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His Slave

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Zamsiii
  • Chapters: 90
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 586
  • 7.5
  • 💬 51


Amelia has always been innocent, She was blamed for the killings of King Henderson's parents, she was innocent it wasn't her who killed the king's parents but her evil uncle King Grayson. King Henderson isn't aware that princess Amelia is also a victim, in order to extract his revenge, he decided to kidnap Princess Amelia by turning her into his Slave. What happens when he finds out she's innocent, will he be able to keep her, since he's fallen for her what do you think will happen to the real enemy. How will Henderson feel after finding out the Truth about Amelia?

Chapter 1: Kidnapped

Amelia was in her bedroom, she was sitting on her bed. When Maya her maid rushed to tell her that their kingdom, especially the palace was under attack. She ran downstairs to look for her brother, she found him in his bedroom, she planned to run away with her brother.

Gray ordered his soldiers, he told them to kill anyone they see, unfortunately for him his soldiers were killed, the remaining ones rushed to tell the King what happened. He knew that today will be the end of his and his bad leadership, he decided to run away. But Henderson was fast to catch him.

"Coward" Henderson said, looking at him.

"Please don't kill me"

"Why? Just give me one reason why i shouldn't waste your useless life" Henderson yelled at him angrily.

"I'm your servant, My Lord" Grayson said, because he knows that he is bigger than him.

"Of course you are my servant Gray" Henderson said.

"This is for killing my father" He said and shut his right hand.

"I told you that your death won't be so easy. I sent you many death messages. But you were so stupid that you couldn't act fast. I want you to feel the pain i felt. I want you to go through that pain i went through 10 years ago. You came to my kingdom with your soldiers and killed my father" He yelled and cut his second hand, his screams filled the palace. Even the people out could hear his screams, his blood filled the floor.

"Please spare my life, My Lord"

"Spare your life?" Grayson pleaded.

"Did you spare the life of those you killed. Did you listen to their plead? You acted as if you can't hear. As if you were blind to see their tears" Henderson yelled at him

"Did you" he yelled, he couldn't talk, Grayson eyes were filled with guilty and tears.

"And this is for my mother, whom you r*p*d. Your daughter will be my slave. Not just an ordinary slave. Séx slave" He said and cut off his head. Grayson head was on floor. Henderson looked at his hand which were stained with his blood of enemy.

Amelia wasn't able to run away with her brother, Henderson and his soldiers were in her bedroom. He looked at her with more hatred he doesn't lay his hands on a woman. He gave his orders and left the palace with his soldiers.




"My Lord we have the princess and her maid" Omega muttered.

"Where are they?" Henderson asked, coldly.

"They are still in the car My lord" He replied.

"Lock her up. Make sure she doesn't taste anything like water" Henderson ordered and left.

"As you wished my lord" Omega said and bow his head, he left King's chamber, he went to the garage where the cars were parked. He opened the door of the car and removed the clothes he used to cover her eyes.

"Where are my?" She asked, looking around the palace.

"What are you doing? You...." She winced in pain as Omega grabbed her right hand, he took her to a room.

"Let go of me you idiot...i swear to God i will kill you and your king...just wait for me to leave this place. I won't spare you" she yelled and hit his arms with tears. He couldn't touch her, he has no right to do. He followed his master who doesn't lay his hands on a woman. He successfully pushed her into the dark room. She fell on the floor, crying her eyes out. From one pain to another.

"Open the door" She yelled, hitting the door, hardly.

"Please don't hurt my brother. He is innocent. Please" She pleaded, shedding more tears.

But no one respond to her, she couldn't talk anymore, all she did was crying. She thought about her life. Her people. who will be rules by another heartless King.

"Oh God please protect my brother. He hasn't done anything wrong to him" she prayed, silently.




The king dine alone. He's used to it. Since he was the only one who survived. He lost his father to the cold hand of death, his father died while protecting his kingdom. Now he has to continue from he stopped.

Omega looked at Amelia's maid and her little brother Richard, he kept talking about his sister. He loves her so much.

"Maya when will my sister came back?"

"Don't worry Richard, she's a brave woman nothing will happen to her"

"I want to see her" Richard mumbled.

"I understand how you feel your highness. Please trust me the princess is fine. She will come see you when she's chanced" she replied.

"Are you sure Maya?" He asked.

"Yes your highness" she replied giving him a fake smile. Knowing fully well that the King is heartless. He won't spare her.

"I'm hungry" Richard mumbled, rubbing his belly. Maya looked at him, she didn't know what to do. She doesn't know how to tell him that there's no food. He's just a little boy and he can't endure been hungry. She fold her lips and stood up, she went to the door, she was about to hit the door, when someone opened the door, she greeted him and bowed her head slowly. She is also a slave, he handled the tray of food to her.

"Where's my sister? Where's the princess?" Richard questioned Omega.

"I hope so. She's fine little man" Omega mumbled.

"Now get inside before the king comes here" Omega mumbled, they quickly went inside. He shut the door and locked it up. He left with the keys.

"Maya....." Richard called, trying to get her attention

"Maya.....what's the matter your highness"

"Where's this place? What are we doing here?"

I'm sorry your highness. I can't say anything" Maya muttered, in tears.

"Did he kidnap us?" Richard asked.

"He took my sister" he added, Maya nods her head and cried.

"Oh God please help my sister. I pray he doesn't hurt my sister. She hasn't done anything wrong"

"I pray so. Your highness" Maya muttered.

"I hope to see her in the morning" Maya added with a little smile on face.

"Me too. I hope i will see her pretty face once again" he said and fell on her thighs, he doesn't have the appetite to eat after hearing all that has happened to his sister.




Amelia was still in the dark room, she managed to get to the door, she began hitting the door. Though it was late, she was scared. She's scared of everything. But she couldn't tell the reason why she is.

"Is anyone there"

"Please open the door"

"Anybody here, please give me water" she managed to say. But no one came to her. She became more weak and tired, she fall down to the floor crying. She wished morning would come immediately, so that she can see.

She cried and cried. A princess who sleep on a bed. A well decorated bed that's filled with flowers with good fragrance. She's now laying on the floor, not as if it's her wish. But the heartless King turned her life this way.

"My Lord" Omega greeted politely, bowing his head, slowly.

"What's the matter?" Henderson asked.

"It's the princess your Majesty" he replied.

"What's wrong with her?" He asked. He glanced at him and then returned his look to the wine and cigarettes that was on the table.

"She hasn't slept yet My Lord" Omega mumbled. Henderson glance at him again, Omega became scared, knowing the kind of person Henderson is, he shouldn't have told him about the princess situation.

"How's that supposed to be your business?" Henderson asked, coldly.

"I'm sorry My Lord...i thought I should.... .."

"Omega" Henderson called, cutting him off.

"She's now my slave. Don't try to look into her situation. She is paying for her father deeds. She is my slave and my property" The Kind said.

"I'm sorry My Lord. Please forgive me" Omega said, bowing his head. Henderson nods and send his hands behind his back.

"Send Saanvi to my room" Henderson ordered.

"Alright my lord" Omega muttered and left.

Saanvi has been his mistress, for years. She is the one who calm him down whenever he is angry. Even after the war, she was there with him, she has always wished that the king will get married to her some day.

Saanvi walked into the King's room, she was neatly dressed in a red rope. It was transparent. Every part of her body could be seen. She walked seductively to him. She smiled at him and slowly placed her hands on his bare chest and winked at him.

"Your Majesty...." She said with a smile.

"Strip and lay on the bed" He said, coldly.

"Your Majesty... ..i thought we will have a little conversation before....". "..Strip" he said, cutting her off with a loud voice. She quietly stripped and lay on the bed. He went on top. He doesn't need romance. He has his way with her, after he was done he went to his bathroom. He had a cold shower. He smiled at himself, he has succeeded in killing Grayson. The heartless soul, that killed his father and mother. He turned him into the monster he is. But he isn't satisfied yet, until he makes her feel the same pain. The same pain his mother felt, he won't let her go.

"I won't let you go Amelia. I will make you suffer and beg for mercy. I will make you suffer what my mother suffered in the hands of your heartless father" he yelled. He recalled everything that happened that night. It something he can't forget. He left the bathroom and went to his room. Saanvi wasn't in the room. That's he rules. Whenever he is done with her, she has to leave. Though he pays her monthly. He doesn't want any woman to sleep on his bed till morning.




How's the first chapter

Chapter 2: Helpless

Next Morning

Amelia woke up the next day, she stood up and walked closer to the window, she slowly open the window. She stared at the environment that she has entered. Already she knows that it's the King's palace. Not just a king, a heartless King. She walked back to the room, she then take a good look at the room. There was no bed or blanket, tears came down from her eyes, suddenly the door opened the guards walked in. She became scared that they might hurt her.

"What do you want? Please stay away from me" She yelled at them, but they didn't listen to her, they have to obey the king's order.

"Please don't hurt me" she pleaded, immediately they grabbed her hands and took her out of the room. She kept screaming and struggling to free herself from their grips, but they were too strong for her. She gave up and they carried her to the field, which was filled with other workers. She looked at the people there, who are mostly


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