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Pamela, a village seamstress born with the gift to dance beautifully, dreams of meeting her favourite musician and dancing along with him, Matt D Great. Her dream comes through when she finds out that she's designing the musician's outfit for the upcoming show, which will be grand. Matt D Great finally meets and bonds with her. Taking her along with her team designers to the city to attend his show. A hurtful event takes place between Pamela's friend Favour, and Helen, the goddess of dance. This event lands the village seamstress on the stage, right in front of the whole world. What will she do next? Is this her moment to shine?


"It's pretty cold this morning", a young lady said. Standing outside a dull green house.

This house was located in a small village, close to the river bank. Other houses in the village wasn't as dull as this house. It's actually the oldest in the village.

Other houses were built beautifully. In fact, this house was and painted unattractively.

"Pamela! Pamela! Where are you?" a voice called from inside the dull green house.

The young lady standing outside, turned back to face the house.

"Yes?!" She responded loudly. Answering the call.

The young lady was known as Pamela.

"I'm coming," Pamela responded again. Running into the house.

Pamela entered into the house and met an older woman sitting on a chair and watching the TV. That was her mother.

"Where were you? I was calling out to you," the woman complained while operating the remote of the TV.

"I'm sorry Mom. I was outside the house. Just heard you calling now," Pamela explained.

Her mother waved her left hand at her and called her attention. "I don't know what is wrong with the remote. Help me out here," she requested.

Her mother stretched out her right hand with the remote in it.

Pamela moved closer and took the remote from her mother. She checked the back of the remote and discovered that the battery was dripping out liquid already.

Pamela shook her head and sighed out, before showing her mother the remote.

"Mom, the battery is dead."

"Oh!" Pamela's mother groaned.

She was trying to change the channel to her favorite station. It was almost time for her early morning news and she didn't want to miss it.

Quickly, she grabbed her purse which was beside her and took out a note.

"Here," she said. Handing out the note to Pamela. "Quickly, go and buy the battery. It's almost time for my morning news," Pamela's mother said hastily.

She turned her attention to the screen of the Tv. Biting her lower lips, like she was waiting for a Miracle to take place.

Pamela took the note and rushed out of the house and into the cold morning.

Pamela was running towards a shop which was opposite her home. There was a woman who sells provisions right there.

Most of the people visited her shop because she had almost everything they needed.

Her shop wasn't as popular or expensive like other sellers in the village. But it was still something.

Pamela got to the shop and stood close to the window. She couldn't go towards the entrance because of the loads of goods that blocked the way.

You could tell that they were new goods just bought from the Big market.

The Big market wasn't close to Pamela's place or the shop. But it was where other traders and some buyers visit to get most of their things.

"Good morning," Pamela greeted right outside the window.

A voice suddenly came from inside the shop. The voice wasn't sounding that clear at first. But it soon came out to light.

" Yes, good morning. What do you want ?" The woman who owns the shop asked.

Pamela stretched out her hand with the note and made her request. "Pls, I batteries. The medium size," she requested.

"Hmm," the seller hummed from inside.

Then, she popped her head through the window to see who was talking. Her eyes immediately fell on Pamela. On seeing her, the woman's expression changed.

"Oh! It's this lady again. Why does she have to be the first customer to visit my shop? I don't like it when she or her family comes here to buy something from me. There's always one problem or another," She viewed within. Recurring what had happened between her and Pamela's mother the last time she sold something to Pamela.

It was in the night. Pamela had bought a pack of candle for her mother that night. There was no light that night. The whole village was dark.

Only few houses turned on their power support, while the others put on candles and lanterns.

Pamela was in a hurry that night. She was on her way to work. She was having a night shift at her place of work and needed to be there on time. She bought the pack of candle and rushed back home.

Some minutes later, Pamela's mother marched back to the shop to complain about the candle.

"Mam T, what's the meaning of this?" Pamela's mother complained to the woman, who is now known as Mam T by Pamela's mother.

Mam T had wondered what the problem was. Only for Pamela's mother to reveal that one of the candles had a crack by the side.

"How do you want me to use this candle? This is not right," Pamela's mother had complained.

It took time before Mam T settled the matter. Now seeing Pamela here this morning, made Mam T to think about her mother's trouble.

"I want to need the batteries please," Pamela requested again.

Mam T looked at her, before letting out a smile. "I'm coming my dear," Mam T responded. Poking her head back into her shop.

Pamela moved closer, waiting for the battery. Her attention fell on the road, as she watched all the little children running up and down, playing. A smile crept across her face.

"Oh dear!" Pamela heard the noise from the shop.

She looked back at the window and saw Mam T popping her head again from the window.

Before Pamela could ask what happened, Mam T quickly announced to her. "There's no battery my dear," she delivered unhappily.

"Oh! No battery," Pamela repeated.

"Yes my dear. Maybe you'll have to head down to the Big market. You'll find the battery there," Mam T suggested.

Pamela wondered if she could make it in time for her mother's morning news. She just didn't want to go to the Big market without her mother knowledge.

Pamela decided to let her mother know before leaving.

"Okay then. Thank you Mam T," Pamela appreciated. Turning around and heading back home.

Seeing her leave, Mam T scoffed, before giving out a hiss. Bringing out a pack of batteries out from a box.

"I don't want any problem this morning. It's better you go to the Big market and get your battery," Mam T said.

She resumes with her morning arrange in her shop. Setting and preparing everything for the days business.


"No battery?" Pamela's mother asked, looking disappointed.

Pamela told her what Mam T had said to her, concerning the battery. "There's no battery. Unless I go over to get it for you at the Big market," Pamela said, suggesting with her arms folded across her chest, and her eyes on her mother.

Pamela's mother looked at the time and at the Television. She sighed and told Pamela to go to the Big market quickly. "Just go and get the battery and come. I'll try to use the button to locate the channel," Pamela's mother decided. Moving closer to the Television.

"Okay then. I'm coming," Pamela said.

She turned around to approach the door. She took her steps, opened the door and walked out of her home.

Out again into the cold and freezing morning, Pamela zoomed out of the house and headed for the Big market. She was walking down the path road, as she thought about her night shift.



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