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Meeting Again

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After 8 years, Shane met his highschool crush; Nicole Colgate but this time, they met as a detective and a murderer. Nicole allegedly murdered her husband. Shane has just 48 hours to unravel the truth. He put away all sentiments and dug into the case. All evidence pointed at Nicole as the culprit. The most convincing evidence was that Nicole, who was a renowned writer, brutally murdered her husband in a replica of the murder in her latest book. After Nicole's imprisonment, Shane's gut feeling persisted. He visited Nicole in prison and took the call to re- investigate. He was caught up in the embers of his undying passion for Nicole as he unveiled the truth.

Chapter 1 Prologue

It was weekend. The 'Great Wilson Hall' was once again filled to the brim. It was apparent that such grandiose structure would serve only the elites.It was weekend. The 'Great Wilson Hall' was once again filled to the brim. It was apparent that such grandiose structure would serve only the elites.

Trevor Sawyer and Nicole Colgate just walked down the aisle. Religious rites were done and vows were said.

Merriments and felicitations ensued in the great hall as friends and families congratulated the newlyweds.

Though the Colgate was no match for the Sawyer, both parties were bound to enjoy mutual benefits through the union.

The bigger picture seemed scrambled but any interested bystander could fix a few pieces.

Daniel Sawyer; the groom's father, was a political mongule and businessman. He was the lord of the Sawyer conglomerate.

'Oasis', one of Sawyer's subsidiaries, was one of the top companies in the country where all forms of medical instruments were manufactured.

Professor Winter Colgate; the father of the bride, was the Chief Medical Director of Oxford University Teaching Hospital.

Both fathers clinked their glasses and toasted to the glimmering paths ahead.

The crowd bantered. Little talks and merriments filled the air. Everyone seemed happy except the bride and the groom.

It was obviously a special case of an arranged marriage where neither the bride nor the groom wanted the union.

At the peak of the celebration, Trevor left his seat. He walked into the crowd and saluted the guests.

When he thought it was safe, he stealthily made his escape.

Little did he know that Nicole's eyes were on him.

Nicole watched Trevor steal away. His carefulness aroused her curiosity, she became suspicious and she rose to her feet.

She took few steps forward with an arbitrary smile plastered on her face. She lifted up her overflowing ball gown and instructed her chief bridesmaid to wait behind.

Trevor made hurried steps through the stairs. His phone was plastered to his ear and his mouth moved swiftly. It was obvious that he was taking directions from the caller.

Nicole followed him from behind. Despite the heaviness of her gown, she wasn't going to lose him. She pulled off her heels for ease as she ran after him.

Trevor was bent on his course and did not notice an anomaly. He rounded a corner and halted. Nicole swarm in from behind with her angelic gown. She almost bumped into him but she drew back at the last moment.

Soon, the sound of heels and sobs permeated the air.

Trevor made hurried steps towards the approaching figure. He closed the distance between them and drew whoever it was into his embrace. He cleaned up her tears with a quick swipe of his thumbs over her face.

All Nicole could see was Trevor's back view and the over flowing blonde hair of a woman.

The blonde hit Trevor's chest repeatedly in dissatisfaction. She murmured into his ears and continued to hit him hard.

"It hurts," Trevor said and chuckled. He held her hands and plastered a quick kiss on her lips.

"You're a scaredy cat. I told you this is nothing. It's just for the records. You are the real deal," Trevor said cozily.

"Sure?" The blonde asked in a whisper and looked questioningly into his eyes.

Trevor grinned from ear to ear. He looked cozily into her eyes and nudged her carefully against the wall.

Slowly, he took her lips up in his. The sounds of sobs and murmurs were soon replaced by the smacking of hungry lips and moans.

Nicole breathed hard. She covered her mouth with her hands and whimpered. She did not expect much from Trevor but she never thought he could desecrate their big day.

In reality, she had thought they could make things work and possibly become real lovers through their marriage but it was all her delusion.

"Breathe..." she told herself and rested against the wall.

Trevor's phone rang and he cursed with gritted teeth. He disengaged from the blonde and breathed rapidly as he brought up his phone. It was his father.

He hissed and switched off the phone.

"I'm sorry about that," he said and resumed his enterprise.

The blonde pulled away slightly, "I have my answers already. Now, I know where your heart lies. You should go. After you are done with her, let's hook up later tonight… A nuptial flight to Luxembourg? You ain't leaving this soil," the blonde said meaningfully and ended in an ecstatic laughter.

She dropped a piece of paper in Trevor's pocket and kissed him on the forehead. She turned to leave but turned back suddenly.

She wrapped her hands behind Trevor's neck and kissed him fully on the lips.

Trevor's arms trailed her tiny waist and just as he was about to deepen the kiss, the blonde broke away from him.

"I will be waiting," She said and took her leave.

Trevor breathed unevenly as he watched her leave.

"I will be right there!" He yelled and brought out the paper sheet from his pocket. He unfolded the paper and his eyes and mouth opened wide as he scanned through,

'room 419, VIP Suite, Great Wilson Hotel'.

It was the room beside the room he was supposed to share with his bride. They were supposed to spend the night together at the great Wilson Hotel before heading down to Luxembourg the next morning for their honeymoon.

"You're a lunatic!" Trevor yelled and the blonde chuckled.

Just as the sound of heels began to vanish, a song permeated the air. Trevor was sure it was a phone.

"Who the heck is that!?" He said and rounded the corner swiftly.

Nicole fell flat on her face. She fumbled with her phone as tears clouded her eyes.

Trevor smirked and squatted before her. He tapped the phone and the blaring went off.

"Next time, ensure you pick up. It's your father in law," he said and rose up.

"I'm sure you know your way, I will be waiting by the stairs," he said and walked away.

Nicole struggled to get up. She blinked hard and tried to regain her composure, she won't ruin her makeup for a b*st*rd like him.

Soon she joined Trevor and they joined the crowd with their hands interlacing.

Chapter 2 Meeting Again


It was 1am, the skies opened up and torrents of water filled all cracks and openings. It was the first rain of the year.

A police van and an emergency van zoomed out of Western Ville precinct. Sirens blared and pairs of wipers glided over the windscreens as the vans descended into the heavy rain. It was an emergency.

"We should have waited for the rain," Roy shouted loud enough to be heard over the roaring engines and the hailing rain.

Shane smirked and remained undeterred as hr sped into the highway. After about 10 minutes, they were at Parker's Avenue in Downey.

They rounded a corner and came to a screeching halt right in front of a mansion with a bold inscription, 'No 85'.

"Here we are," Shane said and took a quick peek into a small note where he had written down the caller's details.

The doors opened up. They ventured into the rain. Shane noticed a car that was parked outside before making


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