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Ciara Heartfield comes from family of Betas but due to her inability to shift and not find her mate by the age of 20, her status is reduced to that of an Omega. Finding love with Lucas Blake, her first best friend was probably the best thing that happened to her, that's until he leaves her for her other friend, Bella Jones. After her cousin, Sophia runs away, Ciara is forced to get married to the Alpha of the Silver Moon Pack as a substitute bride. Orion Stone is the next in line to the Alpha position of the Silver Moon Pack After schooling abroad most years of his life, he was ready to take up the Alpha position from his father and plans to settle down with his first love and childhood friend, Sophia Heartfield. Unfortunately for him, Sophia has run off with her fiancee, James leaving him to get married to a substitute bride who turns out to be his mate. Orion does everything he can to find her and even neglects his mate, Ciara.His half brother, Bryan recognizes her as his mate at Orion's coronation ceremony and is determined to use her to get revenge. Will Orion ever succeed in finding Sophia or will he eventually fall for his mate? What will happen when Bryan reveals Ciara is also his mate? Will she end up with the two men or will she chose another like her ex, Lucas who comes back begging?

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

The door closed behind her with a loud bang and Ciara Hearfield held on tighter to her purse almost squeezing the life out of it. Despite knowing how uncomfortable clubs made her, her ex, Lucas had still chosen one of the clubs in the pack as their meeting place.

Could it be that he had forgotten her intense dislike for them or was it that he didn’t care about her feelings?

On second thoughts, he didn’t care about her; he never had. She was still reeling from the shock of his message asking her to meet him here. Since their breakup two weeks ago, she hadn't heard a word from him.

The only reason she had agreed to meet was because she wanted to get answers from him. He had cheated on her and failed to explain why

Why did he have to cheat on her with her best friend, Bella - the only other person she could call a friend in their pack? On her arrival to the pack less than a month ago, they had been the only people she could talk to except her Grandfather who loved her dearly.

The connection between her and Lucas when she first arrived at the pack had been instant and magical. Then Bella came along and also became her best friend. She had always thought they had no secrets and could tell each other anything.

It was painful to remember how he had spoken to her the day she had caught them together on what should have been their anniversary day. Bella and Lucas had recognized that they were mates and decided to keep it from her.

She would have understood and been happy for them if they would have just told her. Why did they have to sneak behind her back? it was disgusting.

She took a few unsure steps into the club and the sound of the music blaring from the speakers made her wince a little. She paused to catch her breath before making her way to Travel 106 where Lucas had indicated in his message as their meeting place.

When she got to the table, it was a corner table and it pleased her greatly because she didn’t care much for attention. She sat down, shifting uncomfortably in her seat as she looked at the half-naked ladies walking around and the men fondling the ladies. Some of the men were old enough to be their fathers and some of the ladies were fully grown women who could be mothers or even elder sisters to those men.

She looked down at her phone hoping Lucas would arrive soon before she wasn't comfortable sitting there alone. She just couldn't stand clubs, she hated them.

“Care for a drink, ma’am?”

Ciara looked up as a waitress walked up to her. She nodded and the woman placed a glass on the table in front of her.

Ciara eyed it nervously. "I hope it's not alcoholic. I don't drink alcohol." She asked and the woman shook her head, her smile brighter than the lights in the club.

“Not at all, ma’am, Sir Lucas already gave us your order.” She replied with a wink before walking away.

Ciara stared after her, getting lost in the crowd of grinding bodies and drunk patrons. She would never understand how people felt comfortable in this kind of scenery. She picked up the glass and examined it for a few minutes before taking a sip. Before long, she got so engrossed in her drink that she almost missed the commotion that had started a few feet from her.

One look at the two men fighting and she could tell that they were drunk.

"I told you, dude, don't touch my woman." The first guy yelled angrily before his fist connected with the jaw of the other guy.

"And I told you, dude, the lady is too pretty to be owned by one man. She loved how I handled her so there is no need to get mad. She's still yours but doesn't mind us sharing. Right princess?"

Ciara shook her head in disgust as she realized that they were fighting over a guy. She took another sip of her drink just as her eyes caught a guy staring at her. He stared at her for a second longer before walking into the crowd. Instantly, her curiosity was spiked but before she was able to make a move to find him, the sound of glass shattering filled the room.

Startled, she jumped in her seat, her heart in her mouth. She was well aware that Lucas didn't care about her. But to ask her to come to the club to meet him when he wouldn't even bother to show up? That was beyond anything she thought he would ever do.

Being an Omega, she was weaker than most wolves and since she didn't have her wolf yet, she wouldn't heal as fast as they would. Knowing all this and knowing that clubs could be dangerous, why would Lucas do this to her?

Sniffling, she picked up her bad and decided meeting Lucas wasn’t worth risking her life but she didn’t make it very far before she was hit by a wave of dizziness.

Groaning, she held her head and looked back at the drink she had been served wondering what was going on with her. When her vision started to get blurry that's when it hit her, she had been drugged.

Ciara groaned and hit her head with her hands. She should have suspected something or at least waited until Lucas was around before she took anything. Now she was alone and drugged in a crowd of drunk and horny people. She would be easy prey and she wouldn't be able to defend herself.

Fighting back angry tears, she made her way towards the bathroom to pour water on her face. However as she opened the bathroom door, she decided she had been better off inside the club itself.

Standing at the doorway, she saw a group of guys standing inside the room staring at her with hungry eyes. Ciara gulped and turned back to leave when one of them grabbed her by the collar of her shirt.

"Not so fast dear, you just got here."

She tried to free herself from his hold but it was useless. He pulled her into the room and Ciara watched in horror as he brought her into the circle of men.

What were they going to do to her?

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

The faint rays of sunlight hit her face and Ciara opened her eyes gently. Her vision was still blurry as she sat up but she could tell immediately that she wasn’t in her room.

“Where am I?” she wondered, rubbing her eyes, sleepily.

She couldn’t remember coming to this place last night she couldn’t remember much of anything from last night except those scary men who had tried to force themselves on her.

She deeply hoped it hadn’t been those men that had brought her here. She shuddered just thinking about what they would have done to her while she had been unconscious and helpless, totally at their mercy.

Just as she moved to get off the bed, she remembered something else.

"Let go of her,"

Someone had walked into the room while she struggled to break free. He had looked angry, his eyes blazing like fire as he ordered to let her go.

She searched her memory carefully for more from l


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