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Passion For Revenge

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“F*ck, I can smell your arousal___I know you want me as much I as want you, so do not defy me!” Yes, I was aroused by this man, by my mate, but it was the first time for me, I was scared. “ You are still untouched?” “ Yes, I have never even been kissed before,” He groaned at my answer. Abigail Monroe was reduced to a pack slave after her parents were sentenced to death as traitors of the Glow Star pack, she underwent torture and pains at the hands of her pack, but on that faithful day her wolf Shira smelt their mate, an arrogant, possessive, and wealthy Alpha of the biggest pack in the country, Abigail feared rejection at his hand, nonetheless, she was unexpectedly accepted by him, and even against all odds he carried her out of that hell of a pack and brought her back to his pack, the Outlaw pack where Abigail is loved by only a few people. When she believes the Moon Goddess has finally shone light upon her life, yet maligned fate ensures that love turns to dust and is snatched away from her, leaving her in a world of dilemma once more. Abigail embarks on a mission to get revenge on everyone responsible for the ruination of her life, both old and new adversaries must get a taste of their own medicine in this journey for the passion of Revenge.

The Traitors Daughter


The sound of someone screaming woke me up from my slumber, I checked my broken watch and realized it had been only three hours since I closed my eyes for a nap,

“ Abigail!!” the voice yelled again, Warily I stood up to go outside when she barged inside the tiny hole where I slept. Her countenance indicated how angry she was, immediately her hands gripped my hair tight, making me cry out in pain,

“Why on earth are you still asleep? Aren't you supposed to start preparations for breakfast!”

Madam Doreen’s voice echoed,

“ I'm sorry, I went to sleep late,” I tried to explain but was cut short when a slap landed on my face, I could taste the metal as blood sufficed my mouth.

“Shut up and get on with your duty you useless sl*t,”

Without hesitation, I rushed out to the kitchen to start preparations for breakfast, This has been my daily routine as a slave here in the Glow Star pack.

My life was never like this, growing up I had a perfect life with caring parents who loved and cherished me until everything changed on that faithful day. Our pack was attacked by another and my father, being the Beta at that time, was away with his family on a vacation, everything happened so fast, and upon our arrival, my father and mother were accused of being traitors who disclosed the pack's information to the assailants that attacked the pack.

Both my Father and Mother were sentenced to death while I was brought to the pack house as a servant or pack slave just as I am mostly called which suits my life better; pack slave.

Every morning I make sure to prepare breakfast for the entire pack members living in the mansion, Which was a total of thirty-five werewolves.

Madam Doreen was the head servant in charge of the welfare of the pack house, she oversees that the pack house is well arranged and things are in order, She hates me so vastly and make sure to punish and downgrade me whenever she feels like it.

Finally, I was done preparing breakfast and the other servants served the food, I was never allowed to serve, my only job was to cook the meals, clean the dishes, scrub floors, and do the laundry. Everyone hated me here in the Glow Star pack, I was living in total hell here.

“Look what we have here, if it isn't the pack's only slave,”

Zara and her group of bully friends approached me in the kitchen, it was after breakfast time, and I was doing the dishes, I simply ignored them since I was used to the insults and scorns they often threw at me,

“ Oh my goodness what is that stench?” One of them mutters with her hands covering her nose,

“ Of course, it is oozing out from that pig,” Zara comments with hate laced in her voice,

I watched her move to the rack of plates I had finished washing, she glared at me before pushing the rack down, and I gasped in shock. All the plates hit the ground and broke into pieces,

tears streamed down my eyes, and my body shook with fear at the punishment I would receive for this from Madam Doreen, immediately she barges into the kitchen,

“ Oh Goddess, what happened here!”

My mouth quivered in fear as I tried to explain, “Doreen, it is Abigail who pushed it down,” Zara and her friends say without hesitation.

I gulped hard, knowing whatever would come next was going to be more than torture, Madam Doreen simply glared at me with fury in her eyes.

Before I could register a thing, her palm connected hard with my face, I held my face in agony feeling the stink of her slap,

“You ungrateful pig! How dare you, do you not know these plates are worth more than your useless life,”

She brought forth her whip which she carries around and began landing strokes on me, with every stroke I cried in pain, I could hear the laughter of Zara and her group as they mocked me in my misery,

“ Get on your knees, I want you to pick each piece of glass with your hands,”

She pushed me to the ground, and I winced in pain as particles of glass pierced my skin, immediately I start picking up the broken plates from the floor, the glass cut opens my fingers and palm as I picked them up, and my hand was now bleeding, but I had to pick all the pieces of broken plate off the floor, or else Madam Doreen might increase my punishment by making me go without food for weeks again,

It was eventually night and I finally returned to the hole where I slept, my body was weak due to the amount of blood I had lost today, and I had not eaten for three days either, my stomach cried for food.

I managed to wrap my wounded hand with my old pieces of clothing, to seize the blood earlier, I lay down on my tiny old mat which I used to sleep, the entire night I tossed around my mat, I could not sleep because of hunger but eventually sleep took me as I dreamt of my parents and the happy time we shared.

The next morning I woke up as early as Four a’m to start the preparations for breakfast as usual, my hands still hurt a little from the wounds yesterday, and my speedy healing ability as a werewolf was not effective as a normal werewolf's due to the torture and lack of proper meals I received it made my wolf weak.

After breakfast, I proceeded to finish the laundry, it was past noon and my stomach growled loudly, I was famished and needed even just a bite of bread to sate my starvation. I managed to hold off until late that night again without food, the pain was too much to bare, so I fearfully walked up to Madam Doreen the next morning to ask for food.

Eventually, after much pleading with her, she managed to allow me to take a plate of porridge, which I wholeheartedly accepted without complaints.

A week later. The son of our Alpha would be returning to the pack, and numerous preparations were made for his arrival back to his pack. Upon his return, he would be decreed as the new Alpha of the Glow star pack, the Alpha’s son has been out of the country since he turned sixteen, and now he is twenty-two.

The mansion was busy that morning as everyone prepared for his arrival, numerous pack leaders had been invited for this ceremony, and soon after the pack house was filled with guests.

Madam Doreen warned me never to come out to the ceremony, that I am not fit to be there, I shrugged as I washed the huge number of dishes in the kitchen after preparing all the meals for the ceremony. My wolf Shira has been acting up since last night and I did not know why, and I had this weird feeling.

“ He is here!” I heard the servants whispering among themselves as they ran out to catch a glimpse of him.



I could hear the muttering of the servants as they walked past the kitchen, “He is so handsome,” they whispered among themselves,

My attention was divided for a minute by their gossip, which earned me a stroke from Madam Doreen's whip,

“ Why are you still here? In two minutes I want you to be done and leave the pack house back to your room!”

I gritted my teeth in pain and hurriedly finished up with the dishes, I had to follow the back entrance of the mansion to exit it, I never follow through the front entrance, or else the consequences would be harsh,

In a way, I was delighted with the ceremony holding at least it would withdraw attention from me, Madam Doreen would be extremely busy with the ceremony, and also Zara with her group of friends.

Quickly I took a spare dress and left my room, it had been a while since I took a proper bath, so I cheerfully walked to the lake far from the mansion inside the woods, I had merely w


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