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[WARNING: This story contains mature themes with profanities, hardcore graphical explicit sexual situations, and others. Strongly recommended for 18+ only. Otherwise, read at your own risk.] Jack was still a child when his father abandoned him to Marianne, his lovely and caring stepmother. Through the good and bad times, they only have each other. But what if Jack suddenly admits that Marianne is the only person he wants to be with and love forever? A forbidden love that overflows like magma, so intense and hot that it burns with every touch. How will this kind of love survive in a world full of uncertainty, temptation, and mistakes? What if there are people who constantly try to keep them apart? Jack once told Marianne, "I don't give a d*mn about anyone. I want you to be mine! And it's fine with me if our love for each other burns me. Just want me and love me until the end, I am more than willing to be burned to death." Can their love last all the way to the end?



Review after half of the novel

So weird but so good. So the dynamic in and of is self is not that weird bc they aren’t related. Yes she raised him, but blood is blood. Anyway, what is weird is that he continues to call her mom. It is a good book tho. Very much steamy and the taboo element is there. This is a good read that will keep you hooked. Give it a try, or don’t. You won’t regret if you do though!

March 5, 2024

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