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Married To The Dangerous Mafia king

Married To The Dangerous Mafia king

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At that time in Polaris kingdom, there was war, which disorganized their kingdom, making them to starve, not only that but killed on daily basis. ************* Emily Martins was among the people, who this war affected,she was from Polaris, and a beautiful lady too. Polaris leaders, at that time, were known for being ruthless, and wicked. They maltreated their people, especially the beautiful ladies who were sometimes raped. Being so beautiful in Polaris, was seen as a curse. However, Emily, fell into this category, she was a beautiful lady, and also charming. The most dangerous king, of Polaris, at that time, captured and married her. Later on, he started falling in love with her, while Emily tried to take her revenge. She fell in love with him too, but in some cases the king couldn't remove some clueless rules because it wasn't in his power yet, it broke him watching her suffer, and he tried looking for a way to change the rules for her.

Chapter 1

“baby are you not going to school? ” my mum who was sitting down on the kitchen chair asked me. Baby has always been my nickname, my real name is Emily Martins, but I can't remember the last time my mum called me by my real name. Since she gave birth to me, she has always called me a baby. Her reason was that I reminded her of her late husband, who was my father.

I didn't get to see my father because he passed out before I turned two years old, but it was as if I could feel his presence because of the way my mum would always talk and describe him. She would always tell me that he was tall, fair, and very handsome, not only that but had curly hair, a nice voice, and a sexy set of eyes. But to me, all these sounded like a fairy tale prince, who I wasn't sure existed. well, it wasn't my fault to think that way because I have never seen a man tall, fair in complexion, has curly hair, brown eyes, and six parts. if there was such a man, then he is very handsome indeed. Moreover, the funny part was that the person my mum described and the man that I later saw in a picture, as my father wasn't similar in any way. I didn't see any tall, fair, six-parts man, my mom mentioned. But truthfully, all I could see was true love. My mum loved my late father, I knew it hadn't been easy for her, to move on. But she still has me at least, we would live happily I thought.

I live in a dangerous city called Polaris, if there was another word more scary than dangerous, I would have used it to describe Polaris. Polaris is a city that no one would even dare to travel to for a vacation, talk more of living. Many people, I know would tremble upon hearing its name. The leaders are nothing to write home about and they treat their citizens like slaves.

The pretty ladies are not left out, the majority are molested, raped, and even killed. Being pretty in Polaris was like a curse and I was among the people who had that mentality, sometimes, I wished to be ugly.

At that time in Polaris, there was a war, and it was a serious one, people were killed on daily basis, and no one knew the cause of this war. This resulted in hunger and starvation in the city. Because of this, we were left with nothing, other than to go with the flow, any day that we see food, we would eat, and whenever we see people running, we would run too. That was the kind of life we had in Polaris. Nobody was safe, everyone lived in fear, anger, pain, hunger, and frustration.

I forgot to say that I still went to school, despite the situation. The school, was free to attend and the only payment was to pass well. Then there is this juicy offer which was my main aim of enrolling in the school. Once you pass your examinations, you will be awarded a scholarship, to study in another country, also, you will be allowed to take just two of your family members to the country. isn't that offer a nice opportunity for me to leave Polaris.

Many children enrolled though, but on the last day, we will know who the chosen ones were. To get that scholarship, I studied every day, morning, afternoon, night, and mid-morning. I wanted the scholarship badly. Talking about the classroom environment, I would say that it was a very conducive one, in terms of our condition. I didn't mind learning under an Iroko tree. Honestly, it is the best, with enough shelter for every student, since we didn't have a safe classroom to stay in.

However, that morning I woke up with a sharp pain in my stomach, thereby, stopping me from preparing and going to school, so when my mum saw me and asked me why I wasn't preparing for school, I told her the reason and she told me to relax while she goes out to get some herbs for me. In Polaris, there were no good hospitals, or will I say no hospitals at all, we survived with herbs, and I can tell you that herbs are very effective, especially if you know how to use them. I was really lucky because I have a mum, who knows a lot about herbs, so it wasn't going to be hard for her to find the herb that I needed that morning. My mum was about to step out of the house when we heard some noise outside. At that time we couldn't figure out what it was, or the direction, it was coming from, so we just stood still, trying to understand what the sound meant. After some seconds, we understood what was happening, it was a gunshot mixed with voices of people shouting, crying, and running. I became so scared. I guess my stomach understood the situation as well because it stopped paining me immediately. We didn't stay to know the direction, because the noise was everywhere. My mum dragged me by hand and together we ran into our room and hid under the bed. We forgot to lock the parlor, but if we had locked it, it would have been obvious to know that people were hiding inside. That was a smart move I thought to myself, only that I didn't know some people won't be fooled by it.

The gunshots drew nearer and nearer to our house side. At first, I thought they were going to pass by our compound, but they didn't. I knew this because we heard some footsteps in our parlor, which was a stone's throw from our room. Hot urine rushed out from my Virginia, down to the pants that I was putting on, I am 22 years old least I forget to say, and you can imagine a 22-year-old lady peeing on herself. Who cares anyway? I was in a situation that I couldn't even come out from, and also don't know what to do, or handle it. I looked at my mum and found her eyes closed, she was probably praying. Well, I decided to join her, which I did, only that my eyes were not closed. My eyes refused to close, I tried but they didn't obey me.“like how did my mum manage to close her eyes in that situation” I asked myself in between the prayer. This question didn't have an answer.

The sound came again, and this time, it was at our room door, the one we were hiding in. I heard it open, then it occurred to me that we were in a hot soup.

“search every corner, I have a feeling that some people are hiding here, and don't forget to search the beds and under them,” someone said.

“oh God,” I cursed the voice from my hiding place “may you never know peace”. I knew that we were doomed, more hot tears rushed down from my eyes to my mouth, and I licked some, it tasted so salty. I didn't just want to die yet, it wasn't my time yet, still, I shouldn't die in their hands at least. I know how they torture people before killing them. I didn't want to be subjected to that kind of death.

We found someone, oh ..., they are even two in number” a voice said.

This voice and statement and voice brought me back to reality, I slowly turned my head and found a pair of eyes staring dangerously at us. It made me shiver. They have seen us at last.

We came out from our hiding place, and immediately my mum went down on her knees pleading and begging them not to hurt me. I felt pity for her, seeing her in the last moments pleading for my safety. More tears came down from my eyes, if I could find a way to kill these people, I would have done it, no matter the consequences. I was so scared and angry. One out of the three people that I saw there, brought out his gun, pointed it at my forehead, then told my mum to tell me her last words.

I do watch this type of movie where they will tell you to say your last prayer, or your last words to your loved ones before they shoot you, and I will see myself cursing them in my mind for doing such to innocent people. But, I haven't for once, seen myself in that kind of situation, or ever tried acting it like a play. However, here I am today, in that tragic scene, with no one to curse them for me. I was going to die anyway, right in front of my mother, who lost her husband, I cried like a kid, closing my eyes while waiting for them to pull the trigger.

“Hold on, don't shoot them ” I guess that was their leader talking because they immediately obeyed him while making a way for him to come closer to where I was. He came closer to me, then forcefully positioned my face towards his direction. “ look at me ” He ordered.

I quickly looked up, staring at him. When I met his eyes, I felt fear enter my body, I was afraid earlier, but the fear upgraded, my whole body froze, and I felt intimidated. I will confess that his aura was very strong and charming. He has a handsome face, probably like the way my mum described my father, he was tall and very muscular. I know many girls would love him, or even worship him. He was blessed with a set of sexy and charming blue eyes, pink lips, and eyebrows. I couldn't believe that I was thinking this way in my current situation, but honestly, he was damn handsome, like a fairytale prince. I almost bolted out, asking him why he was so wicked and heartless despite his handsome face. Thank God that I didn't say that, it only screamed inside me, not going further. However, it made me believe that beauty comes from the inner self, not the outer part.

“ take them to our chambers, and don't hurt any of them, she is too pretty to be killed,” he said after looking and analyzing me for some seconds.

I spat immediately on the floor, but no one understood the meaning apart from mum. They thought I spat out the saliva in my mouth, but no. I spat at their stupidity, never will I let them molest me like others.

They dragged us to their old, spoilt, and outdated G- wagon car, and zoomed off to their chamber. While in the car, they didn't allow my mother and I to make eye contact, or talk more of talking to each other. They separated us like thieves and even handcuffed us. I swore an oath that I WILL TAKE MY REVENGE if I survived.

Chapter 2

We finally arrived there chamber and trust me when I say that it was an eye-sore. I saw what I have never seen before. I even threw up two times on my way, going inside.

The chamber was located in the inner part and hidden area of the city of Polaris. You wouldn’t even know that there was a building there. It was built in a hidden area, trees covered it, and it wasn’t noticeable. They were prepared for the war. The building protected them from their enemies. The chamber was painted according to the color of the trees covering it. It looked unreal to me at first, I thought it was a tree house, but when I got closer, I saw it. Whoever built and decorated the house must be a pro.

The inside of the house was however very different from the outside, like I said earlier, I vomited on my way entering the chamber. I saw some human skulls hanging on the trees. Honestly, I didn’t know what it represented, but it was disgusting and it made me throw up, plus the disgusting smell ooz


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