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Marriage In A Single Night

Marriage In A Single Night

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Sabrina Winters,the adopted daughter of the Winter family, was sent into the bed of a big shot a few days before his wedding. With the scandal circulating,he was forced to marry her and spend three miserable years with her along with a baby boy they had. She had loved him for three years, but ultimately it was him who sent her to prison. In between her suffering and pain, she had to witness her man fall in love with another woman... However,Sabrina woke up to a deadly accusation of being unfaithful and that the child did not belong to her husband. Because of this,Sean took away everything she had and ordered that nobody in the city was to help her . Left with no other choice,Sabrina decided to sell her body to arrange for her son’s hospital bills but Sean took her away before she could complete her mission. The next day,the child died and Sabrina died along with him in a fire. Five years later, she has made her comeback with renewed strength; she is no longer the same woman who he mocked all those years ago. She will use this recently discovered strength to rip apart those people who put on an act of holiness while stepping on the filth of this earth. But just as she is about to exact her vengeance on the man who wronged her, something unexpected happens: He was previously a callous psychopath, but all of a sudden he transforms into a man who is caring, warm, and loving! In point of fact, he goes so far as to kiss her feet in front of other people.

Chapter 1

“what are you talking about,Sean? If you are joking right now.Then,you should be aware that I'm not in the mood for silly jokes"

“Sabrina Winters. Are you mistaking me for a jokester? I said,``I won't spend a penny on a bastard!"  Sean Sheldon said firmly.

“How can you call your sick son a bastard,Sean Sheldon.It’s unforgivable!”  Sabrina Winters was immediately thrown into reality.

“Unforgivable? A cheating woman shouldn’t harbor such thoughts.I won’t pardon you for what you did even if you die begging me” Sean gazed condescendingly at Sabrina. Who was shocked by the sight before her.

Sabrina didn’t expect to meet a situation after spending the whole night at the hospital with her two years old son,who was suddenly sick.

She came back home to get the money for the child’s operation.After failing to get a hold of Sean despite spending the whole night calling his phone.

He wouldn’t pick up,so she thought that maybe he was busy or something came up .

Never in her wildest imagination would she ever have prepared herself to be welcomed by this scene.

“Sean,I can’t allow you to question my character like this.I have always loved and stayed by your side for three years.I can’t believe you would say something like this to me”

“You stayed by my side because you didn’t have anywhere else to go and staying here means your gold digging future will be secured but I couldn’t see through your clever plan to snoop around despite being married” Sean’s cold and menacing tone pierced through Sabrina’s heart.

She felt her whole body weakening uncontrollably .

“You even have the nerves to bring home a bastard and call him my son.How could you dare to deceive Sean Sheldon? I’ll make you pay a terrible price for what you did!”

“Killing you will mean giving you a free entry into freedom.I won’t even let you die!”  Sean Sheldon grabbed Sabrina’s throat and pressed life out of her life.

She was struggling between life and death while trying to say something.


She used all the strength in her bone to hit him hard but it didn’t have any effect on him as he continued to choke her to death.

“I’ll make sure you feel the wrath of messing with me,Sabrina Winters.I won’t let you off!”

Sean Sheldon came back to his senses and pushed her to the floor.She fell down and struggled to grasp her breath.

“I didn’t betray you at all,S-Sean! Sage is your son! He’s your flesh and blood.I can’t let you slander me like this without any evidence!”

Sabrina finally managed to voice out her frustration.

“You kid me not,Sabrina Winters.I have evidence of your infidelity.!”

With that,he took a file containing the information and threw them at Sabrina.

Sabrina was muddled headed when she saw the picture and information on the file.

“No,this is not true.This is not true,Sean.It’s not me! You have to believe what I’m saying to you!”

Sabrina shook her head vigorously as tears welled up in her eyes,choking her voice.

“Someone is trying to frame me with this.I can never betray you,I love you Sean!”

“Love? You think I’ll believe your words just because you say so? There is some evidence to prove that you’ve been cheating on me .You even brought home a bastard and called him my son.You wanted to win favor with the Sheldon family,so you stoop so low!”

“I didn’t do anything! This is not true.I don’t know who the guy in the picture and video is.That’s not even me!”

“If you lie one more time,I’ll kill you with my bare hands.I won’t have a cheating person stay with me anymore…..No,you deserve to be treated like a cheat,I’m going to have you sent to prison!”

The icy words that left Sean’s lips sent shivers down Sabrina’s spine.

“Please,I didn’t do anything.Don’t punish my son for whatever wrong that I did to you,save his life! He needs urgent medical attention to survive.Save him!”

“Why should I save him? Your lover should be responsible for him,isn’t it?”

Sabrina felt defeated and didn’t know how to convince him of her innocence .She  just looked at him with her weary eyes.

“If you don’t believe that he’s your son.Then,at least save him for humanity save.You can’t let my son die! He is innocent and can’t be held responsible for my mistakes,Sean!”  Sabrina crawled on knees and held Sean’s shoes.

Sean got angrier when he saw how daring she was,touching him like this.

He kicked her hand and stepped on her fingers,hurting her until they bled.

“I won’t save that bastard,it’s better off dead anyways.Why do you worry so much about him!? Do you love your partner in crime so much that you are willing to save his child despite being caught?”

“I can’t believe the audacity you have! I should have known better than to believe that once a prostitute will ever change her colors.”

He bent down and held her chin tightly pinching the side of her lips.

His hold was so tight that Sabrina’s lips were injured by him.

“Did you climb onto his bed like you climbed into mine in the past for the sake of money? You really are shameless,you are not only a gold digger but a social climber as well!”

“You can say anything about me but don’t drag Sage into this,he’s just an innocent child. Please,have mercy and save his life.You can punish me if you like!”

Sabrina pleaded tearfully.

“I’m going to punish you without a second thought about it.You don't have the first option to tell me what to do!”

Right then,Sean dipped his hand into his pocket and pulled out his phone.



Ten minutes later, a police car arrived at the front entrance of Sean Sheldon’s home.

Immediately ten police officers rushed into the living room hurriedly.

Sabrina was shocked when she noticed the number of people that came to take her away.

Sean didn’t bother to listen to her. Did he hate her so much that he called for ten men without even a single woman among them?

Was he planning to have her manhandled by these scary men in uniform!?

Chapter 2

Sabrina and Sean got married under a special arrangement which left Sabrina wallowing in shame living like a gold digger that she was labeled as.

The Winter family was in a bad situation when the couple got married.Everyone thought that Sabrina had climbed onto Sean’s bed to warm up to him just get a few millions out of him.

But,no one really cares to find out the truth about the marriage between them,not even Sean himself.

They got married due to the scandal about three years ago.Then,she gave birth to their son,Sage Sheldon a year later.

Everyone assumed that Sabrina succeeded in getting Sean to sleep with her that night and that was the reason she could give him a son just one year later.

However,that was not the truth at all.

Sabrina thought that she could always win his heart and get him to love her.Despite spending three years together in their marriage,Sean still had no idea what she wanted and didn’t want.

He sees her as only a schem


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