Mafia Mistress

Mafia Mistress

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Mao Reine
  • Chapters: 4
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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To get the chair of the mafia leadership in the Rayford family, Galen must prove himself strong so that he will be acknowledge by his grandfather. In order to impress that old man, he comes to a gun auction and intends to bid for a rare high-priced firearm that his grandfather has coveted. But it turned out that the auction went wrong. And he became the target of assassination. Luckily he didn't die. He flees into the forest while badly injured and is saved by a woman. For five years Galen searched for this savior woman whose identity is unknown. After finding her, Galen made her his mistress. Not letting go of her no matter what, in the end she became his obsession. He wanted to possess her for the rest of his life, but would only refer to her as an ordinary mistress.

Chapter 1

"Sir, there has been activity in the antique shop these past few days."

Galen stopped moving as he almost poked one of the eyeballs of the man below him. He stared at his trusted assistant for a moment, before continuing his activities.

Screams echoed in the dungeon. Galen threw the knife to the floor with a sharp clink. One of his subordinates handed him a clean towel to wipe the blood off his hands. He glanced at the man who was curled up in pain on the floor and kicked him. "Shut the hell up! Take him to the nail prison!"

"Yes, sir."

Galen sat in a weathered wooden chair, folding his legs. "Dieter, don't get on my nerves."

His assistant, Dieter, was an expressionless man. He came forward and gave some photos without saying much.

"Oh? The shop is back in operation?"


Galen looked at the photos one by one. There was one close-up photo showing a blonde-haired woman with a thin face talking to someone. In the photo she was wearing a dark blue shirt wrapped in a black and white checkered shirt, she was wearing faded jeans and cheap sneakers too. Her hair was tied up high and messy, no make up and looked so simple.

"Elsa ..." He muttered the name against his lips.

"The shop re-opened about four days ago, sir. The man I sent said she came in a cab five days ago in the evening followed by several trucks with her." Dieter reported.

"The contents are ...?"

"The antiques currently on display in her shop."

Galen put the pictures back down without interest, but there was one he kept in his pocket. The woman's photo—Elsa Sanders.

After five years he was looking for this woman, only this time he got the information. That's all because she returned to her old shop. Five years ago, this woman had helped him in the forest when he was seriously injured. When he woke up in the hospital a few days after the incident, he was looking for this woman to return the favor to her, but she just disappeared like thin air. This antique shop was the only place she had, but even that was abandoned. Now that he found her, he wouldn't let her go.

"Where did she get these antiques? Have you looked into them?" He asked.

Dieter shook his head. "I tried tracing the pickup truck but again no information on where these antiques came from?"

"Again?" Galen raised an eyebrow. "Only investigating that you are incompetent?!"

Dieter was silent.

It wasn't really Galen's business to care about the shop's antiques, but what interested him was that the antiques there were auction items commonly sold on the black market. It is worth a high price and is used to being demanded by many black traders looking to make huge profits.

Does Elsa have a unique identity to get those items?

Galen had tried to find out about it, but there was no information he could find even its origins.

Also Galen's memory of the woman is not very clear; he remembered her face, the color of her hair, her eyes and her scent, but there seemed to be something he had forgotten. It seemed he had heard something that he had forgotten due to his unconscious state at the time. He only remembers Elsa taking him to an old, ugly shack, which he now realizes is Elsa's house which is right by the antique shop. Half conscious he saw her talking about someone, he heard what they said, like something important about him, but he forgot it right after he regained consciousness in the hospital.

And he was very curious about it until now

Galen took out a cigarette and lit it. "Come with me now. We'll see her."


In a small and dark alley, Elsa was calculating the income from her antique shop. After years of being closed, this shop is still bustling when it re-opens. The news really flew like the wind.

"That damn man wants to pay more if he can touch my tits. What's the fvck? Don't blame me if his nose is broken." She grumbled. "Is he insulting me or what?"

Elsa glanced at her small breasts and grew even more irritated.

"Geez! I told dad not to build a shop in a place like this and he still does! Now that he's dead, business has fallen into my hands. Didn't he worry that something might happen to me?" She pulled hard on a drawer, threw money into it and stood up.

The moon has hung in the sky. It's not closing time for this shop. This shop rule actually opens at night and closes during the day.

The regular customers weren't ordinary people either. Elsa has also served the mafia and even assassins who are looking for sharp weapons such as swords or knives with unique carvings. Some people who come sometimes even offer to sleep with her. Luckily she was able to clean them all up.

“P-Please, l-let go of me!”

Elsa stared at the gate of her shop. She vaguely saw a woman in an office suit being surrounded by several men. They cornered the woman and started touching her recklessly.

Things like this are common in this place. At the foot of a deserted mountain where many human settlements are barely visible, criminals also roam. Even though they wouldn't bother her and her shop, they used to disturb passersby by getting lost.

"Oh, my. Did she come this way on purpose or something? Didn't I write clear warnings in the alley not to go this way if you wanted to be safe?" Elsa locked her drawer and put the key in her trouser pocket.

"Hey!" Elsa shouted at them.

The ugly thugs stared at the approaching Elsa with sour faces. "Stay out of the way, Sanders!"

"Come on, you guys are bothering people again in my territory! This could interfere with my business, right? Go! Go or I'll call the police!" Elsa waved her phone threateningly.

One of the men laughed, then looked at her chest. "Well. Actually you are beautiful too. I would have wanted to bother you more if yours were big."

The other goons laugh after the boss says this.

Elsa knew what he meant. She looked at the woman who was cornered, indeed the woman had big breasts than her. She was offended. "What did you say?!"

"Your tiny tits are like peas in a pod. Oh, you sure ass about those ugly old people teasing you, but the truth is they're just making fun of you, y'bitch!" The man spat. "So don't bother us and piss off!"

Peas in a pod? This wears out her patience. She approached them with big strides and grabbed the man's collar in anger.

"Say it again!" She said through gritted teeth.

The man didn't feel threatened at all. His eyes glanced at Elsa's chest through her T-shirt. It was as flat as a child's chest.

"Hey, you guys heard. Maybe this one needs a trigger," he said, then glanced at Elsa again, cupping her chin. "Have you ever heard that with a few squeezes your tits will expand big? Ow, that will definitely be tempting."

Elsa glanced contemptuously at him.

"Come on, with this small body and this face, I can help you have big breasts and hips. Well, you are actually beautiful too."

"Yes, Boss, upon closer inspection, she is indeed a beauty!" The short man nearby said.

"How about you have some fun with us?"

Elsa smiled wryly. "I'm sorry, but I'm not into a ugly guy like you guys."

"What the hell did you say?"

"You. Ugly."

Someone grabbed her hand, about to pull her and slam her, but Elsa easily twisted him as she spun. The man screamed and let go, but she wouldn't let him go and kicked his cock. The man fell and crumpled to the ground.

"You!" Another man was angry that their boss got beat up and stepped forward.

Elsa calculated that there were about four more people who would gang up on her. She pushed two people away with both hands, then kicked the other in the stomach with her feet and quickly spun around to kick another in the head until both of them fell. When the remaining two people chased her from both directions, Elsa stayed still and waited, until when the two people were about to pounce on her simultaneously, she lowered her head, the two people's heads collided and fainted.

"You bitch!"

Their talkative boss again wants to catch her. Again, easily dodge and counter attack more powerfully. She saw a piece of wood on the ground and smacked the boss in the head until it bled. Seeing him fall to the ground, she grinned. "Still want to try? Yeah, let's go."

"You ... you damn son of a bitch!"

"Don't whine! Wouldn't it be better if I called the police so you don't get battered like this, huh?"

"Look! Look, I will come back and take revenge on you later." The boss held his leaky head and finally ran off with his men.

"Go and don't mess up again, ok?" Elsa shouted at them in satisfaction.

She then approached the woman who was still silent in fear.

"You okay?" She asked.

"Mn. I-I'm fine. Thank you."

Elsa sighed. "Didn't you see the notice in the alley? It says, 'Don't pass if you want to be safe'. You are illiterate, are you?"

"I s-saw it, b-but I don't know what it means." The woman stammered.

Elsa frowned. "Huh? What I wrote wasn't specific enough? Now, now, it's safe now anyway. Be careful next time, ok? Call a taxi if you want to go home."

"Thank you. Thank you."

The woman was about to leave, but Elsa held her back.

"Hold on. Are you just going to walk away just like that? Don't want to give me anything as thanks? Like money?"

The woman was confused at first, then she opened her purse and gave Elsa some. Without looking at her, the woman left and ran screaming.

Elsa looked confused at the woman, then checked the money she had given, which was only ten dollars. "You stingy girl!"

"There seems to be chaos here?"

Elsa turned to the source of the voice. At the mouth of the alley, she saw an unknown man dressed formally and quite handsome. Next to him stood another man who was flat and cold.

"Who are you?" She asked indifferently.

The man smiled as he slowly approached her. Elsa noticed his hands in his pockets and was a little wary because she had never seen this man before and was not a customer of her shop.

Who the hell is he?

'He couldn't have come to collect my dad's debt, could he? Did my dad even owe this man secretly before he died?'

The hell?

With this in mind, Elsa intended to run away. But she couldn't just run away, the man beside this handsome man seemed to be trained to catch someone. Although she is good at fighting, but she knows there are people who are sure to beat her. And she felt the quiet man could.

So as soon as the man advanced, she backed away until the man finally stopped.

"Don't you remember me, Elsa Sanders? I, the man you saved five years ago in the woods y'know."

... to be continued ...

Chapter 2

"Huh? Who? I can't remember." Elsa frowned.

The man didn't seem to like small talk as he said, "Your name is Elsa Sanders, right? I was seriously injured and ran into this forest five years ago, then you saved me."

The more Elsa tried to remember, the more confused she became. Five years ago was probably when she had last settled in this old shack before going to California after her father's death. Who did she save? Is it a scam?

After all there were so many stragglers here and she had almost saved everyone! It's because of this self-righteous attitude that sometimes people claim to have been saved by her, yeah, that's right, this isn't even the first time.

She should have created a charity home to ask for donations for this kind gesture!

Elsa sighed, she glanced at the man and still didn't recognize his face. "You sure didn't run into the wrong person?"

That flat stare and hau


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