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Meant for you

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In a picturesque village shrouded in the shadow of an extremely despotic man, young Haisha, the daughter of the wealthiest family, finds herself confronted with a cruel destiny: to marry the youngest son of the ruthless ruler in order to seal an alliance between the two families. However, her courageous mother, in the desperate fear of seeing her subjected to such a union, embarks on a risky plan to protect her beloved daughter. On a night when the moon shines in all its splendor, Haisha is sent on a secret journey to an unknown destination. Estranged from her home and concealing her true identity, the young woman must find her way in a new and exciting world. Destiny has in store for Haisha unexpected encounters and mysteries to unravel. Among them, an enigmatic young man whose gaze seems to pierce through her soul and whose past hides dark secrets. As they get to know each other, an unbreakable bond connects them, but the secrets of the past threaten to tear them apart. Haisha will discover that she is destined for more than she ever imagined. An ancestral power beats within her, and her heart wrestles between passion and duty. With each step she takes, she draws closer to the heart of the truth about her lineage and the purpose that destiny has in store for her. Faced with tests of loyalty and bravery, Haisha will become entangled in an epic struggle against the oppression and injustice plaguing her homeland. The courageous young woman will transform into the beacon of hope and change that everyone desperately needs.

Chapter 1

"You're the most beautiful baby in the world!" repeated the elegant lady known as Marcela Olivares, addressing her daughter Haisha, who had just been born.

Marcela was the wife of Urelio Olivares, the owner of the large estate named "Montana." Haisha was a truly beautiful baby with skin as soft as silk, and as delicate as the most fragile glass.

The Olivares family owned lands in an excellent location, cattle, complete acres of cultivation, and thousands of employees under their command.

Even so, the beautiful newborn was their most cherished possession, the most desired treasure, and a true miracle they had fervently prayed for to the benevolent God they believed in.

And indeed, her birth was a genuine miracle, considering that doctors had decreed that Marcela could never have children. Even when she became pregnant, they had ensured that it would be a very risky birth, with no positive outcome foreseen. However, when all seemed lost, the warm cries of that little creature filled the entire estate.

Everyone in the town wanted to meet the beautiful Haisha. From the other ranchers neighboring the Montana estate, to the town's mayor, and even the kind parish priest.

Everything was laughter and joy inside the room where visitors arrived with beautiful gifts for the precious girl. Mayoral was a town known for being lawless, where fear reigned due to an individual who had self-proclaimed himself the owner of the entire municipality.

His name was Cornelio Trinidad. A man so vile and despotic that even his parents feared him. The town's inhabitants had become accustomed to having to do things according to the will of this oppressor.

With his regal attitude, abundant mustache, and unfriendly face, he always rode his favorite horse to harass the community, forcing them to do anything he pleased.

In the past, many had tried to rid the world of this pest, but they met a very tragic fate.

Cornelio, thanks to the money he had inherited, and all the purchasing power generated by his countless lands, managed to assemble a small group of very dangerous bandits who did his bidding.

His best partner was precisely Mr. Urelio Olivares, who had taken advantage of his friendship with Cornelio to amass a true fortune by stealing and plundering other lands.

On the day of the beautiful Haisha's birth, nothing could change the expression of happiness on Urelio's face, except seeing the arrival of his "partner," Cornelio Trinidad, riding his favorite horse as was his custom.

"Urelio!" he shouted happily, dismounting from the horse in the courtyard of the Montana estate.

"Cornelio? What are you doing here?" Urelio approached slowly, knowing deep in his heart that such visits never brought anything good.

"Why, can't I come to meet my best friend's child?" Cornelio opened his arms with a huge smile on his face, as if wanting to express his goodwill, which by the way, did not exist.

"In fact, it was a girl, she was born female. I'm sure you know, you know everything in this town. I don't understand why you want to pretend you don't know," Urelio didn't trust Cornelio's presence in his house, he knew better than anyone that Cornelio's intentions were always for his benefit, regardless of who might be harmed.

"I thought I heard wrong, dear friend," Cornelio looked at Urelio intently, as if plotting something, and then smiled warmly.

"Did you really come just to meet my daughter? I know you very well, and I know you're not that kind of person," Urelio said, very suspicious.

"Urelio, Urelio, Urelio. What have you done wrong in this life for God to decide to punish you in this way?" Cornelio exclaimed, placing his right hand on Urelio's shoulder.

"Punish me?" The expression on Urelio's face indicated how surprised he was by his visitor's insinuation.

"Think about it, you have an illegitimate child about whom no one knows anything - not your parents, not your wife, not even yourself knows his whereabouts. Now, you finally manage to conceive a life with the person you love, and it turns out to be a girl. A woman who won't be able to inherit these lands, nor take care of the estate when you die. And yes, I think this is a divine punishment. Or do you not remember all the people you harmed in the past to have the riches you have today?" Cornelio said.

"Everything I did, I did following your orders!" he shouted, very annoyed.

"Following my orders? Or serving your own interests?" Cornelio mocked Urelio's irritation, especially knowing that he couldn't do anything to him, not even a scratch.

"Be that as it may, I am no longer the man who plundered, stole, and killed for money. That Urelio died years ago," he assured.

"Then in that case, you'll have to resurrect him for five minutes, because it is precisely with him that I wish to speak at this moment," Cornelio demanded with great authority.

"You don't even know what you're saying, Cornelio. It would be better if you left the way you came. We don't want trouble here," Urelio said, pointing to the exit.

"Don't worry, Urelio. I will leave without causing any disturbance, but not before letting you know what I have come to personally tell you this afternoon... Do you remember my son Ismael?" Cornelio asked.

"Of course! He just turned one year old last month. My wife and I went to the celebration at your house, but what does little Ismael have to do with all of this?" Urelio asked, not understanding anything.

"Well, the thing is like this, dear Urelio. I need to find a wife for my son. A girl of good lineage, with lands to support a marital union. Who better than your little daughter to marry my son?" Cornelio suggested in the most shameless manner.

"What are you saying? And why my little Haisha?" Urelio was completely baffled by that surprising and absurd proposal Cornelio was suggesting.

" It's the best for both of us, Aurelio! What better than having my best friend's daughter marry my son? Imagine in the future, when they form a powerful family that rules over my lands and yours. They would be simply untouchable, the wealthiest that this wretched little village has ever seen," said Cornelius.

Chapter 2

"But... How will we know if they will fall in love when they're old enough to marry?" Urelio responded, trying to come up with an excuse that could save his daughter from that sad future.

"Urelio? Are you serious about what you're telling me? Love? Who the heck cares about overrated love? Here, all that matters is taking care of our lands, our legacy, our properties once we're gone. We can't allow foreigners to come and take everything we worked so hard for," Cornelio preached as he walked, gesturing with his hands.

"We worked? Cornelio... Everything we have is because we stole it from someone else," Urelio reacted to the audacity of his nefarious visitor.

"But now it's ours, and we must protect it. This will stay within families," Cornelio declared.

"I don't know, I'm not very sure about what you're asking of me," Urelio responded, very n


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