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Rejected by Mate, Second Chance at Fate

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Xin'ai
  • Chapters: 36
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 41
  • 7.5
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Marielle's life is turned upside down when she discovers she's fated to be with the pack's arrogant Alpha's son, William, who tries to kill her for being an "untrue" werewolf. But when William's brutal attempt to murder her backfires, Marielle escapes to the arms of Kieran, a charismatic wild werewolf with secrets of his own. Forced to choose between a fate she never wanted and a forbidden love that could destroy her, Marielle has to dig out the truth behind her family's curse, despite betrayals lurking from every corner. With her old mate returning to make her his and her true mate eager to claim her, Marielle's in a tight spot, trying to figure out who's really got her back. In a world, where love can be more perilous than anything, who can she really trust?

Chapter 1

"You're my mate." He had to be kidding me. The Moon Goddess couldn't be so heartless as to bind me to my childhood tormentor. William, the alpha's son, had made my life a living hell, and now he claimed we were destined to be together?

"This is some kind of twisted joke, right?" I asked, trying to hide the tremble in my voice. He held my chin, his eyes piercing mine with an intensity that made my skin crawl.

"I wish it were a joke. Being stuck with you as my mate is the last thing I wanted," he spat out, his tone dripping with disdain. "You're nothing but a disappointment. I thought maybe if you were a true werewolf, there'd be something worth respecting."

The barb about being a "true werewolf" wasn't new; I'd heard it before. But tonight, under the glow of the full moon, his words felt sharper, cutting deeper than usual. My aunt had gone to great lengths to conceal my inability to turn, hoping to shield us from the pack's judgment. Yet, in a place where secrets rarely lasted, our truth was bound to come to light sooner or later.

"What the hell are you talking about?" I snapped, trying to keep my voice steady. For years, I thought William's hatred was just that—hatred. Now, it seemed like he was just plain crazy. I had avoided trying to turn in front of the entire pack every full moon for the past six years by staying busy in my aunt's tent. Yet here was William, the future alpha, spouting nonsense.

"Don't you get it?" William yelled at me. "You're lying," I shouted back, pushing him. Even as I said it, a part of me feared he wasn't. William was many things, but I didn't think he'd joke about something so sacred. Most wolves wouldn't dare.

His smirk was vicious, and I instinctively took a step back. I knew that look well—it was the same self-satisfied smile he wore every time he beat me up for fun. I hadn't expected to see two wolves behind me, moving closer with careful steps.

"Paxton, Dominic, I'd say it's nice to see you, but we both know that's a lie," I said, recognizing them instantly. "I guess you're dumb enough to follow this jerk around even in your wolf form." The wolves growled but didn't advance. "I've heard the rumor that mating can do the impossible. You're attractive enough, though a bit too mouthy, but that's fixable with a few beatings." William moved closer, and Paxton and Dominic closed in, trapping me. If William thought I'd willingly be his mate after a speech like that, he was delusional.

"I'd never submit to you."

"It doesn't matter. There's one thing I can't overlook. You're not a true werewolf​. Without the ability to turn, you're useless," he said.

I stayed silent, letting him enjoy the sound of his own voice. I just wanted this charade to be over. "Being an eighteen-year-old wolf should force the turn out of you, but I keep wondering why it hasn't. So, you're useless to me," he concluded.

The hair on my arms stood on end. Something was very wrong. William had me surrounded by wolves, and we were alone. “Then just reject me in front of the pack-”

“You think rejecting you will sever the bond?” William stepped away, and Dominic and Paxton moved even closer, one on either side, boxing me in. Both wolves had their hackles up, growling at me.

“I learned that to be free of the bond with you, you have to die. And here’s the really funny part: I can’t kill my own mate.”

“There are other ways to sever a bond,” I said. “You know I don’t want to be mated with you.”

He shook his head. “And risk you getting a second chance with a new mate? Or worse, having everyone know I bonded with a wolf who can't turn? I don’t think so.”

That was my cue and I didn't hesitate, dashing towards the trees as fast as my legs could carry me. William's refusal to listen left me no choice. The distant howls of wolves sent my heart racing even faster. I knew Dominic and Paxton were closing in, and the woods were teeming with predators.

Death was not an option I was ready to accept.

Just as I thought I'd escape, a wolf's jaws clamped down on my calf, tearing through flesh and sending a searing pain through my leg. I was yanked backward, landing hard on the ground. I managed to break my fall with my arms, but my right hand twisted awkwardly, and I heard the sickening snap of my wrist breaking. The intense pain blurred my vision, and I cried out in anguish. My leg felt like it was on fire, and my wrist throbbed with each heartbeat.

"Damn it!" I clutched my injured wrist, rolling onto my back to face my attackers. In the dim light, three massive wolves loomed over me, their growls and heavy breathing filling the air. William had joined his friends, their eyes fixed on me with a hungry gleam. I wiped away the drool from one of them that splattered on my cheek, cradling my wrist again as I prepared for the worst.

Chapter 2

I attempted to inch away from them, but the movement sent fresh waves of pain from the bite on my leg. I winced and hissed. “If you’re going to end me, just do it already.”

One of the wolves, a massive dark gray one, the largest among them, darted off, leaving me with the other two.

“So William’s having you do his dirty work?” I scoffed. “You two are a joke.” I spat at the wolf closest to me.

The creature growled, then lunged for my arm, sinking its teeth in. I screamed and tried to pull away, but every movement heightened the agony. Suddenly, the second wolf clamped down on my other arm, and my vision blurred as pain overwhelmed me. The wolves began dragging me, hauling me across the rugged, rocky terrain.

Rocks tore up my back, thorns caught in my flesh, chunks of hair caught on the ground but the wolves pulled me on, forcing the hair to rip from my scalp. “Let me go, you assholes!” I yelled at them between gasping through the pa


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