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Fight For Love

Fight For Love

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Ashanti falls first but Leandro falls harder. It started. Ashanti falls for Leandro first but he is already head over heels to his sophisticated first girlfriend named Amelia who came from a wealthy family. When Amelia and Leandro broke up, Ashanti and Leandro had a chance to get to know each other, they began dating. But Ashanti later found out that Leandro only dated her because he wants to make Amelia jealous. When Leandro falls for Ashanti, it’s too late. His parents sent Leandro away and pushed his engagement with Amelia because Leandro’s mother have a strong hatred for Ashanti. Months after they broke up, Ashanti found out that she’s pregnant with Leandro’s baby. Will Leandro find his way back to Ashanti? Will he be able to risk everything just to be with Ashanti? Will they find a way back to each other’s arms and fight for the love that they truly deserve? Will their love for each other work for second time around?

Chapter 1


I've been walking around the park for an hour but I still can't find Ashanti. There aren't many people in this park because there aren't many people who come here, so I know that Ashanti only goes here when she has nowhere to go or when she wants to be alone by herself.

I still feel unwell but I still go here because I had to find Ashanti, I was worried about her because something might happen to her knowing that there’s threats in her life and safety. I don't even know where he is staying now. William didn't even answer me if he knew where Ashanti was.

I continue to look around when I finally saw Ashabti in the distance. She was sitting on the bench while crying.

I didn't think twice and approached her. "Why are you here alone?" I asked her. She stopped crying when she saw me and quickly run in my direction to hug me tightly.

“"Ann, ann.. thank God! you're fine."

"Thank God, you're alive." She spoke with excitement while still hugging me as if it was a great relief for her to see me alive and breathing in front of her.

"Why are you here?" I asked her again after she let go of hugging me and I can see through her face expression that she seemed sad and was hesitant to tell me the reason why she’s here alone.

"Because you are better off without me."

She took a deep sigh and spoke again. "Everyone's better off without me." She said sarcastically with tears falling from her eyes. I don't get why she's saying those words but I am sure that someone said something to her that makes her feel so guilty about what happened to me.

"Did anyone say something to you or blame you for what happened to me?" I asked her but I can feel that she’s avoiding my questions because she didn't answer any of them directly.

Based on her reaction and expression. I guess everybody's blaming her again and again.

"It doesn't matter anymore, Ann."

“What matters now is, you are safe and alive.” She added and hugged me again.

She was about to leave after he hugged me again so I grabbed his hand to stop her. "You aren't going anywhere. You can still live there with us or if you are no longer comfortable in William's condo, you can stay with me." I told her but she just look down and I guess she’s doesn’t like my suggestion.

“No, Ann. You will just put yourself into danger again if you let me stay with William or your own place.” She sadly declined my offer.

"Whatever happened to us is not your fault, Ashanti. The people who wants to hurt you is to blame for this not you.” I tried to convince her but I see through her eyes that she’s determined with her deciding. I can see the determination in her to stand by whatever decision she makes.

"Ann, they are right."

"They're right. If you and William didn't help me then it wouldn't have happened to you. I understand their anger towards me." She said as she tries to hold her tears back.

Besides, I already caused too much problems and troubles for you and William. I’m bothering you too much.” She said and I saw nothing but a forced and bittersweet smile on Ashanti's lips.

I can feel that she's just holding herself around trying her best not to show me how much she's hurting right now and I really feel so bad for her!

“We got in danger because of those bastard who desperately keep on trying to hurt you! It will never be your fault. No one including you likes what happened. Stop blaming yourself over and over again.” I emphatically said to her.

“If you are worried and thinking about what will gonna be William’s reaction if he sees you again, leave it to me. I’ll talk to him. And if said anything bad to you while I am unconscious, let me apologize for that. He probably said that out of anger.” I added but I guess Ashanti made up her mind already and she really wants to walk away and left everything behind.

“If you are worried about his parents-“ I was about to speak again when I heard William’s voice.

Ann!" I heard William called me at a distance and he walked towards my direction when he finally see where I was.

"What are you doing here? You're not yet well.” He said the moment he saw me.

"I was talking to.." I stopped when I noticed that Ashanti had disappeared behind me. Where the hell did she go? She suddenly disappeared when William got close to where we were.

William also turned his gaze to where Ashanti was standing earlier. "Hon, if you are looking for Ashanti here. Please stop, you don’t have to worry about her anymore because you have no obligations on looking after her. You should focus on your recovery first.” William eager reminded me. He was about fo assist me walking by holding my me but I shrugged off his hands away from me and I suddenly feel like my blood was boiling on what I heard from him.

"How can you say that? Ashanti almost died. We all know that it happened to me just because I was with her that time." I spoke to him with so much disappointment.

“She was their target and until now, we don’t know who they are. Ashanti is still in danger.” I shouted at William out of disappointment.

"Exactly! Her life is still in danger and if you still come near her, you might get in danger again!" William insisted so I couldn't stop myself and slapped him.

"Of all people, you. You are the one who knows why she is in that situation!"

"It was all because of your brother! He abandoned her for another woman and he left her in danger." I exclaimed disappointedly.

Yes, William's older brother is Ashanti's ex-boyfriend and they broke up because Ashanti found out that Leandro is already engaged with someone else. Ashanti lost everything. She risk and gave everything just for that man but left him in the air.

When I found out that William is helping Ashanti, I thought he liked Ashanti or Ashanti was flirting with him but I was wrong. Ashanti lost her family in a plane crash. During that time their company is also on bankruptcy. She was grieving and all. Only to find out that Leandro is already engaged to someone else and he chooses that damn engagement over her.

William saw all the struggles of Ashanti from the very beginning and now what? He's throwing her away knowing that her life is in danger? He is no different from his brother. They are both jerks for leaving Ashanti.

"We both know that your brother's fiancée is cheating on him and just manipulating him..." I hadn't finished speaking when he answered. "You know what, my parents are right." He said. "Ashanti won't bring no good to any of us." He added.

"I helped her once but if helping her means losing you or everything that is important to me then I don't wanna help her anymore." He coldly said that makes me too stunned to speak. Am I hearing him right? This isn’t the William I knew!

"I'm done helping her and so you are." He said again. I’m so mad right now, I want to throw things out. I can't believe that he was actually saying those words to Ashanti! Ashanti deserve better. She needs me now more than ever.

I feel sorry for Ashanti, she has no one by her side right now. I'm sure he's very scared now. I need to find her!

"Okay, William. if you chooses the toxicity of your family."

"If you're done helping Ashanti then we're over." I said and turned my back on him.

"I don't like a man who doesn't want to stand firm with his decisions and got easily sends out the gusts of emotion and fear he feels, you let your fears eat you." My tears rolled down my cheeks as I said those words, but seeing Ashanti is more important to me now than my love for William. I love him, I love him so much but I can't stand here and do nothing especially since I know that someone I treated like my sister is suffering and in danger.

Chapter 2


I have already walked and reached too far. Maybe they won't be able to see me here. My chest is almost tight from panting and crying and I can feel that it’s really heavy right now.

My foot hurts while I continue walk. I also couldn't help but feel the pain on my left arm due to an open sound that didn’t get treated.

I remembered the night of that incident when Ann got hurt because she tries to save me. I was wounded by a knife but I wasn’t able to get treatment at the Hospital, apart from the fact that I didn't have money for treatment, they also threw me away especially William, he got really mad at me but I can't blame him. Ann won’t get hurt or be in danger if it wasn't for me. If only I had left immediately that night, Ann wouldn’t get shot by those man.

I so happy and relieved when I saw Ann earlier because if something bad happens to her.. my conscience will carry it for the rest of my life. I wi


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