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Our Love Is Not Sin

Our Love Is Not Sin

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: KANWAL
  • Chapters: 26
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 24
  • 7.5
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"As I repeated to myself continuously, I possess the ability to maintain self-control. Although I may have stumbled a few times, I made a vow to not surpass the boundaries I had already crossed. I convinced myself that I had the strength to resist you. However, I cannot help but find myself surrounded by your presence. You have a hold on me in every aspect, and I am powerless to stop it." Alexander tightly held onto her hand, while her head rested against his arms. She dug her nails into his skin, and Alexander's gaze wandered over the exposed pink tit, peeking through the towel that draped over their intertwined limbs. "Katrina, I want you to know that I would never force you into anything. Even if I have to beg on my knees, I will never attempt to coerce you." Katrina's eyes remained open, as she allowed herself to be consumed by nostalgia, causing a warm tear to trickle down her cheeks as she reminisced about her first night with David. Alexander's voice conveyed genuine pain and anguish as he adjusted the placement of the towel. * In the midst of an arranged marriage, Katrina found herself as David Jeon's trophy wife, someone he viewed as nothing more than a mere object. During their honeymoon, Katrina learned this harsh reality when she misplaced her passport. David entrust her care to his twin brother, Alexander. Within a mere week, Katrina developed a level of trust and attraction towards Alexander that far exceeded what she ever felt during her entire month of getting to know David.


"My love, I implore you to understand my predicament. Our marriage is nothing more than a facade for the public eye; I am bound by my father's orders. You are well aware that our entire business now operates under my father's name. However, once I have full control, I will terminate my marriage with her and we shall unite in matrimony."

Layla and David were seated on the bed, Layla concealed under a sheet while David, clothed in his shirt, held her hand.

"I fear, David, that if you succumb to her beauty and accept her as your wife, what will become of me? David, I love you deeply, I would even sacrifice my life for you."

She looked at him with teary eyes. Her love for David was genuine, despite his reputation as a playboy.

"We shall discuss this matter later, Layla. For now, take care of yourself. My father has called three times and I must attend to him. Please, take care. I need to prepare for and attend the event. Today is a crucial day for our business ventures."

David conveyed his instructions as he slipped into his pants. Layla continued to watch him, her eyes filled with tears. She knew of David's promiscuous tendencies, yet she had still fallen for him, and now, she faced the possibility of losing him.

"You will not forget me," Layla clung onto his hand.

He smiled and replied, "No, we shall meet like this every night, spend the night together. She will merely be my wife in the eyes of the world. Now, I must depart."

Soon after, the sound of the door closing reached Layla's ears.

David Jeon, her first love, had embarked on a new journey. Layla tightly clutched the sheet against her body, overcome with inconsolable sobs.


The hall slowly filled with guests representing various businesses, the businesswomen stepping out of their luxurious vehicles and exchanging pleasantries with the radiant Mr. Jeon and Mr. Kim, adorned in their exquisite, opulent ensembles with layers of flawless makeup. They appeared joyous, but Katrina was in mourning.

Clad in a pristine white gown, Katrina Kim sat before her mother, who was preparing her for the occasion.

"Until now, you have been a source of disgrace for our family. However, today, you must not bring shame upon us. You must lay claim to the Jeon title. You are fully aware of the power wielded by the Jeon family. This title will elevate you to great heights. If you attain it, you will become the most significant person in this world. Do you comprehend the significance of my words?"

Mrs. Kim styled Katrina's hair and stood up.

"From this moment onward, I shall adopt the name Jeon. I am obliged to don a mask on my countenance, a contrast to the past where I endured the cruelty inflicted upon me by my parents. Now, I must bear the antipathy exuded by my husband and all his affiliated connections."

Katrina's voice trembled with agony as she spoke, a noticeable change in her demeanor.

"What did that disrespectful girs utter?" In a sudden intrusion, her father stormed into the room, poised to strike her, but his wife intercepted, seizing his arm.

"Leave her be, for she has brought disrepute upon us. Henceforth, she is expelled from our realm. Do not be concerned," Mr. Kim proclaimed to his daughter.

"Remember, you are to marry David. It never occurred to you that you would be linked in matrimony to the offspring of such a prominent Korean entrepreneur. Now, pay close attention. Should you dare to express any dissatisfaction concerning this union, should I ever receive complaints, I shall respond to you in the same manner you treated our son."

Fear consumed Katrina as she gazed at her father, her body quivering with trepidation.

"Never forget that you are a murderer. You pushed your brother down the stairs, thereby causing his demise. Never forget." With those words, Mr. Kim departed.

Katrina returned to her bedding, contemplating how she could ever let go of the fact that she was at fault for the death of her elder brother. Deserving such a destiny, she was despised by her parents.

"Come on, we must depart immediately," her mother commanded, compelling Katrina to stand and exit the room on unsteady legs. From this point onward, she would become David's spouse, a man she scarcely knew.


"David Jeon, do you vow to take Katrina Kim as your lawful wedded wife?"

"I do."

"Katrina Kim, do you vow to take David Jeon as your lawful wedded husband?"

Her eyes remained fixed on the ground, compelled only to respond whether she was content or not. "I do."


"Alexander, I never anticipated your presence at my nuptials," David snarled at his elder sibling.

"Why wouldn't I come? It is my younger brother's wedding. So, where is our sister-in-law?" Alexander warmly embraced his younger brother.

"Well, this is my wife Katrina. Allow me to introduce my elder brother, Alexander Jeon."

As Alexander caught sight of Katrina smile, he realized that his peaceful existence would come to an end from that day forward. he was about to commit a sin.

Chapter 1

Katrina point of view‫....

As the sun began to rise, heralding the start of a new day, I positioned myself on the balcony of my room, fixedly observing the glimmering stars in the expanse above.

Once again, my husband had been absent until the late hours of the night. I held full knowledge of his whereabouts and the company he kept. The evidence spoke for itself – the presence of lipstick marks on his shirt and affectionate messages from an individual named 'love' on his mobile device.

Undeniably, my husband, David, was engaged in an extramarital affair. However, I maintained my silence, for I had no confidant, and this was the reality I faced.

Merely a week ago, I officially became Mrs. David Jeon, marrying the son of the esteemed Korean businessman, Mr. Jeon Jin.

Despite David's undeniable success and influence, his character left much to be desired.

From the inception of our marria


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