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His surrogate (The Match Making Twins)

His surrogate (The Match Making Twins)

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Blurb Logan gave her Dad an offer to bare him a child which she can never object to because she as to live and it is either yes or yes. She have birth to twins but Logan was told it was a child. Seven Years Later, Logan's son, Axel is angry at Logan for not finding his mother and threatened him if he didn't bring his mother to him. Logan decided to bring his Surrogate mother home because of his son who he really loves but later found out that Axel's twin isn't dead but he is with her. He got angry and decided to claim his other son while he still maltreat her for taking his son away from him for seven years. But because of how Axel's is eager to have a mum and chase his dad's gold digger mistress out from his life, he plans to bring his lookalike mum and his dad together with the help of his look alike. Will Axel and his lookalike be able to tame their dad to love their mum? Or is there going to be happily ever after? The Journey as begins and as a lot of mysteries. It held promises of broken hearts, Love, betrayal etc Everything is in the book and you won't want to miss it out!.

Chapter 1- His surrogate

Chapter 1


SID GOMEZ'S Hospital

Writer's point of view

The blazing midday sun shined brightly, and the heat of the sun was noticed by the people walking down the street. The weather is so clear, sunny, and pleasant to behold...

The amazing beautiful afternoon sun bathed the hospital building in its warm shiny light with a cool breeze also blowing together to give it a perfectly serene atmosphere...

A tiny piece of the shiny sun seems to dance its way through the slightly opened window in a VIP room in the hospital where a female patient is been attended to...

Inside the VIP room, it shows a young lady in her early 20s with curly long black hair who is shamelessly and humiliatingly laying down with her legs apart on an operating bed undergoing an under check whether her various indicators are in good shape to bear a baby.

She happens to be in the hospital undergoing this check because she wants to take surrogacy for a CEO of a big country in Spain.

Although, she didn't know his name or anything why he is doing it but she is only doing it because she was forced to do it by her dad and stepmom.

She flinched as tears left her eyes when she felt the doctor's hand on her cl*t.
"Miss, stop being nervous," the doctor warned her.

Yes, her Dad hates her more than anything in this world and he doesn't hide it. That is what gives her stepmom the joy to always hurt her and never hide it.

Her step-sister, Olivia isn't excluded. She is the maid of the house and her dad allows them to treat her anyhow.

Tears came running down her cheeks as she used them as bait to pay a debt for something she didn't know about. She wasn't the one supposed to do it but Olivia, her stepsister the one the person wanted.

But they gave her out like she meant nothing to them. Of course, she means nothing to them anyway.

Her Dad use to call her "My own Judy, Our favorite maid Judy" whenever he is around, mocking her.

Judy, Yes Judy Hayes, that is her name.
Judy is sure a very beautiful dazzling sexy young lady, each passing year, she looks even younger. No doubt, anyone who passes near her either a man or woman will surely look back to stare at her again.

Even her stepsister, Olivia is always envious of her luscious body and always tries to destroy it but it never works out.
She happens to be a college dropout. She never had the opportunity to get to finish school because of her dad and stepmom.

Every day her dad curses her because he feels she is the one that caused the reason why her mum left him for another man.

Although, she feels she hates her mum but deep down, she loves her so much.
She cries every day that probably if her mum never left, she won't be living this life. She never knows who her mum is but she could only recognize her through the picture she stole when her stepmom was burning her things.

The picture and an old necklace that she had always had on her neck which she felt will be from her mum.

She had always wanted to be a model and a top-class actress when she was young but everything went down the drain.

But here she is selling herself for debt and they said I'm using that medium to pay for the upbringing they offered her from when she was young. Although, she plans to gain from it too.

This was how it happened that she finds herself here.


Two Days Ago

The Hayes Resident... 11:57 pm

Her stepmom Mrs. Madison Hayes is the only one in the living room pacing around the living room thinking about what James told her.

"I can't be poor again I can never be, what did James think of me, that I will let me start begging? Impossible, what will I tell my friends or how will my friends look at me," she lamented

"Why did he think I married him, did he think I love him," she scoffed

"I can't be a pauper again after tasting what richness is, never," she spatted angrily

"My daughter can't even do what he said, even though he is the country's husband, Mr. Lopez, my daughter can't do it, never" she shook her head

One night, when her husband, James came home late at night looking dejected and half-deranged.

When she asked what happened to him, he couldn't talk.

"James, what is wrong," She asked worriedly

"I'm finished" James held his head and sobbed

"What is wrong, you are getting me worried, tell me what it is," She asked sitting down opposite him in the room.

"You came home late for the first time in your life looking like you are going to die soon" she sighed, "Just tell me what happened"

"Madison, the company... The company..." He trailed off

"The company, what happened to the company," she asked confused

"The company is going bankrupt" he announced

"What" she shouted

"The company going bankrupt and that is even not the problem," He said afraid

"That isn't the problem, then what is it," she asked nervously because she felt what will come out next will probably make her lose her sanity.

"Do you know the money I borrowed last year for the company?" he said

"Yes, I remembered " she nodded

"The person I borrowed the money from came today to ask for it today in the office himself because it exceeded the time I should have paid," He said

"Ok... So what happened" she asked impatiently

"He told me... he told me he wants me to pay his money within three days but he doesn't want the money again"

"So he doesn't want the money, then what does he want," she shook his shoulder, "tell me "

"He knows I have a daughter... So he said that he wants Olivia to carry his child, he wants her to be his surrogate " he blurted out

"What" she staggered back

"So he won't disturb me again for the money if I can do it" He added

"But why would the loan shark want our daughter as the money," she asked confused.

"It wasn't even a loan shark"

"Then who"

"Mr. Logan Rodriguez,"

"What" Madison staggered

"Why James, why didn't you tell me" she cried

"James, my daughter, never, I can never allow that, not my own Olivia," She cried

"I told you, James, don't waste time before returning the money" she sobbed loudly

"And the funny thing is that it is even Mr. Rodriguez you borrowed money from, you know how dangerous he is"

"What do you want us to do because I never allow my child do it" She added
"I don't know," he said as a tear left his eyes

"Is there no other way to pay him like maybe borrow from your friends or a loan shark, I think that will be better" She suggested

"No " he shook his head

"No what" she frowned

"He said the only thing he wants is Olivia to be his surrogate,"

"That can't be possible, then we will have to take him to court," she said angrily

"Court, do you just say the court, impossible, Madison we both know the kind of person Mr. Rodriguez is even the court doesn't have an upper hand on him" he frowned

"We have to yield in because if we don't I will end in jail and he will still have her"

"This is insane"
As she was thinking about what her husband said and tomorrow is the last day Mr. Rodriguez gave to them, Judy walked inside the house.

"Good evening ma" She greeted

"What Is good about the evening" Madison snapped.

"I'm sorry" Judy apologized and tried to walk past her to the room given to her.

"Wait, why are you coming this late" Madison asked

"Boss made me serve late, I'm sorry " she bowed lightly

"Don't beg me, you orphan," She hissed
Madison stared at Judy as she is going to her room," My precious baby can't do what Mr. Rodriguez told us to do but Judy can at least she can be useful in this aspect" she thought inwardly.

Just as she thought about it, James came inside the house sweating profusely and sat down as he sigh.

"James, How did it go with Mr. White," She ran towards him and asked

"He also said he will help me," James told her without looking at her in the face.

"Thank goodness," she smiled

"But he wants the same with Mr. Rodriguez," He paused," He wants Olivia to be his fourth wife

"What insolence attitude," She shouted," Then what did you tell him,"

"I told him I can't give him to him," He shook his head

"Good, Olivia is too young for something like that," she said softly

"What can I do, Mr. Rodriguez will soon be here for the money," James lamented

"Then, what about Judy," she asked

"Judy, what can Judy do," he asked feeling confused

"She can take the place of Olivia. I'm sure Mr. Rodriguez didn't know that you have two daughters right," he nodded

"Good, we will just only tell Judy to take the fall for Olivia after all she is the oldest and she is useless in this house," she shrugged

"That is true. We can't have the daughter of a whore in the house and expect Olivia to take the fall," He nodded and smirked

"Good, we will just tell her,"
"Yes and I'm sure she can't object to it," James laughed," now everything is solved,"

Immediately, they finished the conversation. Judy came out of her room after changing into a comfortable cloth and heading to the kitchen for any leftover food.

"Judy, come here " Madison called her calmly

Judy was surprised at the tone she used to call her. Since she has been living here, Madison has never called her using her name right from the time her dad brought her to the house and most especially with a calm voice.

"Yes, ma," she walked towards her.


"Huh," Judy asked surprised wondering why she is acting weird.

"You heard her," James snorted without hiding his hatred for her.

"Yes, just sit Judy" Madison drag her and made her sit as she sat opposite her.

"Judy, I know you must be wondering why I'm acting this way" Madison started and stare at her face before she continued

"Isn't it?" she asked

"Yes" Judy nodded

"Well, it is your dad,"

"What about my dad," Judy asked afraid of what might have happened because despite everything he is still her dad.

Madison smirked and thought," it seems I have found the right prey"

"His company is going bankrupt and the person he borrowed money from last year wants his money back but the problem is that the loan shark doesn't want the money but instead wants Olivia. He wants Olivia to carry his child to clear off the debt and you know your younger sister can't do it" she explained

"Ok" Judy nodded

"So I want you to bear his child," Madison said

"Huh" Judy shifted back and shook her head

"Yes, Judy"

"I can't do it" Judy disapproved

"Why can't you do it" Madison yelled

"Ma'am I can't, it is Olivia he wants not me" Judy shook her head

"He won't know you are the one, you have to do it," Madison told her

"I can't still do it, I'm sorry"

"Are you crazy, after everything I have done for you even though your mum cheated on me," James shouted at her angrily

"My mum didn't cheat on you, you did," Judy muttered and shook her head

"What did you just say," James snapped moving closer to slap her and Judy sobbed

"Leave her alone James, we are at her mercy now," Madison said and faced Judy

"You have to do it, you this orphan," Madison paused and continued.

"Is this the way you want to repay your dad and I after everything he has done for you, he is even planning on returning you to school"

"School... He wants to take me back to school" Judy stuttered

"Yes but he can't anymore because he doesn't have the money again, your dad can do everything for you, even when your mum's family members didn't accept you, he took you in but here you are just this one thing you can't do it for him, ingrate" she spatted

"Ma'am, please....."

"You don't have a say here, you are going to do it you don't have an option" Madison said and she stood up

"Get dressed tomorrow you will go for it and bear him a child and most importantly, don't let anyone else know about this," James snapped and walked away with Madison.

That is how I found myself here today but I'm doing this because of my shameless dad and nobody else.

Two hours later

" You are clear and good to go, your body is in perfect shape to bear a healthy child," The doctor said.

"You can put down your dress" he added
The doctor called one of the guards standing outside to come inside and take her.

"Master will be waiting, let's go," the bodyguard told her

The bodyguard blindfolded her and took her to the car.

Judy sat down patiently in the car without knowing where they are taking her to.

After some minutes, they got to a Villa on a beautiful Estate and drove in.
They took her inside the luxurious house and removed the blindfold leaving her alone in the big house.

When they removed the patch from her, she stared at the house and marveled at the interior decorations of the house.

"How could have brought me here," she thought.

"This way, ma'am," The bodyguard directed her to the main bedroom.

As she was admiring the decorations of the room, The light went off and immediately turned, then a man walked inside the room walking proudly shutting the door afterward.

"Who are you," she asked trembling.

Chapter 2 Do what is right

Chapter 2

Writer's Point of view

"Who are you" Judy trembled

The man walked inside the living room fully without answering her questions.

"I asked who are you" she repeated.

"No one questions me in my territory" The man replied coldly sitting down at the edge of the bed.

"I'm sorry" she flinched and apologized bowing her head feeling sacred.

Judy took her gaze to the ground because she knows this is the man she wants to have his child and she won't want to do anything to provoke him...

The man stare at her from head to toe and was satisfied with what he saw... He had thought she won't be this beautiful but he commended Mr. Hayes for bringing what he liked.

He won't deny, that she is the epitome of beauty and he is sure he would get what he wants from her. A perfect cute healthy baby.

When he saw the she didn't make any m


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