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Mandy: The killer lives amongst us

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“If you are reading this book it means he killed me, he ultimately obtained what he wanted to do, I have been running away from him for years and he got to me.” “Even death can’t take you away from me Mandy.” He always told me, being with him was the biggest mistake of my life, he was nothing like I wanted him to be, he was a nightmare, a mistake I wish I can undo. Officer Sam is intrigued when he asked to solve the murder case of Amanda Gilbert, it’s up to him to find her killer before he gets away. Warning: Dark romance.

Chapter 1

Her life wasn’t always like this, she was carefree, happy, and wanted so much from life but everything changed a year ago. She can’t go out without looking behind her back every two minute, she couldn’t breathe without having the thought she is breathing the air he is, she couldn’t live her normal life anymore. He changed her and brought havoc into her life. 

She stood beside her window twittering through her window, there was an aura in the air that made her feel he was near to her and she didn’t want that, her heart pumping fast in her chest, she tighten her grip on the curtain. 

The moonlight shadowed through her room providing some sort of light.

“He can’t find me.” She mutters against her lips. 

Her eyes glanced around the empty  streets making sure he was no where near. 

She quickly drags the curtain and cover her window, that night she made sure to lock all her door, she put against a chair in front of the door to prevent him from entering and locked all her windows.

She was frightened of him, she knew if he had found her it would have being the end, history could repeat itself or rather worse because he was angry at her. This night it was different that other nights, she usually locks everything because of the fear of his return but tonight she saw him, she saw his shadows, she heard him breath, she heard his voice and it petrified her. 

He knew where she was yet again, maybe she isn’t good at hiding she thought. 

She glanced through her phone trying to calm herself down.

“Breathe Mandy, breathe.” She said to herself. “He can’t get to you, not now, not ever.” She said again. 

She stood up again and peeped through her window making sure to hide her body with the curtain 

She knew she won’t be able to focus until she makes sure he is gone forever, though she could run but she knew better than to stay home than to run away from him, he could find her on the way just like he did last night. 

She was tired of running, this was her fourth home in six months, she got tired of moving around but she knew she can’t stop. She didn’t want him to come for her, she wanted to hide from him. 

Her fingers got slippery, despite the air conditioner she was sweating. 

“Calm down Mandy.” She breathed out. 

A sound from outside made her jump out of her bed, she slowly strolled towards the window. She had to cover her mouth when she noticed his shadow.

She took her phone and ran into her closet. 

He is here, he found her again.

She could call the police but she knew better than anyone not to do that, if she could report him she would have done it a long time ago but it wasn’t possible. 

Noises echoed through her house, she could hear him trying to open her door and when he couldn’t he broke the window which made it loud crash echoing all over the house. 

He broke the window.

She could no longer figure out if she had stopped breathing or she could no longer hear her heartbeats.

She took out her phone and wrote something down, by the time she sent the message she heard the opening of her door.

His perfume filled her nostrils, the same old perfume he has being using for years, the sounds of his shoe filled the room. She held tight to her chain, it was the one her best friend gave to her.

“Come out, come out bunny.” He said through his teeth. 

Bunny, the name he always called her. He would always say she is his bunny, bunnies don’t speak unless they are told to, bunnies don’t leave until they are asked to leave, bunnies are controlled and he saw her as one. 

She shivered in her closet, covering her face in between her leg. 

“Bunny.” He said again. She could tell he was starting to get angry. 

She heard his footsteps again, she could see him through the closet, he checked under her bed and found nothing. 

He strolled toward the closet, she thought it was over for her until a noise came from downstairs, a glass noise.

The vase broke she thought. 

She watched him let out a laugh before he walked out of the room.

“The rats saved me.” She smiles weakly. 

She quickly got out of her closet forgetting her phone in it, she strolled toward her window and cracked it open.

“You can do it Mandy.” She says to herself before jumping out the window. 

She had a bad landing, landing on her back. She was in pain but she didn’t bother as she stood up and made a run toward the river. 

“I’m not going to let him take me without a fight.” She says to herself. 

He watched her run but didn’t follow her, he let out a laugh and took out a cigarette from his pocket lighting it up and blowing the steam off. He didn’t follow her, he waited, he knew it would be futile to follow her, he didn’t need to drag any attention towards him anymore. 

“Are you Mandy’s husband.” Her neighbor asks, she was driving towards her home when she noticed a man on the porch and decided to stop and ask.

He stepped further into the darkness so the neighbor won’t be able to figure out his face. 


“Oh, didn’t know she had one.” The neighbor says making him laugh. 

“She doesn’t tell a lot of people.” He says. 

He takes out the cigarette and steps on it, he has enough smoke for tonight. He still had to figure out how to get her back and now it’s going to be a lot harder, someone else knew he was here. 

He waited until the neighbor git into her house. 

He strolled toward his car and left. 

He knew he would come back for her, he is never letting her go. 

Chapter 2



He  sat on his leather chair, it was a hectic day after a month they found the body. He had one of the officers to call her family. What he saw this morning was cruel, he hasn’t had a case like this for a long time, it’s a quite torn things like this don’t happen, it has never happened, he knows it’s going to cause a chaos all over town so he made sure no media knows about it yet. 

They can’t know he thought, they won’t feel safe any more and he knew he had to find the killer before any more person would be killed. He had hoped they will find her, he didn’t know she would be dead, murdered and found in the woods. 

A knock from his door brought him back to reality. 

A female officer walks in. “She is here.” She says and he nods.

He walks out to be met by Mary, she was the one that reported the missing case. 

“Did you find her?.” Mary asks and he nods. 

He knew how much Mary hoped she would be alive, she came ever


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