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  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Inalove
  • Chapters: 41
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 23
  • 7.5
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Alexia De Leon, Alex as her family and friends call her, will start working at the prestigious Yale University and will meet the handsome professor Antonio Rodriguez, Tony. What seems normal will turn into a nightmare for both of them when they discover that they are siblings. Worst of all, they will find out after committing a forbidden act between people with blood ties. A love story that will turn into a very unpleasant nightmare in a matter of seconds, but the hope of waking up and realizing that everything could have been just that—a nightmare—will give them the strength to find out if their love is forbidden?

Chapter one


—It can't happen again, Tony. If you f*ck up you'll be banned from teaching for the rest of your life.

—Joe, you know...

—Yes, I know you had nothing to do with it, and your innocence has been proven. But a university like Yale doesn’t want to be involved in an issue of this magnitude. I have seen parents with money and power make teachers like you and me kiss the ground.—Stay calm. I'm not going to spoil this golden opportunity. That's why I stayed away from public universities. I have nothing against them, but I needed something new, something different.—You don't have to explain anything to me. You're not in front of a jury, Tony. I know you don't disparage any institution, person, animal, or plant. I have to pick up Anna at my in-laws' house to celebrate this new beginning.—Thank you, Joe. Say hello to Anna for me, please —I say and stand up.—Tony —he says as I'm about to leave his office.—Yeah.—I know you'll be fine, son. I didn't call to warn you because I know you didn't do anything wrong. I just wanted you to be careful. What happened to you can happen at any college, private or public nod.—I know, thank you, Joe —I say goodbye with a wave of my hand. 


—Cheers, to Tony!  —I toast my friends. I take a shot of tequila and look over at the bar. The girl serving it smiles at me, raises a shot glass in my direction, and toasts me. —You've got her in your net, buddy —Christian says, nudging me lightly on the arm. I smile without showing my teeth. —How do you feel? It's been a year already. How does it feel to be back at the rodeo? —Agatha asks me.

—Well, unbelievable. I couldn't stay at the furniture factory —I answer honestly taking a sip of my beer.

—How's your dad? Leave your house like this. Matt, Agatha's boyfriend, claims that he is used to having you around.

Christian is an old friend from high school, he's like my brother. I met Matt when we were studying at the SMFA (School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University), and I met Agatha when she joined our group three months ago; She is Matt's new girlfriend.

—Well, even though he wanted me to continue with the business, he accepted a long time ago that running his company is not my world. Mom helped me a lot with that, —I say smiling wistfully as I miss my family.

—Excuse my curiosity, Tony —says Agatha—, but why don't you teach at BU?" It is private just like Yale. I say that, because you are on the side of private universities. Matt also told me that you got your Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master's degree, both from SMFA. Not only that, but you went on to get your Ph.D. from IDSVA in Portland. I have to add one more thing to this incredible journey: Wow! You are amazing, you have many merits. I mean what? Did you study for about ten years? More or less —she pauses, and the boys howl and slap the table, praising my achievements. Agatha smiles broadly and continues:—. As I said, I think you could even work at the SMFA or the IDSVA. You know, teach where you were taught. And I repeat, they are private institutions—she pauses briefly—oh, wait, wait. Let's not forget that you are forty years old. In short: you studied for almost ten years—I'm rounding off because you may have finished your doctorate at twenty-nine—and then you started teaching and have accumulated nine years as a teacher. Is that right?

—You have a fan here, Tony —Christian jokes.

I smile, and just as I'm about to answer, Matt jumps in.

—Yes, he began his studies at eighteen and finished at twenty-nine; he then began teaching at thirty, and continued until he was thirty-eight. He stopped for a year because of an inconvenience that is not relevant, and now he's in his forties. Good Tony, he's back! Cheers! —he says, raising his bottle.

Christian laughs and adds the following:

—I'll answer you about the BU, Agatha, I know it. He can't teach there because of skirt problems. His ex-girlfriend works there —he finishes with a funny expression and points his beer bottle at me.

My smile fades. Suddenly, there is silence at the table.

—Right, Christian, thank you for reminding me; you also forgot to mention what my ex-girlfriend does. She's a drama teacher —I respond dryly and drink what's left of my bottle in one gulp.

Suddenly, my good mood is completely gone. The discomfort is felt in the environment.

—I... It's time to go to the bathroom —says Christian who leaves.

—I'm going for another one; do you want some? —I ask with the empty bottle in hand.

—I'm fine, thank you —Agatha responds with her half-finished cocktail.

—I still have some —Matt says, holding up his beer bottle.

They both look at me sympathetically.

I nod and head for the bar. Jessica, my ex-fiancée, comes to mind. "Christian forgot to mention that fact ". When I get to the bar I look at our table out of the corner of my eye and see Matt talking to Agatha. "He’s probably already telling her the “fact”. I think.

—Hello, handsome, What can I get you? — says the girl who attends the bar.

I turn to see her.

—What do you recommend? —I answer.

She smiles widely at me.


—Let's see if I'm right. You do not have a wedding ring unless you have taken it off, or, perhaps, you are divorced, as I estimate you to be between thirty-eight and forty years old. You chose to take me to a hotel and this one is absurdly close to Yale. I don't think you're a student. I think you could either be a teacher's assistant or a handsome young teacher. My final judgment is: You have your own house or apartment, and you are married. You're a Yale professor who wanted a night of passion with the girl who tends the bar at a bar, that’s not as close to Yale as the hotel we’re staying in — says Ava, the girl I brought from the bar.

She is completely naked under the sheets. I, on the other hand, have already put on my underwear and stand up.

—You're very curious —I say, smiling amusedly.

Ava sits on the bed and covers her chest with the sheet.

—Well, you're not a psychopath. I have a good eye. You were having a good time with your colleagues until something p*ss*d you off or cut you off. And here we are —she says, smiling triumphantly. I take a bottle of water from the executive refrigerator in the room. —Do you want something to drink? —No, thanks. So you won't give me any information? I laugh softly. —All right. No, I am neither married nor divorced. Yes, I am a teacher. I’m going to start teaching at Yale soon, and I am talking about housing. I have a place to live, but I'm remodeling it, and I have to live in a rented apartment near the university. I'm moving out a week before school starts, so I'm staying at this hotel. I'm looking for an apartment. —You are right to look for an apartment early. Do you start classes in September? —Correct —I reply. Ava smiles at me sensually. —Well, how lucky the students of the class of 2022 are. To have such a handsome teacher! He would distract anyone. 

I smile at her without showing my teeth.

—Thanks for the handsome thing.

I know what she does, so before I put her to bed, I made sure she wasn't a Yale student. She is twenty-six years old and wants to be a singer. She did not finish her high school and is going online to finish.

—If I were a student at Yale, I'd have a great time with you —she says, licking her lips.

—If you were a student at Yale, you'd just be a pretty student, and I'd be the professor —I reply, drinking water.

She sticks her tongue out at me childishly.

—Party pooper —she says, smiling at me with amusement.

Chapter 2: Martha's son



—Daughter, you don't have to be ashamed. As far as I can see, you have no idea how many people in the world have your gift. You are an empiricist, and there are a lot of people like you —my mother tells me.

—Yes, I know, but you can't deny me the fact that, well, my aunt's help made my admission possible.

My Mom smiles tenderly.

—She recommended you, but the credit is yours. Gabriela and I had that conversation. I knew you would question your potential. When you start working, she will treat you like one of the staff. You have nothing to worry about; in fact, you will see very little of her

—she says and finishes folding one of my pajamas and puts it in the suitcase.

—Her position had a lot to do with it. Being on the committee is pretty impressive.

—Yes, but still, daughter. I think you would have made it even if your aunt had been in a different position.

—Thank you, mom


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