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Old Werewolves

Old Werewolves

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: beagle
  • Chapters: 8
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 3.0
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Aurora, the sweet face of her village she was known for her beauty and dulcet voice. Everyone loved her for her loving heart and the care for others, she was smart and brave for her young age. She had no idea of what the future was holding for her, Aurora had always imagined herself marrying the man she loves and lives with him in a small warm place they could call home. But when he walks into her life, all the plans and the ways she was planning to walk in fall apart. He draws a new life for both of them.

Chapter 1

"Where am I?" Aurora's first words in days, she was in deep sleep after what happened to her, the coma she was in for the last few days, and how everything was so messed up in her head.  Her head was heavy just like her heart, and the world was spinning, she heard a few whispers but couldn't focus on them or from where it was. She couldn't think either "Uh" she moaned in pain after she tried to get up from what seemed like straws underneath her.

Her vision was sour and cloudy, and her eyes were hurting when she tries to open them, she opened them slowly trying to focus but it was dark in there, she could feel the cold breeze around her and the chills running through her arms and skin. Her hands start moving toward her feet. She was checking herself if there was any injury.

"Don't move much" A voice made her jump in her place hitting the floor once again "W-w" Before the word could come out of her she heard the woman talking again "Stay here little girl and be quiet." The woman said again in a rough tone.

"Please, " Her low helpless voice couldn't help her much, "Why am I here?" She thought to herself looking around the dark wooden cottage. The last thing that she remembered from earlier was that she was taking the sea road to her village, she loved watching the waves and the clear water even though her mother warned her not to stay there for a long time.

"Mum" she whispered, shaking and afraid of what was coming for her. "I told you to put a blanket near her, it's cold outside!" Aurora heard a man's voice saying this time like he was shouting and mad. She gets scared because she had no idea what he was mad about "What if he hurt me?" Aurora thought to herself.

The door once again was wide open, and the light slowly gets into the darkroom she was in.

Aurora lived with her family a quiet life just like any other family here in Larne, It's a small village located in Northern Ireland, with a sea view and a lot of dark wide woods surrounding it.

In the early 1500 era as it's called the 15th century, life was simple for Aurora and her family, she is the youngest child, and she helped her old father collect firewood to sell at the end of the day. Aurora's everyday routine was clear she woke up early to get the milk from the cows, and then boil it and gets it ready for her mother to deliver it to neighbors and others.

She was known for her energy and enthusiasm, helping her mother in the morning and her father after that, she doesn't get any break from her daily work.

"Mother, wake up! the sun rises" She woke her mother up gently and then went out near the animals to feed them.

"Good morning little sister" Her oldest brother Cillian said," You are here Cillian!" She ran to him and hugged him tightly, "I've missed you, golden hair" He kissed her forehead "Stop calling me golden hair I'm a big girl now." She laughed, "Yes you are." He said.

"How was your trip this time?" Aurora asked, he barely get home from traveling around the oceans with the caption of the ship to sell and get canvas merchandise.

"It was alright, and I got you a gift my love," He said smiling and then opened his worn old bag, "Here you go" The excitement in his sister's eyes warms his heart.

"Oh God I love it, thank you!" he brought her a big white candle "It's handmade by a man I met in Rome when we were there last month." he paused, "He said it brought good luck to anyone who lights it and prays next to it.

"I will." She said, "I have to pack my father's tools before he wakes up, we have a long day forward." She said to him smiling, "You are a girl of wonders, you know that Aurora." A smile was drawn on her face after her brother's words.

She runs to the outside room to get the tools, her beautiful long golden hair flying around her waist makes anyone who sees her fall for her. Even though she was young but a lot in the village had eyes on her for her beauty and intelligence.

"Aurora come here, please" She heard her mother calling for her, "I'm coming, Mother".  She went to help her mother with pulling the jars to start her daily work, after that she walked back to the kitchen and started making her family their morning favorite breakfast "Father, the food is ready" She said and then called for her other three brothers 'Cillian, Patrick, and Aidan' to eat their breakfast too.

For her it was like an everyday routine, quiet and cold morning, "I think today we're going to sell all the woods we got, it's really cold outside," Patrick said, he is the middle one of the boys and he helps his father and sister in the work.

" I hope that too, brother," Aurora mumbled. She knew how much they needed the money especially when her brother's new trip began, and the winter is on the door.

"Hand me the eggs Aurora, " Her father said pointing at the plate in front of her.

"Here you go, Father" Aurora took a look at her brothers gathering and having conversations.

She loved them so much and always wished they could stay like that, together and strong.

"I think that's Mum, " Aidan said after hearing a knock on the front door.

He went up towards the door and opened it, "Good morning, " A tall figure shows up in front of their door, Aurora couldn't recognize him but she could guess that he is her father's friend or something. "Good morning Adam, " Her father walked towards him and shook his hand, "We can talk outside, walk with me," He said to him.

"Do you know him?" Aurora asked her brothers, "I think I saw him before with our father once or twice." Patrick said, "Yeah me too, " Aidan agreed.

"Aidan please leave some eggs for Mother, she will get home soon." Aurora laughed at her brother and his large bites, "Yeah slow down or we will have nothing to eat" Cillian said laughing.

"And now I can't eat in peace, great," Aidan said and rolled his eyes."Aurora, Patrick! Let's go"  She heard her father's calling for their names, "We have to go, have a nice day brothers, " She said to them and ran to her dad.

She saw the man he was standing with, leaving slowly as he saw her walking towards her father.

"He is your friend, Dad?" She asked.

"Yeah, he is." He answered her coldly. " Let's go kids, we have a long day forward."

Chapter 2

"Father, I think that's enough for the day," Patrick said It was a long day for all of them, and he was tired "I'm the one who decided if we are done or not Patrick, get yourself together and work." His father said in a rough tone, he was a hard man sometimes so is his personality with his children too.

He can't be gentle or good with them he doesn't know how to do it, even though he was bad with them, Aurora and the boys never said no to him.

Not just because they are afraid of him or his anger but because they loved him too and want him to be happy.

The weather was windy and dry cold, and the leaves of the tree were everywhere when they got into the woods It was not easy for them to get inside today. "It's okay Patrick, a few more, and we will do" Aurora whispered to her brother while she was preparing the next tree to be cut.

He nodded at her and then get back to his work, "Hold the log for y


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