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Goodbye Malta

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Thinking she had finally broken free from her family’s violence, Ariana had no choice but to attend the party her father had thrown for the man she had always hated. the ruthless mafia lord Matteo Donatelli, whom her family had taken under their wing when she was a teenager. Drunk and clouded Don Matteo Donatelli unknowingly made love to his adopted sister. Moments later Ariana is Trying to hold back all the anger, emotions and tears when she sees the man who just stole her virginity, recklessly propose in front of the entire family to his outsider American girlfriend Becky Saunders. Unexpectedly she slumps on her wedding day. But things take a surprising turn! Read on to find out!

Goodbye, Malta


“My father is a beast, yes I said it, a beast and a terrorist, a rapist and every other evil and vile thing the criminals do in Italy! I hate him” I said holding the paper in my hands and shaking with anger as I ruffled it and threw it to the floor.

“I hate home, and I never want to go back, my life since moving to Malta has been nothing short of beautiful, I met a handsome man yesterday who wants to take me on a nice date somewhere fancy but instead I've been summoned home by my father,” I said as I threw my handbag to the couch and slumped into it. 

“TONIGHT!” I screamed, “And that ASSHOLE will also be there”

My cousin and best friend in the world, Fiona sat beside me as I cried continuously

If you refuse this, I'm sure you will be dragged to the plane” she said sounding sorry for me as she picked up the paper to read its content. 

“I thought when my father said ‘Do whatever you want, I don't want to see your pathetic face around.’ He meant it, what could this man need me for, I'm done with that life, I want to be done Fiona” I cried into the couch pillow.

“Look on the bright side, at least he will unfreeze the account now, and we can pay for the apartment we wanted, just go to the party, and come back, it's just tonight right, it doesn't say you have to sleep over,” she said rubbing my shoulder lightly before lying on it.

“I know it's hard girl, but you will get through it, c’mon let's help you get a dress, you are still the beautiful eccentric Ariana Rinaldi, you have to stick it to your stepsisters, you know they will be there, with their gawking eyes,” she said ruffling my hair and pulling me to stand on my feet, Which I did reluctantly.

“I don't want to go, I wish I could tell them a train hit me or something” I said, shaking my head in protest.

 “Not a chance, come on, let's go to La Perla Maltese boutique” she said, coming to pull me to the door.

3 hours later I was heading home to Italy to attend this party my father had decided to throw for my asshole adopted brother Matteo.

His name sent waves of pure irritation down my spine as I shrugged the thought of him from my mind, I hate him, with every fibre of my being, he is an asshole and I'm glad everyone sees it now.

A rotten bastard, my father would call him in secret, so why is he throwing this elaborate party for him and why should I be in the midst of all these old vile men?

I picked the invitation that had visibly been crumbled badly, and straightened it again, I read its content again, this time more clearly

You are cordially invited to an evening of intrigue and indulgence at the estate of the esteemed Don Vincenzo Rinaldi.

date: 30th of January 2023

Time: midnight until dawn

Location: Villa Rinaldi, nestled away amidst the shadows of Marina Verde.

Dress code: black for men, women are free to choose what enthrals them, with a hint of mystery.

Join us under the shield of the night, as we celebrate, loyalty, life and the bonds of our fraternity. Revel in the finest cuisine, exquisite wines Sicily has to offer,  and the temptations of forbidden pleasures.

But remember, within these walls, restraint is paramount, and the currency of the night is secrets, trust only those you know, for treachery carries severe consequences

The Rinaldi Family.

I looked at it with annoyance, these fake parties these men throw just to show who is more powerful, I was immediately disgusted.

 it used to be my father, but now it seems Mateo is the one calling all the shots, and I'm sure my father hated it.

That must have cut deep into my papa, so why would he throw this party? and why does he want me there? my father is like a vulture, he waits for you and then strikes.

I looked out through the window as I saw buildings I had grown familiar with come into view, I hated every moment of it, memories came flooding back, hateful unhappy memories.

I took a deep breath as my father’s private jet landed on the helipad of his mansion in Marina Verde, Sicily.

I stepped out with my small luggage, closed my eyes took a whiff of the air, it smelled like home, home when my mother was still alive, I opened my eyes and I saw my stepsisters walk towards my direction.

“Shame, I would have won the bet, I knew you would come, you are nothing short of shameless after the rubbish you pulled last time,” Luna my sister said folding her arms together, her hate for me was as glaring as the sun, unlike her pretentious sister Serena.

“ stop it, Luna, you can see she’s just coming in after a long flight, let her breathe will you, I'm sure she’s sorry for speaking to Mama that way and has learned her lesson” she said, faking a soft smile and touching me lightly on my shoulders.

I watched as she squeezed it lightly and shot me intimidating stares.

 I brushed her hand away, she was shocked.

“I don't plan to stay long, I'm just here because your father asked me to be here, so don't worry about me, I'll be out of your hair soon” I smiled back as I rolled my bags and passed in between them towards the house,

I scoffed as I heard Serena, swear quietly under breathe.

I met my stepbrother halfway up the stairs, his little steps feeling like a bolt with each pace, my heart suddenly felt full as he leapt into my arms and hugged me tight,

 “Ariana you came! you came!” I hugged him back, as I took a whiff of his beautiful scanty hair. I've missed this 7-year-old boy, he always made my life bearable in this hateful bulb of bricks.

“Yes of course, for you Tomas, my sweet boy, look how grown up you are! Wasn't it yesterday that I saw you? Oh my!” I smiled as I turned him around at the marvel of his height.

“I missed you, Ari, promise me you will stay, there's no one to play with” his smile faded immediately as he finished his sentence and put his head down, I bent low to the level of his beautiful blueish eyes, and rubbed his cheek together.

“you remember the old tree, the one close to the cabin where Papa keeps his hunting rifle, a little birdie told me  there's a mystery waiting to be solved over at the chipmunk house!” I said enticingly as I waved my index finger around his face before landing it on his nose.

“Really a little birdie?” he laughed, I shrugged before I hugged him tightly again.

“I can't believe how grown up you are,” I said, kissing his cheeks as he laughed playfully.

“Guess who is here too!” He chuckled loudly as he bounced up and down, his little arms around his big sister.

I laughed and tickled him, the sound of his little giggles softened my heart. “You are going to make me guess aren’t you!” I teased, “Big brother came to see Papa today, he brought me another box of money even though I told him I wanted a dog” he said, his face sad like a lost puppy.

“I'm sure he just forgot, you know he is….”

“I didn't forget '' I heard a voice interrupt me, and my body went limp. I recognised that voice.

I knew it, even if I was suddenly awakened from sleep, I would know the sound of the asshole who humiliated me in front of everyone in school and destroyed my friend Chiara's life.

“What’s the use of a puppy if it's going to die in a few days, you know Papa won't allow weak creatures around him” he started squatting in front of the child with a ball, “but with a million dollars you can dominate every little bastard in your classroom who make fun of you” he continued passing the ball to him.

“I don't think that’s necessary if you will excuse us,” I said sternly, my face remained stiff as I passed by him, he said nothing and allowed me, but I noticed a grin on his evil face from the corner of my eye.

  I took Thomas's hand and pulled him gently towards the stairs with me when I heard the voice of the deranged bitch that caused me to pack up my whole life and never return.

“Ooh you are dead now”  I heard Luna say under her breath.

I saw my stepmother appear from the stairway coming up.

“Get your disgusting paws off my heir! Immediately!” 

My Brother, My old foe


 Her Errie voice sounds like where all happy things go to end. 

“Tomas, come here at once!” she called out with a stern voice.

Mrs Maria Rinaldi, my beautiful stepmother, the pride of the Rinaldi family, married at 18 to the widower mafia lord, Don Rinaldi as a breeder for his heirs.

The frightened child quickly ran to her side, she looked up at me, with hate clear and visible in every corner of her face. 

I saw Mateo slip through,  a hateful grin plastered perfectly on his smug face.

and soon he was gone, leaving me to fend for myself.

“And what are you doing here? Who invited you to this party, I most certainly did not!” she said as she looked at me intently.

I maintained eye contact with her, my therapist said I needed to assert dominance over every stressful situation.

“My Father invited me, Maria, I don't need any invitation to come back to my own home” I replied as her eyes widened at the reply I returne


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