

He nodded. "If that's what you want. Just call me if you need anything." Craig hugged me tightly and kissed my forehead.

He's one call away every time. "Okay, thank you." I smiled at my friend. I'm really thankful to have him.

"Okay, okay. Call or text me after your trip,” he said as he helped me put my luggage in the front row of the ship.

And just how fast this day is, I can now look at the vast sea. Clear blue waters, ocean-colored skies, and my hand tightly holding the railings of the ship. 'These are all fine.' I said to myself as I tried to calm down for a few more minutes.

It's getting dark and I'm sure it's only a matter of time before I'll be in the province of La Carles.

"I will be fine." My grip on the railings tightened even more while saying those words. 'I'll be fine, everything will be fine.' I constantly repeated in my mind.

I'm afraid to go home. For the past five years, I've been trying not to think about him. And I know I've convinced myself for a long time that I don't like him and I will never like him.

But who am I fooling? I fell harder for him. And I can't seem to move on... even though five years have passed.

"If you don't pay this coming May, all your property will be issued as a payment!" shouted Ayda, Governor Gerry Alavarez's tax collector.

The Alvarez family is known for being rich and extorting the poor. And most of all, to deceive politics and its constituents. I didn't want to judge them, but the way they treat people, you can really see from their actions and tactics that rags and corruption exist in this province.

The people are paid to get their vote, only showing when the election is coming up. And if you need help, their home is closed, and even their office.

"Don't you know that you have no rights, huh?! You vagabonds!” she shouted more. Many people kept looking at us, and their faces showed fear and concern.

It's sad and infuriating. I don't know that I can keep up with that emotion whenever I see their family always having a fancy party with others heedless in power.

Heavy footsteps approached, and the noise of Ayda is now gone. She just had that shocked and afraid facade.

"That's enough, Ayda. Please tell Mom and Dad not to let this happen again," said Simoun who looked like he had just come from the end of the ground. He used his dark towel to wipe his sweat and the mud on his hands.

But even so, their only child was different. It cannot be considered evil and greedy for power. Simoun is kind and helpful to those in need. When I was young, I could see him working on their acreage.

"Yes, Sir. Your father ordered me to do this. I will be scolded if I don't do what I am asked to do." Ayda's scared voice echoed while she just crouched down on the ground.

Sweat formed in his biceps, arms, and his face. His brows furrowed as he continued to wipe it while listening to Ayda. His brown shirt matched his tan skin and gorgeous appearance.

Sweat traveled again from his furrowed brows, down to his chin, and I couldn't help but admire his beauty. It's just that everything in him was placed perfectly, like his sweat, it's like it was designated only for him.

He noticed that I looked at him, and then he sighed. My heart is beating fast, now that I saw the sight of his wonderful dark blue eyes.

"Go back, Ayda, and I'll take care of talking to them. I'm also going home," said Simoun to Ayda.

"Y-yes, Sir," Ayda said, still bowing her head.

He nodded casually, Adams apple moved as he swallowed hard, while still preoccupied wiping the sweat in his arms...

My thoughts lingered more on him. His actions are surprising, contrary to what his poise shows. His actions are authoritative, but his speech is full of kindness to the people under their jurisdiction.

He always had this menacing look. He looks very untamed, like a wild beast that is ready to fight. Body is full of elegance, skin color that is brown, but his eyes are blue and deep. It seems that they have no fear and only the waves of the sea can be seen. A wave that won't stop crashing.

He is always confident and not easy to understand. It was mixed emotions looking at him, it was kind of making me feel loved, frustrated, and lost at the same time.

"Thank you, Simoun!" my father said happily, his body full of sweat.

I almost threw up in front of my parents. It's not because I'm disgusted by Simoun rescuing us, but because it's his parents' fault. If they had not extorted money, we would have been able to plant freely here and the land of my ancestors would not have to be paid for because it is ours.

We don't owe that, his parents just took our land and made us pay what we shouldn't have paid. How mischievous, right? Stealing something that they didn't own in the first place. Making us suffer by having to pay for what is ours in the first place.

"Thank you, you are very kind!" my mother elbowed me, a signal for me to speak to thank him also.

Now Simoun turned to me. I could hardly breathe because our eyes met, as if he is waiting for me to say something to him. I don't want to say anything. My mouth is closed.

Maybe he realized that I didn't seem to have any intention of speaking, he just looked at me. "You can come to me if this happens again. I’m leaving now.”

"Alright, Simoun, be careful!” he then left. I watched his manly figure, his broad and strong back, and the outstanding figure of his body.

I saw him pick up his helmet near the bench, wearing it while walking. And finally got to his motor to drive even though the sun could burn his skin at any minute now.

“Oh, my! Why didn't you say thank you?" my consciousness regained as I heard my mother's voice. She was also waiting for Simoun to leave.

"I'm sorry, but that land is ours. Why did they take ours?" my parents' faces showed transparent shocked. They know that I don't want to be treated like a naive person. And above all, I also know that the land we grow rice on is really ours.

“It's theirs now, Viviana. We are in their territory,” Mother said tiredly.


Before I could even finish what I’m about to say, my father screamed as if something hurt in his chest. His two clasped hands were holding his chest.

It seemed that his gasping for breath was the signal, and he completely lost consciousness and collapsed on the ground he was standing on.

"Rogelio!" my mother screamed. She hastily lifted Father's body. I, on the other hand, quickly rummaged through my bag to see get my cellphone.

"Vi-Viviana, ask the other workers here for help!!!" my mother was crying.

Panic rushed through me, as I saw how my father held his chest, gasping for air.

"Mang Ben, help us!!!" I was on the third floor of the lawn when someone helped us.

I dropped my cell phone in a rush to dial numbers on my phone. I picked it up while fighting the urge to cry a river. I must get this through and make my father go to the nearest hospital.

I kept calling the ambulance's number on my phone, and when I heard that it was finally connected, I felt much calmer.

"There's an emergency here in Sta. Ana area, where the Alvarez planting land is. My father passed out, we need an ambulance here now. Thank you. ” I said concisely since I need to stay calm in situations like this.

"Rogelio!!!" I closed my eyes upon hearing my mother’s cries.

"Y-yes, we're definitely gonna wait for you to arrive here. Thank you." I gritted my teeth. F*ck you all, Alvarez clan.

Chapter 2 - Gaze

Minutes later, the ambulance came and took my father in. With us, the ambulance sped its way to the nearest hospital.

"Rogelio!" my mother's voice makes me hurt more than it is. I hugged her while she was crying about all these happenings.

Fear encircled my system. The only thing I could do was hug my mother, who continued to cry through all of this. My mother is so precious to me, and seeing her cry her heart now is making me break into pieces, too.

I don't know what is happening, father is not sick. That's what I know because if there was, my parents would have let me know it.

Until we got to the hospital, I continued to worry about what could be the reason for his sudden fainting earlier. I threw my body against the cold wall of the hospital when we arrived. I let myself think of that.

"D-doc, what happened?" Mother said with tears in her eyes.

The doctor just came out and he looks like he's in trouble, b


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