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Lusted After You

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"I want you," Marco whispered. His breath tickled my ear. His right hand slid up my back. "I want every inch of you, every breath you take, and every voice you utter my name. Answer me, do you want me too?" My hands moved to the straps of the dress on my shoulders, untied them until the fabric fell to the floor. "I'll say your name all night long." *** I used to get annoyed when I had to be a delivery girl for my best friend. However, I never knew before that something would happen when I delivered her files. A man suddenly kissed me, a stranger, so alluring that it made me think of him all the time. The scent of his body, his heavy voice when saying thank you, everything about him drove me crazy. Unfortunately, he seemed to want to get away from me. He was avoiding me. He told me that I should forget him, that we should never meet again, that he was a dangerous man. But could I?

Chapter 1. A Stranger

St. Louis, Missouri

I'm here now, in what is considered the most dangerous city in the United States. If it wasn't for Kim, I wouldn't have bothered to travel so far just to get her this f*ck*ng file. D*mn her brain for always forgetting things that are important to her and having to involve me as a delivery-girl.

I took my cell phone out of my bag, dialed Kim. I hoped she would answer soon so that the incident-that-I-won’t-to-tell wouldn't happen again like last time.

"Hello, Leanne, are you here?" she said on the second ring.

"Now quickly tell me where to go?"

"Get a taxi, I will send you the address." From the tone in which she spoke, I could tell that she was in a hurry for some reason.

"Pray to your God that I always remember that you are my best friend," I said simply.

"I'll text you, Leanne." That was the last word before she unilaterally ended the call. Truly a person who understood gratitude.

Actually, Kim is not really the type of person who is very annoying. She just gets sloppy sometimes. However, even though I get a bit annoyed with her sometimes, I still like her. She's kind and caring, and sometimes acts like she's my sister. A rich big sister.

But regardless, I knew that whatever Kim did was something very important. Even the beneficial effects of her success flowed to me. Kim is a reporter who has always been a diamond in her workplace. And right now she is reporting a news that she thinks will make her name even greater (within the scope of reporters of course).

From: Kim

Hyatt Regency St. Louis at The Arch. 315 Chestnut St, St. Louis.

I showed the address to the taxi driver. He nodded briefly and started driving. I silently wondered what kind of news would make Kim want to be sent all the way to this city.

From behind, I heard the sound of police sirens which made my ears a little disturbed. I suddenly looked for the source of the sound and found two police cars chasing a black car.

"Wow," I muttered under my breath. "What's going on?"

"That's common in this city," said the driver who seemed to hear my muttering.

I looked into the rearview mirror on top of the dashboard, revealed the face of the driver who seemed to think that I was someone who didn't know the customs of this place. Although in fact, I was.

I arrived at the hotel Kim had mentioned. “Not a bad choice,” I muttered to myself. Really, that was one of the most luxurious hotels I've ever stayed in. The beautiful scenery and the Getaway Arch which is very close to the hotel building.

Kim sent me the room number. I walked quietly, while occasionally looking at interesting objects, as if no one was waiting for my arrival.

I pressed the elevator, the doors opened and I was presented with the sight of a couple kissing. They were so engrossed that they paid no attention to my presence. I don't know if it's just me or if the elevator I'm riding feels like it's taking forever to move. They were still doing their thing, making me deliberately clear my throat rather loudly.

Finally, the two teenagers stopped. Whether it was because they were annoyed by my presence or because they were out of breath, I don't know for sure. Right after that, the elevator stopped at my destination floor.

"Lovesick," I said in a mocking tone as I passed them.

I had just gotten out of the elevator when someone suddenly pushed me against the wall and kissed me casually. With quick movements, the man also took off his black coat, left only a plain white t-shirt that clung snugly to his body. I tried to push him away but he tied my hands behind my body with his grip.

I really couldn't resist his strength. The man kissed me in a hurry. Hell, who is he and what does he want? He raised his left hand, covered our faces. I really tried desperately not to open my mouth and let him in.

There were footsteps running past us. His left hand was binding my wrist and it was his right hand that was raised. Moments later, he stopped kisssing my lips, but remained where he was. His eyes opened and instantly two shades of soot stared at me. And it all happened quickly again as the man picked up my dropped file.

"Thank you."

That was his first and last word before snatching back his black coat and running in the same direction he came from. He leaved me standing there like an idiot.

I tried to understand what had happened before finally realizing that the two teenagers in the elevator were staring at me. Don't tell me that they saw it.

"Lovesick," they mocked and walked away. D*mn, there's nothing more annoying than being pelted with your own words.

I tried to ignore them, straightened my clothes that were a little messy due to that stranger's actions. The scent of his perfume clung to the fabric.

I searched Kim's room while still thinking about what happened. Who was he? What did he want? Why did he kiss me? And ... why was his kiss so intoxicating, so pleasant, and so imprinting? It’s crazy, I do not even know anything about him. Except for his voice, his eyes, and the scent of his perfume, I know nothing else.

D*mn, he's a good-kisser! D*mn, what was I thinking?

Kim opened the door quickly. She didn't even say anything to me and snatched her file right away.

"Oho ... I didn't hear anything like ‘thank you, Leanne, you are the best’,” I quipped and sat down on the couch with abandon.

"Thank you, Leanne. I really am. You are the best person I have. But I don't have much time right now. Please …," she said as she checked the file I had brought.

"Alright, alright. Did I miss something?"

"Nothing. Perfect. Thank you, Leanne. Again. I have to go soon. You can rest here or take a walk outside. The password is as usual." Leanne grabbed her bag and hugged me. "Wait, there is something strange."

"What?" I asked in surprise.

She squinted, looked at me deeply. "Are you wearing men's perfume?"


181122, Anne Joyce

Chapter 2. A Shot

After Kim's departure, which was a relief, I decided to wander around for a while. Fortunately, she was in a hurry, so she wouldn't pursue her question. I succeeded in lying by saying that Pedro (our best friend) had hugged me before the flight. At least in her haste, Kim just believed what I said.

It seemed like visiting fun places around here couldn't go wrong. I opened Google Map, searched for interesting places around here and found Colombus Square Park. Seven minutes away by car. Okay, not too far either.

Kim is calling...

"For God's sake, what is it again, Kim?" I said in an unusual tone.

"I'm sorry, Leanne... Really, but I wanted to ask you one more favor. The folder I brought was wrong. Please bring—"

"Where did you put it?" I asked, cutting her off.

"I'm really sorry, Leanne," she squeaked.

I let out a long breath. I was absolutely sure that right now her


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